Doing something about the Aftermath

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder ended their series season finale with them together in New York about to meet attorneys to discuss Scientology. Remini indicated they’re consulting attorneys because she “can’t let the church continue to abuse people and take their money and their lives.” She mentioned her determination that the Scientologists not “get away with shit.” The “shit” obviously is the abuse, fraud, extortion and other torts and crimes the Scientologists commit. Rinder said he hoped the meeting gave them “a path forward to be able to take action… what to do now.”

The pre-attorney meeting scene or scenes and the contrived mystery and suspense reminded me of a meeting with an attorney that Rinder’s Loyalist Op arranged for me in 1984. Mark Rathbun ran the op for David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard, and Rinder was assigned to pretend to be my personal friend. He was so anxious for my friendship that the Loyalists claimed he was risking being murdered by the criminal Miscavige cabal by meeting me, and we had to meet in secret.

In 1985 at the Julie Christofferson v. Scientology trial in Portland, Oregon, the Scientologists revealed their op, in order to be able to use its poison fruits.1 They still use their poison fruits and have poisoned people around the world. So do Rathbun and Rinder; even in their Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. Following is a brief description of the operation from a declaration I wrote in November 1985 for one of the many cases where the Scientologists filed false claims and documents relating to the Loyalist Op, which they called the “Armstrong Op.”

  1. In order to compromise my effectiveness as a witness and undo the Breckenridge judgment, Scientology created the “Armstrong Operation.” It was a Scientology setup from the start. I was contacted in June of 1984 by an old friend of mine who told me that a group of individuals called the “Loyalists” were seeking to reform the organization, and end the criminal and tortious activities and the Fair Game doctrine. My friend said the “Loyalists” had existed for two years, they had people on staff in the organization and many others who supported their cause. The “Loyalists” wanted my help because I had contacts among other individuals who opposed the organization’s practices, and because I had been successful in litigating against the organization. They wanted me to act as their consultant.
  2. I had several meetings with representatives of the “Loyalists” and was even taken to meet an attorney who they said was going to file a lawsuit on their behalf to oust what they called the “criminal management” of Scientology. Unknown to me, these meetings were covertly and illegally videotaped. The entire operation was a setup. The “Loyalists” had no intention of ending the organization’s illegal activities and were not planning to file a lawsuit. They were a fictional creation to make it look like I was conspiring to overthrow Scientology.
  3. The videotapes do not reveal all of my conversations with the “Loyalists.” Scientology has chosen those parts which it feels are most beneficial to them. Even the videotapes they do use do not show what Scientology claims. They simply reveal conversations about ideas proposed by the “Loyalists” for their use in their struggle. Of course, since the “Loyalists” never really existed, nothing was ever carried out. In any event, the wild claims Scientology makes, that I conspired to plant false documents, steal privileged information, and set up some sort of sexual blackmail situation, are ridiculous. Judge Londer, in the case of Christofferson v. Scientology, et al, in Portland, Oregon recognized that the tapes do not say what the organization says they say. He stated, immediately after viewing the tapes on April 4, 1985:
    “I think they are devastating. I think they are devastating against the Church. We certainly view them in a different way, Mr. Cooley, you and I.”… “it borders more on entrapment than it does on anything else. How a sophisticated person, which Mr. Armstrong purports to be, could go for such an amateurish performance as I heard on these tapes is beyond me. The questions were being fed to him obviously; anytime he wanted to make an explanation, it was promptly cut off. There was no evidence of any attempt to commit a crime that I saw.”
    In fact, on the tapes themselves, in response to a suggestion by one of the “Loyalists”, an operative named Mike Rinder,2 that false documents be created, I reply, “I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.”
  4. Despite Scientology allegations to the contrary, I was not acting as an agent of Michael Flynn, or various government agencies when I met with the “Loyalists.” I simply was responding to the “Loyalists’” request for help from me, and I accepted their offer to help me out. They actively encouraged me to request all sorts of things, claiming they could get whatever I needed. Any requests I sent them I originated on my own. Neither Michael Flynn nor the federal government asked me to obtain any documents or information for them from the “Loyalists.” In fact, Michael Flynn cautioned me that the “Loyalists” might be an operation created by Hubbard.
  5. Under California law, an individual cannot be videotaped without his consent. Scientology, at the Christofferson trial, claimed that a private investigator hired by them, Eugene Ingram, (who had been kicked off the Los Angeles police force for various offenses) obtained an authorization to secretly tape me from a police officer. In an official statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department, however, LAPD Chief Daryl Gates stated that the  officer had no authorization, and that it would be “a cold day in hell” before the Los Angeles Police Department cooperated with Eugene Ingram. A copy of this announcement is attached hereto as Exhibit [A]. I have learned from Commander Booth of the LAPD that the officer involved, Phillip Rodriguez, was suspended for six months due to his improper “authorization.”
  6. If this court has any doubts about this entire illegal affair, I urge it to view the tapes themselves. They will plainly show that the Scientology charges are ridiculous and grossly inflated. It will also prove to the court that Scientology engages in precisely the types of covert criminal and tortious operations in violation of individuals’ rights which its critics have alleged it has committed for years.

The attorney that Rinder’s Loyalists said was going to file a lawsuit on their behalf to oust what they called the “criminal management” of Scientology was a Thomas Janeway in Encino, California. I’ve mentioned him a number of times over the past many years in different declarations or other writings.

In March 2015, I contacted Janeway for the first time since he participated in the Scientologists’ op against me. We spoke by phone, and I then emailed him:

Dear Mr. Janeway:

Thank you for talking with me today. I had this information for you from 1984:

15910 Ventura Blvd

Please see this section of a declaration I executed April 9, 1986 regarding discovery I was seeking from the Scientologists:

At page 4070, the Court ordered the production of all documents omitted from my B-1 files, including all documents up to date; i.e., April 4, 1985, and attorneys for defendant organization (the same organization as plaintiff and cross-defendant in the instant case) agreed to produce all such documents.

These documents, however, were never produced. They include up to April 1985 at least the following:


The records, reports, orders, correspondence, documents and audio and video recordings of a meeting, arranged by organization agents posing as “reformers,” between an attorney Thomas Janeway and me in November 1984 in Encino, California. Janeway pretended to be working for these “reformers” and attempted to entrap and compromise me.

In a complaint report I made to the DOJ in 2004, I wrote:

Kluge also took me to a meeting with a woman he identified as “Rene,” a “rich Scientologist who had been abused by the organization and who might back the “Loyalists” financially,” and a meeting with an “attorney” “named” “Thomas Janeway.”

The people I knew of who were involved with bringing me to meet with you and debrief to you were David Kluge, aka “Joey,” Dan Sherman and Mike Rinder. Also involved, and running this covert operation, were Brad Balentine, Mark Rathbun and David Miscavige. Another key person was a PI Eugene M. Ingram. At the time of the meeting with you in 1984, I did not know Kluge’s real name.

The relevance of this 1984 meeting with you at this point is its place in an ongoing campaign against me by the Scientologists to maintain their 1993 IRS tax exemption, which they obtained by unlawful means, notably by lying about me. Documents relating to this campaign are here:  If you are interested, this is a good place to start:

If you can shed any light on this meeting with you, I would appreciate it very much.



Gerry Armstrong
[address and telephone]

Janeway emailed me back:

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

In response to your phone call yesterday, and the email you sent, I can confirm that my office address in 1984 was 15910 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, CA and the office phone number was 818-995-1900.  I don’t recall meeting you 31 years ago, alone or with others, though it’s possible I did so.

The following information is based entirely upon my present recollection, and reference to my list of clients in the 1980s. With two exceptions, I don’t recognize or recall any of the names mentioned in your email message.  I have seen David Miscavige’s name mentioned in various news articles, but have never met or spoken to him.  I can confirm that Eugene M. Ingram was briefly a client in 1984 but, of course, there is a duty of confidentiality in connection with that representation which is protected by the attorney-client and work product privileges.  Since Mr. Ingram’s client file is now in dead storage, and not readily accessible, I haven’t reviewed the contents before replying to your email.  I don’t know anything about a discovery order or a subpoena duces tecum, referred to in your email, concerning Mr. Ingram’s office file or anything having to do with the Church of Scientology.  I think I would recall the circumstance if either of those eventualities occurred, even after 31 years.

Parenthetically, it seems to me that even if we had a meeting for some purpose in 1984 the gist and significance would be so remote in time and relevance to anything happening in connection with Scientology’s religious tax exemption the IRS would probably regard it as trivial and unimportant.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Thomas Janeway

Ingram is a well-known lying thug the Rathbun and Rinder Scientologists paid millions to fair game their targets, the good people who told the truth about their criminal conspiracy against persons and rights. Ingram threatened to put a bullet between my eyes. In addition to conspiring with him to frame me, frame my attorney, illegally wiretap my attorney and me, and illegally videotape me, Rathbun, Rinder, et al. paid him to spread the false rumor that I have AIDS. Here is more related information from my 2004 complaint to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division:

  1. After I returned to the U.S., Sherman and Kluge reestablished contact with me, and we met a number of times over the next five months. In late July 1984, Scientology commenced a media and legal attack on Michael Flynn falsely accusing him of masterminding a plot to cash a forged check for $2,000,000.00 on one of Hubbard’s bank accounts. Sherman and Kluge communicated that the “Loyalists” knew that it was a frame-up and that organization leaders were behind it, and the “Loyalists” were working to prove it was a frame-up. I was certain Flynn was innocent, and of course he was my attorney and friend, so I was grateful for the “Loyalists’” help in clearing his name, and I was willing to help them as I could.
  2. Over the next few months, the “Loyalists” sent me a number of messages via Sherman relating to the Flynn frame-up, including what they claimed was documentary evidence to be passed on to Flynn and the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston who was investigating the case. Because of their claimed fear of being discovered by organization leaders and murdered, I met with “Loyalists” Kluge and Mike Rinder in “secret” prearranged locations in Griffith Park and a Los Angeles area cemetery. Kluge also took me to a meeting with a woman he identified as “Rene,” a “rich Scientologist who had been abused by the organization and who might back the “Loyalists” financially,” and a meeting with an “attorney” “named” “Thomas Janeway.” Kluge also attempted to get me to fly to Las Vegas to meet another “financial backer,” but on my attorney’s advice because of the risk I didn’t make the trip. Knowing what I now know, there is no doubt that each of these meetings was recorded, and was set up to entrap me.
  3. During this period, agents of the FBI who were involved in an investigation of the organization contacted me, and I met with them and discussed my Scientology experiences and knowledge. Justice Department attorneys who were litigating Scientology-related cases contacted me, and I communicated with them and provided them with declarations concerning my experiences and knowledge. Officers in the Ontario Provincial Police and the Clearwater, Florida Police Department who were investigating Scientology also contacted me, and I provided them with testimony about Hubbard, the organization and my experiences.
  4. A short time after my LA trial, agents in the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS in Los Angeles contacted me, and I met with them and provided them with whatever information I had concerning Hubbard and Scientology. The IRS obtained access to certain documents and audio recordings of MCCS legal strategy meetings that the Court Clerk had retained in my case, and which became the subject of the series of cases entitled U.S. v. Zolin. 3; 4

The purpose Rinder and his coconspirators gave for the meeting they arranged with Janeway was virtually identical to the purpose Remini and Rinder gave for their upcoming meeting with their attorney: to discuss a legal action that could lead to reforming the organization, and ending the criminal and tortious activities and Fair Game.

It is beyond argument that Rinder has been serving the Scientologists’ antisocial purposes while claiming to be reformed, and no longer possessing the Scientology mindset. This is what he was claiming when conning me in 1984. In truth he was serving the same antisocial purposes that forward the interests of the same antisocial people.

Because he serves the Scientologists’ purposes, it is entirely possible that an illusion of success, an illusion of reform can be achieved. Rinder has done nothing that invalidates the obvious possibility of a soft landing program. What the Scientologists do regarding their relationship with me is the real evidence of reform.

Rinder has done nothing that demonstrates that he has reformed, or even desires to reform or be reformed. His actions and inactions have been successful, both inside and seemingly outside the Miscavige sect, in keeping organizational, behavioral or spiritual reform from happening. It has not happened. The Suppressive Person doctrine is in force; indeed Rinder subscribes to and defends this doctrine. The IRS tax exemption is untouched. Unlawfully silencing people continues. Preventing people from leaving continues. Religious persecution continues. The same black propaganda continues.

My relationship with Rinder is the best opportunity to correct injustices, correct black propaganda, and bring about real reform, IF those things were really what he wanted. It is clear that so far, despite his PR, those things have never been what he wanted to do.

Remini said that for some reason she believes that she is the person to help to make it right. What needs to be made right are the same things that needed to be made right that the Scientologists taking me to talk to attorney Janeway in 1984 were saying needed to be made right: abusing people, taking their money and their lives, criminal and tortious activities and fair game.

It is often in the field and activity of litigation where the Scientologists’ fair game – that is their criminal conspiracy against persons and rights – is most effective. The Rinder, Rathbun, et al. conspiracy faked plaintiffs in 1984, and it is very possible they are manipulating Remini in 2017 to use fake parties.

Because Rinder and Rathbun, beyond argument, serve the purposes of the Scientologists she says she is opposing, she has already accepted fake allies, fake reformers and fake reformed consultants and witnesses. No matter how evil, painful, harmful, antisocial or cowardly it is, disconnection is a fake issue, a fake cause. Rinder and Rathbun know this.

The Scientologists love to be on both sides of any conflict, and most vitally on both sides of litigation. There are reasons to believe that the Scientologists have engineered friendly lawsuits, friendly appeals, and other unethical friendlinesses to unethically obtain  decisions and results that benefit Scientology and its conspirators against persons and rights.

Hubbard provided the scriptural justification:

There is a principle in Scientology called pan-determinism. This could be loosely defined as determining the activities of two or more sides in a game simultaneously. (PAB 84, May 15, 1956, “The Reason Why.”)

To the Scientologists, litigation is a game. It is true that US District Court Judge James Ideman castigated the Scientologists for “viewing litigation as war.” But the Scientologists view war as a game. For the Scientology conspirators like Rathbun and Rinder, persecuting, punishing and destroying good people has been a game.

The optimum condition for an organism seeking control is to become the opposition. The Scientology conspirators seek to control the opposition, control the narrative and control the future. That is the goal of the US Intelligence Community, and probably every intelligence community. They also have the same job Rinder has acknowledged he had for treatment or handling of opponents the Scientologists hadn’t been able to control: silence or destroy them.

Remini communicates that she does not get the connections and commonality of purpose and function between the Scientologists and their visible PI and attorney collaborators and key departments and agencies in the US Federal Government. On 20/20, she deplored the Scientologists’ IRS tax exemption, and said she’s “hoping there’ll be somebody with some balls who will do something about it.” Rinder and Rathbun, however, have demonstrated their continuing desire to keep the tax exemption in place. If this is not the case they would have told the truth about the unlawful way they obtained it; which, significantly, was by framing my attorney, framing me, filing false statements with the IRS, and conducting a massive, ongoing black propaganda campaign.5

Unless Remini is a knowing participant in a scam, she certainly has been manipulated to attack wrong targets and accept Rinder’s misinformation and lies — that he has reformed, that he is telling the truth, that he wants to correct injustices, that nothing can be done about it. Except, now, meet with attorneys.

She has admitted that she was duped by the Scientologists who were duping her. She has expressed a determination to get to the truth and not be duped again. I have no reason to believe that she is anything but sincere in her expressed intentions. I know that Rinder is not sincere in his. It is needful that she be given the facts and truth about Rinder, Rathbun, et al. so she can investigate what she is being told and not told, and she can make informed decisions in her relationships with them and with others.