Armstrong v. Grieboski: Defamation Analysis

What follows is the subject defamatory statement that Grieboski published on February 29, 2007, and an analysis of the content to assist in understanding the facts and my claims against him:

Because we protect the rights of all people, we are continually under scrutiny by those who do not. I make this point because of the source you referenced who is striving to give credence to the belief that we are a front for Scientologists. We have repeatedly dealt with bad press from this person and I leave it to you good readers to determine whether or not his views are based on fact.

Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk in a Scientology organization. Armstrong intended to seize assets of the Church of Scientology. When attorneys of the Church discovered the plan, they obtained permission from the Los Angeles police to conduct an investigation into Armstrong’s plans. The investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that he intended to forge and then plant incriminating documents on Church premises, to be discovered in a subsequent raid. When challenged on how he would obtain proof of the allegations he intended to make, he responded that: “We don’t have to prove a god dam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”

If that is not enough, Armstrong once posted a message on the Internet concerning a letter he sent to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. In the letter, he offered himself to Hussein as a hostage in the Iraqi war. “If either side failed to perform any part of the agreement, the other side could execute me,” he concluded. Armstrong makes clear in his posting that he did not think the letter to Hussein was a joke, but was deadly serious. He quite proudly republishes it and other similar writings from time to time. There is much more I could say on the subject, but will leave it to the readers to research for themselves if they wish to discover the more sordid background of this “gentleman,” who currently has several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

1.  Because we protect the rights of all people, we are continually under scrutiny by those who do not.

Grieboski implied that I do not protect the rights of people. This is baseless.

The “we” that he claimed protect the rights of all people are obviously himself, the Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP) that he heads, and the other directors, officers, employees, representatives or agents of the IRPP.

I did not and do not protect the rights of people to suppress or destroy others’ human rights or the rights of people to commit torts or crimes against others. I have fought and do fight, however, for basic human rights for all people, and specialize in protecting the rights of the Scientologists’ victims.

The Scientologists specialize in, and are notorious for, suppressing and destroying basic human rights, both the rights of their own fellow Scientologists and the rights of those people who, like me, oppose this suppression and destruction. The Scientologists cloak their anti-human rights policies and practices and their widespread human rights violations with pretentious pro-human rights claims and campaigns and sham organizations such as “Youth for Human Rights” and “Artists for Human Rights.”

Grieboski supports the Scientologists’ suppression and destruction of their victims’ basic human rights, most egregiously these victims’ right to religious freedom.  It is a willful and cruel lie that he and the IRPP protect the rights of all people. Even this one defamatory attack on me that I am responding to here demonstrates that he not only does not protect my human rights, and the rights of persons acting in concert with me, but actively collaborates with the Scientologists in the suppression and destruction of our human rights.

2.  I make this point because of the source you referenced who is striving to give credence to the belief that we are a front for Scientologists.

I am not named in the NE Pennsylvania Media blog entry to which Grieboski was responding. It is clear, however, from reading what follows in his response that he is referring to me.

I do not believe that before Grieboski published his letter on the NE PA Media blog I ever strived to give credence to the belief that he and his Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP) were a front for the Scientologists. In my open letter to him of October 25, 2004, I did accuse him of supporting the Scientology organization, of shilling for it or collaborating with it, indeed irresponsibly shilling for Scientology, but I did not then accuse him or the IRPP of being a front for the cult.

My 2004 open letter was, I believe, the only public statement I made about Grieboski and the IRPP’s relationship with the Scientologists prior to a second open letter that I wrote to him on May 11, 2009. Although I sent both letters to him directly as well as posting them to my web site and Scientology-related forums, he did not reply to either letter.

This is some basic Wikipedia information on “fronts” as Grieboski is using the term:

A front organization is any entity set up by and controlled by another organization, such as intelligence agencies, organized crime groups, banned organizations, religious or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations. Front organizations can act for the parent group without the actions being attributed to the parent group.

Front organizations that appear to be independent voluntary associations or charitable organizations are called front groups. In the business world, front organizations such as front companies or shell corporations are used to shield the parent company from legal liability. In international relations, a puppet state is a state which acts as a front (or surrogate) for another state.

The same Wikipedia article contains a section about Scientology fronts:

The Church of Scientology uses front groups either to promote their interests in politics or to make their group seem more legitimate[]. The FBI’s July 7, 1977 raids on the Church’s offices (following discovery of the Church’s Operation Snow White) turned up, among other documents, an undated memo entitled “PR General Categories of Data Needing Coding”. This memo listed what it called “Secret PR Front Groups,” which included the group APRL, “Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberty” (later renamed “Americans Preserving Religious Liberty”).[] The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) is considered by many to now be a front group for the Church of Scientology, which took the group over financially after bankrupting it in a series of lawsuits.[]

Time identified several other fronts for Scientology, including: the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), The Way to Happiness Foundation, Applied Scholastics, the Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America, and HealthMed Clinic.[] Seven years later the Boston Herald showed how Narconon and World Literacy Crusade are also fronting for Scientology.[] Other Scientology groups include Downtown Medical, Criminon and the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE).

Not long after I published my 2004 letter, as I explained in my 2009 letter to Grieboski, one of his former employees Daniel Chapman contacted me and told me that when Grieboski started the IRPP in 1999 he had been receiving $8,000 per month from the Scientologists. It is possible that the Scientologists paid to set up the IRPP, and that it was their front from its inception, but I had no way of knowing this when I wrote the 2004 letter.

On December  21, 2011, Mark (“Marty”)Rathbun published on his blog what purports to be a Scientology program order entitled “Grieboski Program” dated January 29, 2007, which lays out “targets,” or actions that Grieboski’s Scientologist handlers were to take, and get him to take, to more effectively use his contacts and communication lines to resolve the Scientologists’ identified problems in Europe and help get Scientology into Muslim countries.

I have added a few notes at the end of the program [link], which is otherwise as I received it, to explain some terms, acronyms, etc.  I am familiar with such Scientology programs, and have no reason to doubt the Grieboski Program’s authenticity, even though this is an electronic (not printed) document, the program number and distribution list are not provided, and the Scientologists or “posts” to whom each target was assigned for execution are not identified. The program states that as of January 2007 the Scientologists were paying Grieboski “on a flat rate,” but that was “being changed to payment on a “by product” basis.”

I do not know whether the Scientologists were paying Grieboski a flat fee or had him on commission on February 29, 2008 when he published the letter containing the subject defamatory statement. I also know of no evidence that he and the Scientologists had ended their agency relationship before that date. The Scientologists acknowledge in the 2007 Grieboski Program that they were then running him, but wanted him “being run him for product” so they would get more return for the money they were paying him.

On December 21, 2011, Tony Ortega, Editor-in-Chief of The Village Voice, blogged about the Scientologists’ “leaked” Grieboski Program, and concluded that “the document is unequivocal [ ] that Grieboski had been, at least at that point in 2007, a paid agent for the church.” Ortega also wrote:

I just talked to Mike Rinder, formerly Scientology’s top spokesman and the executive director of OSA until he left the church in 2007. I asked him whether Grieboski really was on the church’s payroll.

“Yeah. I hired him,” Rinder told me.

“He was absolutely employed by the church, and it was because of his Catholic connections,” Rinder continued. “He had connection into the Vatican, and all of the Catholic countries where the church was having problems. Italy, France, Belgium. That’s why he was on the payroll. He’s a lobbyist. That’s what the guy is.”

Ortega wrote that he had tried to reach Grieboski about his agency relationship with the Scientologists, and received a reply, which stated in part:

In response to your question, THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy does not take nor has it ever taken funds from any religious institution or denomination


In a personal capacity aside from my work with THE INSTITUTE, I have advised a number of institutions – religious and non-religious – on policy issues. I have advised the Scientologists as I have numerous other groups.

In addition to operating the IRPP, Grieboski is also Chairman and CEO of the for-profit firm “Just Consulting,” and it is possible that he used this firm to receive and hide payments the Scientologists sent him. Just Consulting, which gives its address as 500 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, says about itself on its web site:

just consulting is a dynamic, innovative and energetic comprehensive social justice consulting firm committed to the belief that people are more important than profit.


From social networking management to international mediation and conflict transformation; from business development to search engine optimization; from crisis management to governmental education; from political campaigns to ngo development; from public relations to image development, just consulting achieves and exceeds our clients’ goals with efficiency, ingenuity and integrity.

The Scientologists’ goals for me, as stated in their policies or “scriptures” and as demonstrated by their actions over thirty years, are to suppress and destroy my basic human rights, to silence me about my religious beliefs and experiences, to punish me for not being silenced, to degrade my image to beast level, and to just go all the way in and obliterate me.  See scriptural policy letter from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard entitled “Battle Tactics,” dated 16 February 1969, revised and reissued 24 September 1987:

The defamatory statement, Grieboski’s “repeated” dealings about me, and his other actions over the years against me, were carried out by a man who either possessed or claimed to possess, and be internationally renowned for, extraordinary expertise in, and resources for, influencing or manipulating people’s minds and public opinion. He has Just Consulting say about his connections:

His extensive travels to every corner of the globe have allowed Joe to meet, interact with, and befriend leaders of business and industry, government, entertainment, advocacy, and other arenas, giving him one of Washington’s best and most sought after rolodexes.

Because of his agency relationship with the Scientologists, and with any pay arrangement, Grieboski was also, and remains, a “beneficiary” of the injunction that the Scientologists obtained against me in 1995 in the case of Scientology v. Armstrong, California Superior Court, Marin County, no. 157680.
Doubtlessly both the IRPP and Just Consulting are also beneficiaries of the Scientologists’ injunction.

This injunction prohibits me and “persons acting in concert” with me from expressing our religious beliefs or experiences regarding the Scientology religion to anyone anywhere. The injunction also prohibits us from discussing any of the myriad “Scientology affiliated Churches, organizations and entities, and their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel,” which substantially comprise the global class known as “beneficiaries.” The injunction does not prohibit any of the beneficiaries, e.g., Mr. Grieboski as an agent or employee of one Scientology entity or another, from discussing me, as he has done in the subject defamatory statement. Even if Grieboski was not being paid by any Scientology entity when he published this statement, he was still a beneficiary as an unpaid “volunteer.”

The injunction prohibits me and persons acting in concert with me from assisting the class of persons or entities whose interests are adverse to any of the beneficiaries’ interests. In practical terms, these are persons or entities that the beneficiaries treat or handle as “enemies.” The class of persons or entities that comprise the beneficiaries’ “enemies” are those that the beneficiaries have damaged or victimized, those that seek to defend themselves or stand up for the beneficiaries’ victims, or those that oppose or threaten the beneficiaries’ ability or freedom to victimize others.

In Scientology scripture, and in the Scientologists’ common communications, their individual enemies are known as “Suppressive Persons” or “SPs.” Entities that the Scientologists target as enemies are known as “Suppressive Groups” or “SP Groups.” In his scripture, Hubbard called the treatment or handling of SPs and SP Groups “fair game.” Adherence to their Suppressive Person doctrine is universal among Scientologists, and motivates and justifies their victimization of SPs. For further information on the SP doctrine, see this web site that my wife Caroline Letkeman and I maintain to expose and oppose the doctrine and defend its victims:

Scientology scripture and Scientologists applying their scripture vilify SPs as destructive, psychotic and criminal, the cause of all illness, accidents and bad conditions, and deserving no civil rights. Scientology scripture and Scientologists equate SPs with psychopathic mass murderers like Hitler, Stalin and Osama bin Laden. SPs, however, are simply those people who tell the truth about Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists and their collaborators, despite being fair gamed for doing so. Some of the truth about Hubbard, et al. is ugly because these people and entities, who largely comprise the beneficiaries, have a long history of lying, fraud, fear mongering, extortion, harassment and human rights violations. SP groups are those that facilitate the truth being told, or which defend SPs or anyone else the Scientologists victimize.

Since Suppressive Persons are created and labeled in Scientology scripture, and their vilification and persecution is ordered in scripture, SPs comprise a persecuted religious class. It is a cruel irony that Grieboski and the IRPP claim to be standing up for persecuted religious classes such as the SP class, when they are actually supporting the persecutors. Grieboski, the IRPP, and likely Just Consulting, are beneficiaries of that persecution by court order, based on contract. Grieboski and his organizations stand up for the right and freedom of religious corporations to persecute individuals and suppress and destroy individual human rights as protected religious exercise.

The injunction’s prohibitions are in clear violation of international human rights charters, and unlawful by US and international law. The Scientologists obtained the injunction by unlawful means, and their actions, the prohibitions, and the beneficiaries’ efforts to enforce these unlawful prohibitions constitute violations of federal criminal statutes, specifically 18 U.S.C. §241 “Conspiracy against rights,” and 18 U.S.C. §242 “Deprivation of rights under color of law.” See, e.g., my 2004 complaint report to U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division:

Mark Rathbun, who “leaked” the Grieboski Program, was for many years, under current Scientology head David Miscavige, responsible for the Scientologists’ fair gaming of the SP class. In reality, fair game is more specifically directed against those SPs that Miscavige, et al. view as threats to their ability and freedom to operate, expand, and get away with their violations of human rights and criminal statutes. The Scientologists that Rathbun directed, and his replacement directs, handle designated SP targets on covert and overt intelligence, public relations and legal channels according to the Scientologists’ post function, orders, missions, operations and programs. Rathbun oversaw activities that resulted in the unlawful injunction and the efforts to enforce it, and he is knowledgeable about other torts and crimes committed against me over many years.

Over the last approximately three years, Rathbun has publicly and consistently claimed that he has split from Miscavige and certain Scientology related entities. Rathbun has been criticizing them for their antisocial actions against Scientologists, and in early 2009, he publicly offered to help people in my situation. I wanted his help to end and redress the beneficiaries’ ongoing injustices against me that he had helped perpetrate, e.g., the injunction. His testimony concerning his personal knowledge of actions taken against my attorneys and me to perpetrate those injustices would help end and redress them. I wrote Rathbun a series of letters requesting his offered help, but he has so far refused to help in any way. His treatment or handling of me instead of helping indicates that he and Miscavige still share the same malevolent intentions toward me and people acting in concert with me.

Rathbun was also responsible for many years, under Miscavige, for what Hubbard called in scripture “black propaganda” or “black PR” against me. Black PR is the Scientologists’ policy, technology and practice of defaming their designated SP targets to destroy their reputations, credibility, relationships, livelihoods and lives. Black PR is often covert, on hidden channels from hidden sources. Rathbun knows the facts and truth behind the Scientologists’ black PR against me, knows about programs to black PR me, and knows what individuals and entities received what black PR and when. This includes black PR on me that the Scientologists included in their submissions to the IRS to get tax exemption for the Scientology and Scientology-affiliated entities, and black PR to the US Department of Justice, the State Department, and foreign governments.

I asked Rathbun for help correcting the Scientologists’ black PR on me and repairing the damage done, but he has refused to help. Instead, he has continued to treat and handle me as an SP target, continued to black PR me, and encouraged his fellow Scientologists to black PR me. Grieboski’s defamatory statement about me is part of the Scientologists’ long black PR campaign against me, and uses specific points and language from that campaign.

Mike Rinder, who confirmed to Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega that he had hired Grieboski and that the Scientologists had him on their payroll, was also for many years involved in actions victimizing designated SPs, including illegal actions against me personally. Under Miscavige, and for much of that time under Rathbun, Rinder ran the intelligence, PR and legal bureaus and personnel around the world. Rinder was also an official representative and spokesperson of the Scientologists’ central organization for several years, and participated in the global black PR campaign against me. Like Rathbun, Rinder claims that he has left the Miscavige faction and that he wants justice for the people that Miscavige and his Scientologists have victimized. So far, however, Rinder has refused to help me, and still black PRs me.

3.  We have repeatedly dealt with bad press from this person and I leave it to you good readers to determine whether or not his views are based on fact.

The “we” in this context, as Grieboski obviously intended, were he and the IRPP. For legal purposes in connection with the subject defamatory statement, this could include Just Consulting. I am clearly “this person.”

Grieboski did not identify the “bad press” supposedly from me that he claims to have repeatedly dealt with. What “press” from me existed, however, is generally what I had said or published about Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists and their collaborators like Grieboski prior to February 29, 2008 when he posted his letter with the subject defamatory statement to the NE PA Media blog. Virtually everything I have said or published about Hubbard, et al. is “bad press” from the beneficiaries’ perspective, because it is the truth about them, which includes the ugly truth about their lying, fraud, human rights violations, etc.

The way the Scientologists have for thirty years dealt with the truth I have told about Hubbard, et al., has been to attack and black PR me as the source of that truth, and never to confront and respond to the truth being told. See, e.g., the Scientology policy known as “Attack the Attacker:” Grieboski has followed the same policy with his publication of the subject defamatory statement. He did not identify the “bad press,” or the truth, from me, and although he said he was leaving the determination of the factual basis of my “views,” he did not even say what my “views” were. He simply attacked me with the black propaganda that his Scientologist handlers or paymasters provided him for that purpose.

Before Grieboski published the subject defamatory statement, I had told the truth about Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists and their collaborators in over seventy days of oral testimony in depositions or trials, in dozens of sworn declarations or affidavits, and in thousands of essays, articles or comments. All such expressions by me include my religious beliefs, religious experiences and religious knowledge of Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists and their collaborators, which are all connected and classed by religion.

The persons, offices or entities that Grieboski communicated or interacted with between 1999 and 2008, or up to the present time, in his repeated dealing with my statements, views or “bad press,” perhaps can only be identified with greater specificity in the discovery stage in a legal action against him, the IRPP, etc. The list he provided in his letter, however, of his claimed actions or accomplishments, would be sufficient to understand the range and global scope of people and entities with which he had dealt: US House and Senate Committees; the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe; countless international parliamentary committees; numerous organizations including the United Nations, Council of Europe, and the European Union; the President of the United States; Tony Blair; the Panel of Experts for International Religious Freedom of the British Foreign Ministry; foreign heads of state and government officials; International Diplomats; and thousands of interested parties. Getting to these and more people and entities, and communicating with them once they’d been gotten to, is where Grieboski would have dealt with the “bad press” from me.

This astonishing list of people and entities that Grieboski admitted to have been dealing with also provides a basis for understanding the massiveness of what it will take to correct the black PR on me that he and his entities have been spreading about me, and to repair the damage their black PR campaign has done. I would expect that, unless Mr. Grieboski’s conscience is at some point shocked and he honestly undertakes to correct all the lies he has told and redress the damage he has done, I would be dealing with all the recipients of his black PR the rest of my life.

The list of person and entities identified in the Grieboski Program that he had been dealing with or his Scientologist handlers intended him to deal with is also quite substantial: individuals in the RCC and other major religions as well as political personalities; congressional allies (House and Senate); Belgian, French and German authorities; contacts to the top level of the RCC; the Belgian RCC and the government; rabid parliamentarians; upper strata officials of the Belgian national government; in France, the upper executive strata of the national government, the national Senate, the RCC and the Protestant Church; French government officials, Senate leaders and religious leaders; contacts in the German federal government and pertinent German states; German churches (RCC and Protestants); federal officials; state government officials; contacts in the ministerial strata of Poland’s national government and in the RCC; Polish government officials and RCC leaders; all member MPs around the world; Muslim countries; and in key Muslim countries, high level government officials, key legislators, religious leaders and top court judges.

The subject defamatory statement is the only act I know of in his repeated dealings with me and my my words. The rest of his repeated dealings, as far as my knowledge goes, were covert, pure black propaganda. I have not been able to find where Grieboski has openly and publicly black PRed any other person as he has black PRed me.

4.  Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk in a Scientology organization.

This is a ridiculous bit of resumé black PR that the Scientologists and their collaborators have been generating for decades. The intention is to make nothing of my actual history and resumé in Scientology and so disparage the experiences and knowledge I acquired while occupying positions that were not just being a clerk. The June 1983 Penthouse, e.g., contained an interview with Heber Jentzsch, identified as “president of the church,” which included this exchange:

Penthouse: The allegation has been made that the Church of Scientology has hounded ex-members who have spoken out negatively about the church.

Jentzsch: Can you give me the names?

Penthouse:  Gerald Armstrong is the first that comes to mind.

Jentzsch: Mr. Armstrong is my step-son-in-law; I know him quite well. He was a clerk, and he also drove a car. And that’s all he ever did. When he left, he sort of tried to raise his status.

Since the 1990s, the Scientologists have maintained Internet sites to black PR different sets of their targets and victims including me, and have used the same clerk claim, always presented as valuable knowledge that explains so much by first putting me in my place. This is from what I believe is the latest incarnation of one such site that the Scientologists call “Religious Freedom Watch:”

 Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk in a Scientology church.In former days, Armstrong hatched a plot to seize the Church’s assets in collaboration with the Los Angeles IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

When the Church discovered this, its attorneys obtained permission from a Los Angeles police officer to conduct an investigation into Armstrong’s plans. The investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that he intended to forge and then plant incriminating documents on Church premises, to be discovered in a subsequent raid.

I wrote to head Scientologist David Miscavige on November 23, 2006 protesting being black PRed as an anti-religious extremist, when I am anything but, indicating some of the lies about me on hate sites under his control, and requesting that references to me be removed from those sites.
Neither Miscavige nor any other Scientologist responded to my letter and request.

On December 10, 2002, Graeme Wilson, the Scientologists’ Public Affairs Director UK & Ireland, sent to Mike Garde, head of Dialog Center Ireland, an e-mail and attachment, which contained the clerk claim in black PR on me generated for the purpose of attacking the July 23, 1984 judgment in the case of B & G (Wards) in the High Court of Justice Family Division, Royal Courts of Justice:

One of these “experts” was Gerald Armstrong. Armstrong worked for the Church as a clerk.

For the B & G (Wards) judgment, see:
Appeal affirming the judgment:

On May 24, 2011, a Russian website, which claims to be dedicated to news about religion, posted an interview with Alexei Danchenkov, identified as Church of Scientology of Moscow spokesman and editor-in-chief of “Right to Freedom,” which (unofficial translation) contained this exchange:

Church of Scientology of Moscow spokesman and editor-in-chief of “Right to Freedom”, Alexei Danchenkov: “Armstrong was invited to Russia as an expert on Scientology, but he left the church 30 years ago”

Interview by Valery Stepanov
for “Portal-Credo.Ru”

Gerald Armstrong spoke a few days ago at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University in Moscow and he was presented as a former senior official of the Church of Scientology.  Is his name familiar to you?

Aleksei Danchenkov: Actually, Gerald Armstrong was a former clerk of the Church of Scientology of California. He left the church in 1981, stealing more than 10,000 pages of documentation. He is currently wanted by the police of the United States on a number of charges for which he could face imprisonment and be required to pay fines for contempt of court.

On June 2, I posted a response to the interview, and specifically addressed the clerk attack line:

Mr. Danchenkov and his Scientologist accomplices are further implying, of course, that “clerk” is some unimportant, degraded position in Scientology, and that the Scientologists filling that position are necessarily prevented from acquiring any experiences or knowledge that could conceivably make them experts in anything.

The truth is that I successfully held several positions during my years in Scientology, and none were termed or described as “clerk.” Another truth is that in those actual positions and years I acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge. I have also acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge in the almost thirty years since I left Scientology. Throughout these post-Scientology years, I also was in many positions and had functions different from clerk; for example, as a Scientology target, victim and opponent, and as a witness, writer, speaker and researcher.

Along with certain God-given abilities, and the necessary willingness, of course, my honestly acquired, now forty-two years of experience and knowledge have, in fact, made me an expert on Scientology. My experience, knowledge and testimony is particularly expert regarding Scientology’s “Suppressive Person” doctrine, or “SP” doctrine, and regarding the doctrine’s application, which  is commonly called “fair game.”


On December 9, 2011, a Scientologist or collaborator “J. Swift,” also identified to me as Jeffrey Augustine, posted on the Scientology-related “Operation Clambake Message Board” some resumé black PR:

Because Gerry is a high level critic, I had uncritically accepted for years that what he had written was the gospel truth. Imagine my shock, then, when I discovered that Gerry had instead offered the Critics Community his highly distorted version of events that is not congruent with the Court records or even former Apollo Crew:

For example, Gerry claims he was the Legal Officer and the Intelligence Officer on the Apollo. There were no such posts on the Apollo according to Karen#1 and Mike Rinder. Why has Gerry embellished his resume?

In the same thread, my wife Caroline, who then participated on that board, challenged “Swift’s” black PR on my post history:

For a malevolent purpose – to black PR Gerry as an embellisher of his resume — you assume or invent facts of which there is no evidence. Please identify where Karen [de la Carriere] and Mike Rinder stated that Gerry was not the legal officer or intelligence officer on the Apollo, or where they stated that there were no such posts on the ship. If they stated this to you orally, please say what exactly they stated, and when.

“Swift” refused to support his assertions, and Caroline nudged him:

In any case, you just made the factual claims that (1) “according to Karen#1 and Mike Rinder,” “there were no such posts on the Apollo” as “Legal Officer and Intelligence Officer,” and that (2) Gerry “embellished his resume.” You based the resume embellishment charge on the factual claim that Rinder and Karen had made a statement of fact that the posts Gerry had occupied and put on some — also so far unproduced by you — resume, never existed on the Apollo.


You should either provide a link to Karen and Rinder’s statements (they are awfully specific), or provide the statements, or acknowledge that they didn’t say what you say they said, or back pedal, or get them to back pedal. Feel free to back pedal all you want, and you’ve got quite a track of false claims of fact, lies and black PR to back pedal from.

Caroline requested twice more publicly that “Swift” support his assertions, and he did not, but added more black PR to his attack on both of us. “

I have testified about my Scientology organization positions or posts in many legal proceedings, and have identified and described them in sworn statements I have written. I have always told the truth about these posts to the best of my ability, none of which had the title “clerk.” I was indeed, at different times, the Deputy Legal Officer, the Legal Officer, the Intelligence Officer and the Public Relations Officer on the Scientology ship “Apollo.” I was also, at different times on board, Dishwasher, Storesman, Deck Project Force Member, Boats and Transport In-Charge, the Driver, and the Port Captain.

Still in Scientology, but on land after the “Apollo” period, my posts included, chronologically, Intelligence Officer, Mimeo Operator, Hubbard’s Deputy External Communications Aide, the Bosun in the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) Scientology’s penal and reprogramming camp, RPF Section Member, Hubbard’s Proofreader, Set Builder, Lighting Assistant, Props In-Charge, Location Scout, Cine Services Chief, Assistant Producer, RPF Section Member, RPF Master-at-Arms, Hubbard Renovations Purchaser, Hubbard Renovations In-Charge, Deputy Commanding Officer of the Hubbard Household Unit, Hubbard Biography Researcher and Archivist.

5.  Armstrong intended to seize assets of the Church of Scientology.

This is false. I had no such intention, and having such an intention would have been ridiculous. I was in no position to seize any of the Scientologists’ assets. There were Scientologists that in 1984 claimed they wanted to seize organization assets because of criminal activities their leaders were involved in; and such reformers, if they were real, would have had standing to seize, or freeze, organization assets. The Scientologists invented such a group of claimed reformers, called the “Loyalists,” in order to run a covert operation against me to entrap me or commit other crimes against me, but their claimed intention of freezing assets was a lie.

I have written about this operation that the Scientologists ran on me in a number of declarations or articles, e.g.,

6. When attorneys of the Church discovered the plan, they obtained permission from the Los Angeles police to conduct an investigation into Armstrong’s plans.

There was no such plan for the Scientologists’ attorneys to discover.

The Scientologists paid a corrupt LAPD Officer for an “authorization” for the Scientologists’ agents to phone tap and eavesdrop upon my attorney Michael J. Flynn, me and anyone else the Scientologists wanted to target. The Scientologists and their agents did illegally video record me, and used this “authorization” to justify their illegal activities. The LAPD Chief, however, on April 23, 1985, denounced any cooperation with the Scientologists’ agent, and declared their “purported authorizations directed to him, signed by any member of the Los Angeles Police Department, [ ] invalid and unauthorized.”

The Scientologists needed no permission to conduct an investigation into my plans. The “permission” they needed and purchased was to commit crimes against me, my attorney and others, which the Scientologists did. As the Chief of Police stated, whatever the Scientologists and their collaborators paid for as a permission was not a correspondence from the Los Angeles Police Department, was invalid and unauthorized, and therefore could not have been a permission from the Los Angeles police.

The Scientologists who contacted me to set me up in this operation claimed to be afraid for their lives, and for that reason they insisted they had to meet me in secret, and could not let me in on their plans. These Scientologists were lying about their fear obviously, because they were themselves the people they claimed to be afraid of.

7. The investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that he intended to forge and then plant incriminating documents on Church premises, to be discovered in a subsequent raid.

This is false. I have written or spoken many times over many years to counter this lie, and the rest of the black PR here about this covert and illegal intelligence operation. Also see this video made in Berlin, Germany on September 17, 2011, which describes this operation and certain other actions the Scientologists, particularly Rathbun and Rinder under Miscavige, took against me:

The Scientologists and their collaborators made the videotapes unlawfully, edited them, and for years have lied about what they did and what even the edited videos show. The Scientologists initiated a black PR letter writing campaign about the videos to government officials to get them to pressure the FBI. See, e.g., this letter dated August 6, 1985 from FBI Director William H. Webster to Don Edwards, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights in the House of Representatives:

Your letter of June 3, 1985, requesting FBI review of allegations made by Reverend John Standard III, Director, Office of Public Affairs, Church of Scientology International, concerning a “bizarre multi-agency plan to disrupt the Church of Scientology” has been brought to my attention.

The FBI has received other inquiries on this subject. I want to stress that the FBI is not involved solely or in conjunction with other Federal agencies in any attempt to destroy the Church of Scientology. In those cases where a violation of Federal law falling within the FBI’s jurisdiction has occurred, the FBI investigates such situations with complete fairness to all parties involved. The facts are then presented to the appropriate United States Attorney’s office which determines the prosecutive merits of the case.

The particular allegations made by Reverend Standard are based on conversations recorded during “secret” videotaping of a former Church member, Gerry Armstrong, whom Reverend Standard alleges is a “government covert operative.”

Gerry Armstrong, a former church member, has been interviewed numerous times by various Federal investigators and attorneys in connection with pending litigation in this and other Federal investigations. Partial transcripts of Mr. Armstrong’s videotaped conversations have been provided by the Church as exhibits to various pleadings filed in litigation with the Department of Justice, and they fail to substantiate claims of a counterintelligence program directed against that group. Conversely, review of the unexpurgated transcripts of those videotaped meetings referred to by Reverend Standard conclusively negates any inference of government conspiracy.


NOTE: Reverend John D. Standard III, Director, Office of Public Affairs, Church of Scientology International, wrote to Representative Rodino, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee alleging “a bizarre multi-agency plan to disrupt the Church of Scientology”, and requested Representative Don Edwards hold hearings on this matter. Representative Don Edwards requested the FBI review Reverend Standard’s allegations. Videotaped conversations of a former Church member, Gerry Armstrong allegedly establish the government-wide conspiracy and have been utilized as exhibits in various pleadings filed by the Church; however, the transcripts selectively omit a pertinent portion of the tape which conclusively negates any inference of government conspiracy. The context of this letter was taken, in part, from similar replies to congressional inquiries. This reply was coordinated with [blacked out] Legal Counsel Division.

[Handwritten] Copies of the transcript of the videotaped conversations of former church member Gerry Armstrong were filed as an exhibit to a motion to vacate summary judgment entered on behalf of the defendants in Founding Church of Scientology v. Director FBI etc. (USDC, DOC, CA No. 78-0107). A review of these transcripts by DOJ attorneys and by SA [blacked out] reveals several statements by Armstrong to the effect that the government is “not out to get” the Church of Scientology or any Scientologist. Copies of the full text are in possession of LCD and DOJ Federal Programs Branch. 8/1/85

8.  When challenged on how he would obtain proof of the allegations he intended to make, he responded that: “We don’t have to prove a god dam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”

This misrepresents what was going on when I said whatever I said, and misrepresents what I said. I have responded to this black propaganda many times, e.g., in my February 22, 1994 declaration, referred to above, which was in response to false statements about me made by Miscavige in a declaration he filed in the case of Scientology v. Fishman & Geertz, United States District Court for the Central District of California, Case No. CV 91-6425 HLH(Tx).:

Mr. Miscavige states that I advise one of his covert operatives to accuse the organization of various criminal acts and when I am told that no evidence exists to support those charges I respond to “just allege it.” (Miscavige Dec. p. 32, l. 5 – l. 8) “Better Basket” describes something of the context in which I make a statement differentiating between “allegations” and “proof.” The operative I’m talking to is Mike Rinder. Before this meeting I had already, on request of the “Loyalists,” provided them with a “bare bones” draft of a complaint. Complaints contain allegations. Complaints do not contain proof. Rinder, who had been represented to me as the Loyalists’ “best legal mind” couldn’t seem to get the distinction between allegations and proof in the complaint, and I was frustrated in our conversation because he seemed so dense. Now, of course, his denseness is fully understandable. He had to appear stupid and had to deny that there was any “proof” of the sort of allegations that would be made in a complaint because he knew he was being recorded on a videotape which was going to be used to attack, and if possible destroy me. Even what the organization has done to me alone (see, e.g., crimes listed by Judge Breckenridge and the list in paragraph 7 above) is enough for actual true-hearted reformers to bring a lawsuit to take control of the organization from the criminals now in charge.

9.  If that is not enough, Armstrong once posted a message on the Internet concerning a letter he sent to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. In the letter, he offered himself to Hussein as a hostage in the Iraqi war. “If either side failed to perform any part of the agreement, the other side could execute me,” he concluded. Armstrong makes clear in his posting that he did not think the letter to Hussein was a joke, but was deadly serious. He quite proudly republishes it and other similar writings from time to time.

Grieboski has written the entirety of the subject defamatory statement as if he had personal knowledge of what he was communicating. At no point did he identify another source for this knowledge and the fact assertions he made, or even hint that there was another source. As any perusal of the Scientologists’ attacks on me over many years would show, Grieboski got this black PR on me from them.

Obviously, he does not have personal knowledge of what he was talking about. According to his own statements, he was nine years old in Scranton, PA when the Scientologists were paying an LAPD officer for authorization to commit crimes against my attorney, me, etc. Grieboski was fifteen, and reportedly still in Scranton, when I wrote to Saddam Hussein in Iraq in an effort to avert the Gulf War and arrange a hostage swap.

Grieboski really was implying that he had researched the facts, and certainly had confirmed the veracity of everything he was saying. He was communicating as if he was a legitimate historian, knowledgeable about his subject because he had honestly examined the best evidence and studied the best, most reliable reports available.

His PR about himself is a man of great ability, honesty, integrity, courage, understanding and compassion. His single defamatory black PR statement about me belies his white self-PR and reveals a black PRing man of malice. His repeatedly, over years, dealing with me and my “bad press” with his black PR, without ever attempting to contact me or ever acknowledging the truth about his black PR’s victim, shows no conscience.

Clearly, his intention regarding a letter to Saddam Hussein, and other similar writings from time to time, was to portray me as mentally deranged or psychotic. If Grieboski could get his power list of people and entities that he dealt with to accept his portrayal of me as psychotic, they would grant no credence to whatever truth I might be saying, about my religious experiences and knowledge of the Scientology religion and his Scientologist clients or bosses and their collaborators.

The Scientologists have portrayed me as deranged or psychotic ever since I left Scientology, and have even emphatically pronounced me psychotic. In their submission to the IRS, on which their 1993 tax exemption was granted, they stated:

Our consistent view has been that the civil litigants are solely motivated by greed. The exception is Armstrong who we truly believe to be psychotic. During the 1980’s, the IRS used every single civil litigant against Scientology as an IRS witness. The government, however, has no business in taking sides in a religious or civil dispute. It is indeed ironic to note that once the Flynn civil litigation in the 80’s was settled, with the exception of Armstrong, we hear no more of their “horror stories” from these paragons of virtue claiming to be interested only in “principle” and “what is right.”

The Scientologists claim to know more about the mind than psychologists or psychiatrists, and to possess the only cure for psychosis, and for virtually every non-optimum mental health condition. It is helpful to view and consider the Scientologists’ labels for people, such as “psychotic,” in light of these claims of superior knowledge and technology of the mind. Indeed the Scientologists claim to have only “workable” mental technology. If the Scientologists truly believed that I am psychotic, their treatment or handling of me has been all the more unconscionable, as has Grieboski’s.

See, e.g., this black PR handout about me dated October 26, 1997 that the Scientologists distributed in Berlin, Germany:

“They searched the whole world for the leading speaker against Scientology and all they found is a fugitive from American Justice, who fled to Canada. His normal activities consist of conversations with the dead” said lawyer Elliot Abelson who represents the International Church of Scientology. “To present such a psychotic person as Gerry Armstrong as a reliable witness is a new low in the losing international campaign, which is organized by people with governmental backing, against the fundamental rights of the members of the Church of Scientology.”

See, e.g., this black PR post on July 11, 2004 to the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology (a.r.s.) from Scientologist agent “CL:”

Hey, Spacetraveler, do yourself a big favor: if you wouldn’t try to reason with a skunk turd, don’t try to reason with Gerry Armstrong.

He is a moron. He is a pathological liar. He is a professional victim. He is a whining, pathetic, pitiful, “poor me baby,” writhing, squirming, lying, amoral, thief. He is so psychotic that he believes, and tries to make everyone else believe, that he is God’s own perfection sent to this earth to explain to everyone who looks at him cross-eyed how utterly inferior and stupid they are not to recognize his own divinity and superiority, his unblemished perfection, his bleeding wounds of infinite and endless martyrdom.

I have dealt with, and had to live with, the Scientologists’ black PR about my writings in relation to Saddam Hussein and the Gulf War for many years. See, e.g. this post to a.r.s. on February 22, 1998:
This is from my June 2, 2011 response to Russian Scientologist Alexei Danchenkov’s black PR, which shares material with Grieboski’s:

Scientology and Scientologists are driven to use whatever exists and whatever can be manufactured therefrom to show that their thoughts, words and actions against me are right, and completely justified, indeed necessary and honorable. One of their most important and often repeated pieces of “evidence” that I’m truly psychotic is my 1990 letter to Saddam.

The letter, obviously, is unrelated to Scientology. It could stand alone for consideration without reference to Scientology. Anyone could have written it without my history and present relationship with Scientology. The cult made the letter “relevant” in a lawsuit it filed and prosecuted improperly against me in the 1990’s. Once it obtained the letter in the legal proceeding, Scientology has used it in its black PR campaign.

I’ve just re-read the letter. It is grammatically solid, philosophically consistent, literary, and sincere. I was, of course, aware that there was little likelihood that Saddam would pay any attention, or even hear of my offer. I was, nevertheless, willing to make my life available if called for to avert or in relation to the coming war. Doubtlessly my offer on behalf of people who don’t participate in national negotiations could have been preferable to the wars that have since happened in Iraq.

The letter does not, however, evidence a personality disorder, legally, medically or societally, any more than any other understandable and sincere offer within a person’s capability in a tense situation evidences a personality disorder. Scientology’s leaders do not truly believe I’m psychotic, but clearly believe that their survival depends on getting others to believe I’m psychotic so that what I say won’t be believed.

In addition to black PRing me for writing Saddam Hussein to try to prevent war, Scientology also black PRs me for my writings about my plan for peacefully resolving the world’s economic problems. Scientologists have demonstrated that no matter what I say or do, no matter how unrelated to Scientology, no matter how enlightened, beneficial or even holy, they will attack it to attack me.

Yet, the attacks on me, and my associates, besides being hurtful, are irrelevant. It would not matter if I was truly psychotic, or truly evil, or the evilest person on earth, it is not right or lawful to try silence me about the Scientology religion and its religionists, by court order, by threat, or by any other means. And I am not such a person.

Because I have had to repeatedly deal with the black PR use the Scientologists and their collaborators have made of my offer to Saddam, and because I have had to confront what I had said and done that is being used for this purpose, I came to realize that I had simply offered to do as Jesus Christ declared in John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (King James Version) I didn’t have this verse or idea in mind when I offered myself as a hostage, or for execution. I did not even consider myself a Christian then, although I was clearly moving in that direction. Being willing to be imprisoned, tortured or killed to somehow prevent other deaths, destruction and great anguish was a certain step along the way.  Laying down one’s life like that implied, until the moment of death, a willingness.

As with many difficult or scary things that a person might be willing to do or might volunteer for, I ended up not being called to do it, and not having to lay down my life.  Obviously many others did lay down their lives in the Gulf Wars that followed.  It is possible that many of those people were unwilling, I do not know. I really did try to reach Saddam, via my local newspaper at the time, a few other media contacts, and some top government or diplomatic people involved in the buildup to war. I did not go overboard, however, or harass or taunt Saddam, or stalk the guy. I reasoned that if God was going to have him accept my offer, or even receive it, or if someone in government or media was going to think my idea had merit, for purposes of détente, literature, or even commercial exploitation, I had done enough to make my willingness known.

When I have published, republished, or linked to the already-published text of my letter to Saddam, as I have done here, I really have not done so quite proudly as Grieboski says. Saying that I have done whatever I have done “quite proudly” implies that what I have done is immoral, and not something a moral person would do proudly, or publish proudly. There is no reason for me to not be proud of my what I had done, except pride itself. It was not immoral, nor deranged. I think I have published or linked to my letter, however, and even published whatever Grieboski has black PRed as “other similar writings,” more quite matter-of-factly than quite proudly. The black PR that the Scientologists and their collaborators like Grieboski have published about me really is immoral, and they really do publish it quite proudly.

Grieboski writes in his February 29, 2008 letter:

As a devout Roman Catholic, I can and do have my own opinions about other faiths, but as a human rights advocate, it is not my responsibility to judge the worth of the beliefs of others.

The Catholic Bible I found online contains slightly different language in John 15:13 than the KJV, but the meaning of the verse in both Bibles is the same. “No one can have greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.” Although Grieboski says it to mock me and make me sound psychotic, he does acknowledge that I wasn’t joking in my letter to Saddam “but was deadly serious.” It is observable within the letter that although I was writing about deadly serious matters, about hate and death and war, and although I was serious in what I said, I did not lose a sense of humor. The Bible does not instruct Christians, Catholics or not, to mock or revile people who are willing to lay down their lives for others.

Scientologists can be expected to pervert and ridicule any Suppressive Person’s willingness to lay down his life, or his willingness to do almost any kind of good deed, or think or express any good idea. Scientologists can be expected to black PR and work to destroy the SP class, and never grant them a crumb of credence. See Scientology Policy Directive 28, “Suppressive Act – Dealing with a Declared Suppressive Person.”

Few people would expect a devout Catholic, however, to pervert and ridicule such a biblically recognized willingness, the willingness elevated by God above all other willingnesses. Fewer people would expect, or suspect, that a devout Catholic who is also a human rights advocate, and multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominee, was participating in a campaign, in fact a criminal conspiracy, to black PR a known, already grossly persecuted member of the same persecuted minority religious class that Scientologists persecute.

That Grieboski is also a beneficiary in the Scientology v. Armstrong injunction, which unlawfully persecutes the same class, is added inescapable irony. See the biography for the IRPP’s Chairman of the Board:

Mr. Grieboski’s guiding principle for the Institute is that religious freedom is not simply a church-state issue, but involves the engagement of every segment of society to secure freedom of belief for each person.

Freedom of belief without freedom of expression, of course, is nothing to secure. And Grieboski is a contracted beneficiary in mass suppression and punishment of the freedom of expression regarding religion and undeniably religious beliefs, experiences, knowledge, scripture, entities and persons.

Grieboski’s IRPP COB bio continues, and, I believe it could be argued, quite proudly:

As a religious freedom and human rights expert, he has testified before the United States Congress, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and many other legislative and international bodies.

Mr. Grieboski has traveled to Kosovo, China, South Sudan, Darfur and countless other areas to investigate the status of religious freedom.

He currently serves as the Founder and Secretary-General of the Interparliamentary Conference on Human Rights and Religious Freedom; editorial board member of the China Law and Religion Monitor; board member of the Committee for a Responsible Defense; and as a member of the Panel of Experts on International Religious Freedom of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

He has lectured for the Close Up Foundation; the National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy; and the Washington Semester Program on Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University. Grieboski has also served as a faculty member of the Boston University Institute on Religion and World Affairs (IRWA) Seminar “Religion and Democracy.” Grieboski investigated a run for the United States House of Representatives in 2002.

Before founding the Institute, Mr. Grieboski worked as Director of the International Religious Liberty Program of the Center for Jewish and Christian Values.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Service and a Master’s in National Security Studies from Georgetown University.

Specializations: National Security; Conventional and Non-Conventional Threats to Security; Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism; Human Rights Law; Conflict Management, Constitutional Law, International Organizations

10.  There is much more I could say on the subject, but will leave it to the readers to research for themselves if they wish to discover the more sordid background of this “gentleman,” who currently has several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

I look forward to hearing much more from Grieboski on the subject, in a deposition on the subject or during examination on the subject at a trial of my claims against him, which include the subject and much more.

He did not really leave anything to the readers to research. He was telling them that the more sordid background is there and real, that the research of the already agreed upon sordid background was done, and that it was discovered to be more sordid. He let the readers know that if they wanted to discover the more sordid background that he had discovered through his research, well knock themselves out, but all the research has been done, the sordid background is more sordid.

The Scientologists used the same sordid adjective in their submission to the IRS, which also included the psychotic adjective quoted above, and which obtained for them their religious tax exemption in 1993:

Church of Scientology v. Gerald Armstrong:

We have included some background information here and an epilogue to the decision in question. That is because the Service has continuously thrust the Armstrong case at us, demanding an explanation. The Armstrong case decision was so inflammatory and intemperate that it was used to stigmatize the Church in the legal arena and make other outrageous decisions possible. As we shall demonstrate below, all this decision ever involved was Armstrong’s state of mind, which subsequently obtained evidence proved conclusively to be one sordid, sadomasochistic nightmare. Furthermore, Armstrong’s state of mind horror stories have fallen on deaf ears in recent litigation. Relying on Armstrong or the Armstrong decision is wholly unjustified.

This is the decision the Scientologists are referring to in their submission:
The decision, filed June 22, 1984 in Scientology v. Armstrong, Los Angeles Superior Court, case no. C 420153, became the judgment in the case on August 10, 1984, and was affirmed on appeal on July 29, 1991.

My state of mind is not and has never been a sordid, sado-masochistic nightmare. My background is not more sordid, or sordid at all, as backgrounds go. I thank God that my background and my life are as unsordid as they are.

The quotation marks around “gentleman” here are obviously sneer quotes, signifying that I am anything but a gentleman. A gentleman, as Grieboski was using the term, would be, e.g.: A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior. With sneer quotes, Grieboski was saying that I am an ill-mannered and inconsiderate man of abysmal standards of behavior. With sneer quotes too, he has elevated himself to a height where his sneering at me is for everyone else’s good.

What warrants for my arrest were outstanding, if any, at the time Grieboski published his defamatory statement can only be determined by checking the records in the relevant jurisdictions. My belief is that there were not then several such outstanding warrants, and very well might have been none.

It is true that the beneficiaries have obtained jail sentences against me in California for discussing my religious beliefs, experiences and knowledge, and for assisting members of the SP class that the beneficiaries persecute, in violation of the injunction that unlawfully prohibits any such discussion and assistance. It is also true that the beneficiaries have obtained warrants to have me arrested because I have failed to serve these jail sentences. See, e.g., this bench warrant dated May 15, 1998:

In 2004, the Marin Superior Court dispensed with the pending jail sentences against me. The Scientologists appealed, and got the jail sentences reinstated on October 5, 2007. Whether or not the Scientologists obtained several warrants for my arrest between that date and February 29, 2008 I do not know, but it seems impossible. Regardless, the jail sentences, fines and any such warrants for my arrest are unlawful and bring shame upon the beneficiaries, the California Courts, the US Government, and the California and US bars; and shame upon Grieboski for using this shameful crime against me to further injure me. Having such unlawful, shameful sentences against me, arrest warrants outstanding, and all the black PR about all this all around the world, although cruel and injurious, brings no shame whatsoever.

Regarding the 2004 ruling, see the record in Scientology v. Armstrong, Marin Superior Court No. CV 021632: and this record in the California Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Nos. A107100 and A107095, and California Supreme Court Case No. S139389: