Communicating with Religious Freedom Watch agent Nikolay Varshavsky

From: [X]

Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2011 6:09 AM
Subject: A question to work out


My name is Nikolay and I am representing the Religious Freedom Watch Russia. Recently you’ve been to Russia and RFWRU team is working on some materials on your activity as a critic of Scientology.

We want to make an article on site and we’d like to workout some moments with you. Just to make a try, let’s start from that question:

As you say, there were several physical assaults (six?) and several threats of murder toward you and once you’ve been almost pushed away from highway. Have you made corresponding statements to police and do you have a police records on that?

I hope you don’t mind to have this conversation with me as we want to recreate the whole story picture using certain and reliable facts and documents. So your answers may affect the final state of the article.

Nikolay Varshavsky

Nikolay Varshavsky

Dear Mr. Varshavsky:

Thank you for your communication.

I’m glad you only say that my answers may affect the final state of your article about me. If you’d said that my answers will affect the final state of your article, I’d almost have to laugh. All the answers and facts in the world haven’t affected what Scientology and Scientologists have written about me over the past many years.

No, I don’t mind having this conversation with you. I’ve tried religiously, in fact, to find a Scientologist who would honestly engage me about my experiences and knowledge, and so far failed utterly. I wrote last year to Mike Rinder, who executed years of fair game against me for Scientology, about my appeal and my long search for an honest Scientologist.

If you become that first honest Scientologist, I would be forever grateful, and it would be a boon and blessing for you too.

I’m glad that you say you want to recreate the whole picture of my story. You doubtlessly understand that I don’t believe you. Importantly, for me to begin to believe you, I need some evidence that you honestly do, as you say, want to recreate that whole story picture. I want to recreate it in a number of arenas, most importantly in court, under oath, to judge and jury. I know my whole picture story well enough to know if you become honest about wanting to recreate it. And, as I mentioned, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for any sign of an honest Scientologist for many years.

Since the time I left the cult, Scientology and Scientologists have been trying without cessation to prevent my whole picture story from being recreated. All of the assaults and threats from Scientologists or their agents that you’re asking about were motivated by that same Scientology-wide intention, to prevent my whole picture story from being recreated by shuddering me into silence.

What Scientology and Scientologists over the past many years have tried to make the world think is my whole picture story has been what your scripture calls black propaganda or black PR. Your web site is a black PR organ for the Scientology cult, and your page on me is black PR.

Scientology and Scientologists have pretended for those past many years that their black PR on me is my whole picture story, but that is simply more black PR, more lies. Your black PR on me is part of my whole picture story, but as black PR. Similarly, the assaults and threats you’re asking about are part of my whole picture story, as assaults and threats.

Your Russian black PR page on me is, of course, a virtually direct translation of Scientology’s “Gerry Armstrong” page on its US-based black PR web site with the same design and name as yours, “Religious Freedom Watch.”

Both Scientology black PR sites, of course, are controlled by cult head David Miscavige.

It is well known that the individual under Miscavige who is the “administrative contact” for the English language black PR site is Joel Phillips. I wrote Miscavige and Phillips objecting to their page on me, principally their very sick black PRing me as an “anti-religious extremist.” One of Phillip’s functions, and presumably one of yours, is to hide the black PR’s source, which is Miscavige.

Because of their virtually conscienceless condition, which is tragically very common among Scientologists, neither Miscavige nor Phillips responded to my reasoned objection, but have continued their black PR attack. Scientologists’ attack reaction is, as you know, justified, and in fact mandated, in your scripture from Scientology inventor L. Ron Hubbard. He directed the “right thing” Scientologists are to do about “any threat:” “Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” Obviously Scientologists view me, or tell each other they view me, as a threat, or you wouldn’t attack me, even with your black PR pages on me.

As I’m sure you are aware, a document purporting to be a spreadsheet of West United States Scientologists who are trusted to do “volunteer” work for your Office of Special Affairs was recently released, and stated that Joel Phillips: “Works for Invest OSA INT.” “Invest,” or “Investigations,” as you know, is a Scientology euphemism for “Intelligence.” Phillips works for the Office of Special Affairs International’s Intelligence Section. This fact was already obvious to people like me, and not really vital because he works for Miscavige who runs everything including intel, but it was nice to see Phillips’ intel work acknowledged in an internal Scientology document.

His wife Tina Phillips, according to this spreadsheet, also does work for OSA.

It is understandable that Phillips, who is a clear Scientology black propagandist, works for OSA Intelligence, because Hubbard wrote in your scripture that black PR basically “is an intelligence technique.” If you really do, as you claim, represent Scientology’s Russian black PR site, it is reasonable as well to acknowledge that you also work for Scientology’s Intelligence apparatus. Your effort here to obtain details from me would be for your cult’s malevolent intelligence purposes, and not to recreate my whole picture story.

Phillips claimed authorship of a 2007 article “Behind the Scenes at Religious Freedom Watch,” that mentions the Religious Freedom Watch “teams.”

The backbone of the site is the investigators. We have a team in America and a team in Europe. Sometimes they travel back and forth. These people have years of training and have served in very high positions. They make it their life’s work to identify bigots, zealots, extremists, perverts and terrorists. You will see the fruits of their work on the site. Everything is checked and documented. You won’t just find a lot of hair brained yelling and screaming. You’re going to find photographs, interviews, court papers, in a word, PROOF that what you’re reading is true.

I imagine that you are on the European team that sometimes travels back and forth to America. Your team works for OSA Intel Int.

It is indeed possible to see the fruits of your Religious Freedom Watch teams on your sites, because your fruits are black PR. The checking and documenting that is done is to check and document that the black PR is what Miscavige intends and accepts. The yelling and screaming, of course, is probably done by the victims of your “investigations” and your black PR. But that Miscavige, Phillips, you, or anyone else has proof that what people read on your sites is true, is a conscienceless lie. Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Watch teams’ life’s work is to black PR Scientology’s victims as bigots, zealots, extremists, perverts, terrorists, etc.

It is instructive about Scientology and Scientologists that on your US-based site all the other Scientology targets and I are labeled and black-PRed as “anti-religious extremists;” and on your Russian site we are all labeled and black PRed as “religious extremists.” This contradiction even shows up in the URLs for your two sites’ black PR pages on me.

I am, as Miscavige and Phillips know, and doubtlessly you know, neither a religious extremist nor an anti-religious extremist. I know all the other people personally that you black PR on your Russian site as “religious extremists,” and I am convinced that you Scientologists from Miscavige on up, know that these people you target are also neither religious extremists nor anti-religious extremists.

You imply that it was my recent trip to Russia that precipitated your Russian Religious Freedom Watch team’s getting to work on materials to recreate the whole story picture about me. This could be ironic to me because your Russian Religious Freedom Watch black PR site was a factor in my decision and planning to make the trip. I also mentioned your site in a number of talks or interviews I participated in during this trip to Russia.

In that sense, I could thank you and your fellow black PR agents because my visit to your great country (I’m assuming you’re really a Russian, and not Danny Sherman with an accent) was more successful, memorable and meaningful than I ever imagined. I actually consider your contacting me now, even if for your antisocial intelligence purposes, a big win from my Russian mission. I returned to Canada never more hopeful that Scientology’s persecution of the good people who might act in concert with me can be terminated, and that justice for Scientology’s victims, including me, can be achieved.

I became aware of your Russian black PR site last November on the WhyWeProtest forum in a thread entitled “Russian Orthodox Priest now on RFW (Russian version).”

Obviously, your Russian site focuses its black PR attacks on Russian targets, principally Dr. Alexander L. Dvorkin, who is, to Scientology’s leadership, a bigger threat to Scientology’s plans and operations in Russia than I am. Your black PR on me in Russian, thus far, as I mentioned, is merely the mindless regurgitation of a translation of Miscavige’s black PR on me from Scientology’s US-based site.

While I was still in Russia, as I’m sure you know, another Scientology-affiliated Internet entity “” published much the same black PR in Russian in the form of an interview about me by one Valery Stepanov with your fellow Scientologist Alexei Danchenkov. I had the article translated and then posted a response for Mr. Danchenkov, and for everyone else, on my blog.

Because of the facts and nature of your relationship with me, and because of the legal implications of your communication, I will do the same with this response. I am sure you’ve already read my response to the black PR attributed to Mr. Danchenkov, so let me urge you to read it again, because it applies and responds to several black PR points on your Russian Religious Freedom Watch site. It’s also part of my whole picture story, and necessary if you really want to recreate it.

The principal purpose for your black PR on me on your site, of course, is to black PR Dr. Dvorkin, by association with me, since I am an already extensively black PRed Scientology victim. On your US-based Religious Freedom Watch site, you Scientologists black PR many more people by associating us with each other, as I noted above, and identifying us all as “anti-religious extremists.” I had responded to the black PR association on this site between Dr. Dvorkin and me in my 2006 letter to Miscavige and Phillips.

[Your black PR:] “At a meeting of hate groups in Russia, Armstrong met with deprogramming proponent Alexander Dvorkin.”

[My response:] I have never attended any meeting of hate groups in Russia at any time, nor have I attended any meeting of any hate groups in any other country. I have met Dr. Dvorkin several times in Russia and in other countries, he has translated for me on several occasions, and I have been able to observe him for several hours at a time on many occasions. At no time did I observe him attend a meeting of hate groups, discuss attending any meeting of hate groups, or suggest that I or anyone else attend any meeting of hate groups. At no time did he propose deprogramming me or anyone else, as you define “deprogramming” on your hate sites; i.e., activities involving kidnapping and assaults or such stupidities. He is a Doctor of Theology, a religious man in the sincerest rational meaning of the word, and a teacher in religious studies and in religious organizations. He is one of the people identified on your hate sites as an anti-religious extremist that I know with complete certainly is not an anti-religious extremist.

Your black PR attacks on Dr. Dvorkin and me by association with each other has actually made us associate more with each other, so I thank all you Religious Freedom Watch team members for that. I think this is an expected result among conscienceful people whose associations or relationships people like your team members attack and threaten with your black PR. I had the opportunity, in fact, to observe Dr. Dvorkin each day during my recent trip to Russia, in many settings and circumstances, and over many hours, and became even more convinced of the blackness of Scientology and Scientologists’ black PR on him. I also became more determined to end your persecution of such good people. So thank you for that as well.

I mentioned above that there are legal implications to your communication to me, which I’m sure you know about, but perhaps haven’t fully understood. Whether you are a formally employed OSA staff member or merely a “volunteer,” or if you really believe you are only a Religious Freedom Watch team member, you, Mr. Varshavsky, are a “beneficiary” of Scientology’s infamous Armstrong injunction. This order of the California Superior Court prohibits me from communicating about Scientology or about you or any other injunction beneficiary. I wrote about the injunction, its beneficiaries, and how it relates to Russia and Russians in my recent response to your fellow beneficiary Alexei Danchenkov. I said that a major purpose of my trip to Russia was, in fact, to discuss the injunction and encourage action to get it declared unlawful and lawfully unenforceable. What times I was assaulted or threatened by whom are extremely tangential to the live, personal, global issue of your injunction, your efforts to enforce it, and how you use it.

The beneficiaries in this matter are every Scientology or Scientology-affiliated church, organization or entity and all of their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel. As you can envision, this is a cult-sized number of beneficiaries around the world, and you can easily find yourself among them. The injunction also prohibits me from assisting victims of any of you beneficiaries, or assisting people adverse in some way to any of you. People adverse to Scientology and Scientologists, and adverse to any normal people who are beneficiaries, comprise, as you know, the Suppressive Person class. These prohibitions are unlawful, the injunction was obtained by unlawful means, and Scientology’s actions to enforce the injunction have been unlawful.

Each Scientologist or Scientology agent who assaulted or threatened me, and the people like you who black PR me or run covert ops on me, are all beneficiaries of the injunction that prohibits me from communicating about any of you. Your Scientology-affiliated entity Religious Freedom Watch is a beneficiary of the injunction. It is impossible, of course, to tell, or recreate, my whole picture story without violating your injunction’s prohibitions. The prohibitions contain no lower limit for what constitutes a “violation;” so one word from me about Scientology or any of the beneficiaries, or the slightest assistance to a Suppressive Person, are valid, punishable injunction violations. Directing you to documents, or telling or recreating anything from my past, so that you, as you claim, are able to recreate my whole picture story, requires clearly gargantuan violations on my part.

The Armstrong injunction’s prohibitions, as you know, also apply to persons “acting in concert” with me. The prohibitions are just as unlawful for people acting in concert with me as they are for me personally. People acting in concert with me, in fact, comprise a class of citizens that you beneficiaries unlawfully threaten, and whose rights you unlawfully violate. To act in concert with me means that people do the things that I, and they, are prohibited from doing: discussing Scientology and you beneficiaries, and assisting your victims or opponents. The people who most act in concert with me are those who facilitate my violations of your injunction. Such people assist me in some way to tell or recreate my whole picture story, or assist me to assist the beneficiaries’ victims or opponents. If you honestly wanted to recreate my whole story picture, you would be acting in concert with me, for which I would be grateful. Even now, you are inciting me, or perhaps even extorting me, to violate your injunction.

You write that you want to recreate my whole story picture using certain and reliable facts and documents, and you ask me if I have made statements to the police about the Scientology beneficiaries’ assaults and threats, and do I have records of that. Yes I have, and yes I do.

More importantly, you beneficiaries already possess many, if not all, of such statements. You beneficiaries also possess all the records of your own statements about me to police, in numerous cities and countries.

David Miscavige can issue an order that all of OSA Intel’s, RTC’s, et al.’s records relating to me be supplied to you, or me or anyone, and it all could be done in a few days. The beneficiaries have known about assaults and threats against me since 1982, and have known that the number of physical assaults has stood at six since August 2004, which was the last assault recorded. I think we can both agree that there is no real urgency to getting facts and documents from me relating to twenty-nine years of assaults and threats because you now want to recreate my whole story picture.

Nevertheless, to make my work collecting and organizing my facts and documents for you as efficient and unburdensome as possible, please provide me all the facts and documents you beneficiaries possess about me. If you do this, I will be able to see if you are missing any facts or documents that would prevent you from recreating my whole picture story, which you say you want to do. I would then provide you with the facts and documents you’re missing, and a whole picture story would practically be guaranteed.

One final note, if you do become honest, and perhaps can’t stand the ignominy of being a beneficiary in Scientology’s unlawful injunction that suppresses and destroys so many people’s basic human rights, please take advantage of this Beneficiary Removal Form.

I look forward to receiving the facts and documents I’ve requested.


Gerry Armstrong