Libel Analysis for Attorneys

Table of Contents Introduction First hint of the defamatory materials My background Dr. Beverley The 2015 Tyndale Seminar More background Tyndale cancels Venue shifts to the Sheraton Beverley posts about meeting Smith and Felske First glance at the defamatory materials Receipt of the defamatory materials The Scientologists say I’m a notorious liar The Scientologists say […]

Notice of Libel and Slander

David Miscavige C/O Religious Technology Center 1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 Religious Technology Center 1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 Church of Scientology International 6331 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028 Church of Scientology Toronto 77 Peter Street Toronto, ON M5V 2G4 Patricia Felske C/O Church of Scientology […]

Plea to Paulette Cooper

Tl;dr Thanks Paulette. [WWP post.] Can you please tell the truth about your false affidavits and how you came to sign them. WRONG — While Mike and I are not on good terms, we did not sue each other (please, 19 lawsuits against me from Scientology were enough). I think we both understand where the […]

Missing Scientology v. Armstrong Trial Transcripts Found

The court reporter’s daily transcripts of the 1984 Scientology v. Armstrong trial in LA Superior Court have been on for some years, except for May 21 and May 31, which were volumes 16 and 22 respectively. All the documents I’ve had for this case, known as Armstrong 1, are available at: The trial […]

Youtube: From Copyright Service

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 19:58:20 -0000 From: “Copyright Service” <> To: Subject: Re: [#1052940621] YouTube Support Hi there, We’ve completed processing your counter notification regarding your video: This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your account will not be penalized. Regards, The YouTube Team  

Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

I, Gerry Armstrong, declare: 1.   I am making this declaration in support of an online form counter-notification to the claim made by Markus Thoess that I infringed his copyright by publishing a video entitled “Mike Rinder Black PR’s Gerry Armstrong and Graham Berry,” hereinafter referred to as the “subject video.” I published the subject video […]

Letter to Attorneys

January 12, 2012 I am writing to interest a suitable law firm in bringing a defamation claim, and possibly other claims, against Joseph K. Griebsoki and the Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP), which gives its address as 1620 I Street, NW, Suite LL10, Washington, DC 20006. The IRPP’s web site: Grieboski made […]

25 years after the Breckenridge Decision

Twenty-five years ago, following a thirty day trial in Los Angeles Superior Court in the case of Scientology v. Armstrong, Judge Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr. issued a monumental order against Scientology, identifying the church as paranoid and schizophrenic and its founder L. Ron Hubbard as a pathological liar. This document, which is known by people […]

Letter to Riverside County Board of Supervisors

January 5, 2009 The Chairman and Board of Supervisors Riverside County Board of Supervisors County Administrative Center 4080 Lemon Street-Fifth Floor Riverside, CA 92501 By E-mail: Supervisor Roy Wilson, Chairman Supervisor Bob Buster Supervisor Marion Ashley Supervisor John Tavaglione Supervisor Jeff Stone Re: Proposed Ordinances 884 and 888: Targeted Residential […]

Gerry Armstrong’s Legal Archive

Introduction Latest Lawsuit: Armstrong VII [ Appeal ] Complaint Report to US DOJ Armstrong I CSC v Gerald Armstrong Los Angeles Superior Court No. C 420153 (Conversion) [Go to archive] Key Documents: Mutual Release & Settlement Agreement 12-06-1986 Breckenridge Decision Filed 06-22-1984 Appeals Note: Court of Appeal Combined Case Nos. B025920 and B038975. 283 Cal.Rptr. […]