Chat with Graham Berry in Hamburg

Gerry Armstrong Tells Of Moxon Sociopathy

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This Gerry Armstrong Vid Might Get You In Serious Trouble with California Courts

Gerry Armstrong Escape From Scientology Cult

Oh how times have changed at the Int base.

Armstrong Media Statement

Statement On March 23 Marin County California Superior Court Judge Lynn Duryee will hear an astonishing motion for summary judgment that the Scientology organization has filed against me. Motion: Opposition: Reply: If Judge Duryee grants the motion, she will deny me a trial, award Scientology $10,050,000.00 without it having to prove a […]

Mike McClaughry interview, 2/05/2000

WMNF Radio talk show with Gerry Armstrong

WMNF Radio talk show with Gerry Armstrong, 12/9/99, Part 1 Transcribed by Batchild (Sue M.)Converted to HTML by Batchild (Sue M.) ROB LOREI: Good afternoon, welcome to Radio Activity, I’m Robert Lorei. The Church of Scientology, which has its spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, is locked in a battle with critics and ex-members who say the […]

Purported Transcript of Armstrong talk in Clearwater

(Exhibit I to Scientology’s Application for OSC re Contempt) Dec. 5, 99 GERRY ARMSTRONG GA: Hi, I thought I’d say first and – I wasn’t the official biographer. I was the biography researcher for Hubbard. But I wanted to say first, that I am under an injunction in the State of California, in fact I’m […]

Emmons report recommending RICO prosecution

Title: Emmons report recommending RICO prosecution Author: (Mark Dallara) Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 23:24:53 GMT Now available at Occupied Clearwater ( – the report in the Emmons files recommending RICO prosecution: –BEGIN QUOTE– I. INTRODUCTION This memorandum and the accompanying exhibits and attachments relate to a wide variety of schemes and acts perpetrated […]