Antonina Maga: Meeting with a former personal secretary to the founder of Scientology

Translation of a Russian article posted on May 19, 2011 on the Russian Orthodox website “Scientologists collect the most intimate information about people to turn them into obedient slaves” Meeting with a former personal secretary to the founder of Scientology by Antonina Maga May 19, 2011 The activities of destructive sects are one […]

The Sydney Morning Herald: Scientology critic adds volume to inquiry call

Source: NICK O’MALLEY INVESTIGATIONS January 23, 2010 A LEADING critic of Scientology is to travel to Australia to support Senator Nick Xenophon’s campaign for an inquiry into the tax-exempt status of the church. Gerry Armstrong was an ardent believer in the church and its founder, the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, until he […]

Gerry in Germany November 20 – December 6, 2009

Gerry will be at a conference on Scientology in Berlin November 23, 24 and 25, a conference in Leipzig, and then will be at the Hamburg mega-raid December 3 – 6. He’s looking forward to connecting up with all the Anons, OGs, and everyone else at the raid and elsewhere.

UBC Radio Free Thinker series on Scientology

Radio Free Thinker interviews Gerry Armstrong and members of Vanonymous. Direct MP3 link WWP thread OCMB thread

Literary Review: Cult cock-OUP Scientology

Anonymous in concert with Gerry

re: Gerry Armstrong gives his personal experience of Scientologys top Attorney, Kendrick (Ken) Moxon

[tube]G9kv1gg54C0[/tube] A number of these factual statements are “Doyle’s,” whom I haven’t met, but who has clearly done some research and fact-checking in response to Moxon/Miscavige/Scientology/Scientologists/cult agents’ takedown of Richard’s (moronymous, onehuman) video. The one fact that appears to come from me but doesn’t, and which I can’t support with names, times and places, is […]

Youtube kerfluffle

[tube]oi2idTlqoeQ[/tube] I’ve looked over what someone posted as the text of my short comment about Kendrick Moxon, and I haven’t found anything that is even slightly untrue, or defamatory. Moronymous: So Gerry, I heard you know Ken Moxon. Gerry: Yeah. I knew Moxon. I don’t know that I knew him very well or partly at […]

Lest we forget, 2008

Vedder Running Club: Around The Lake Give ‘R Take 30 2008

At beautiful Cultus Lake Saturday October 18, 2008 9 am (1 hr drive from Vancouver) Enjoy one of BC’s most challenging and picturesque trail races For info and registration visit: