Happy BC Day!

Happy BC Day everybody! Glücklicher Britisch-Kolumbien-Tag! Счастливый День Британской Колумбии! ¡Feliz día de la Columbia Británica! ਸ਼ਾਨਦਾਰ ਬ੍ਰਿਟਿਸ਼ ਕੋਲੰਬੀਆ ਦਿਵਸ! In 1974, when the British Columbia Legislature established BC Day, the first Monday in August, as a civic holiday, I was busy making ports safe for L. Ron Hubbard and his Flagship “Apollo.” From 1975 […]

Happy Canada Day

– Crochet by Caroline Letkeman Yarn: DMC Cebelia, No. 10 Stiffener: Modge Podge Original pattern: GoldenLucyCrafts       Anne Murray Caroline and I recently mailed maple leaf pins to a handful of dignitaries: Chamomile boutonniere   Caroline meditating  

Letter to President Putin

His Excellency Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin President of the Russian Federation The Kremlin 23, Ilyinka Street, Moscow 103132 Russia Dear Mr. President: Greetings from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. I am writing you at this time for five uncomplicated reasons. There are other matters I will write to you or your representatives about later that are more […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 8)

https://youtu.be/HZYvPRZ1Ewk To Hubbard, you, Rathbun, Miscavige and the rest of you conspirators, persecuting your targets, silencing or destroying us, ruining us utterly is a game. You are “high-toned,” and enjoy creating that game, even if it is by wog standards evil and by wog law criminal. Through all your years persecuting us, committing crimes against […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 7)

Hubbard advertised and made others advertise that he was “mankind’s greatest friend.” He published and made others publish what they all said was an authentic, heroic, supermanic biography. He promised and made others promise fabulous results for his technology and religion. Should we have believed and trusted him, or any of his agents or spokespersons, […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 6)

I have no doubt that cowardice, moral cowardice, abounds in the world. Without my knowing what it was, I think it was my “ruin,” which was important in my recruitment into Scientology. I didn’t speak up when I morally should have. If we are all moral cowards, then there would be no one who modeled […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 5)

Remini and you recently published a joint statement in the Paul Haggis sexual assault matter stating: “the fear of consequences for speaking our truth has not held us back in the past and isn’t about to start now.”1 If you mean by “our truth,” what you learned in Scientology was “the truth” — “the exact […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 4)

At least by 1984, from what has been reported, you had made it into the Hubbard sect’s criminal conspiracy. Probably, because of the realities at that time, when you were appointed a director in the newly incorporated Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) in 1982, you were a coconspirator. As you know, your conspiracy is structured […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 3)

Zinberg was a Guardian’s Office (“GO”) and Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) volunteer, who was briefly involved in covert ops targeting Cooper. What is reported he did to her was stake out her apartment building, although he never saw her, and deliver to her father Ted Cooper’s jewelry business pages that Zinberg’s GO seniors had […]

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 2)

https://youtu.be/tF1y8Q4kfw0 Black PR only begins when the black propagandist finishes communicating it. In time, it does not end. You never believed the black PR you spread and made others spread. You have “confessed” that doing the evil you did was your conspiracy’s policy. Executing the conspiracy’s policy, which was, where it mattered, secret and hidden […]