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Ref.: The Suppressive Person Doctrine on Trial: Opening Statement by Gerry Armstrong

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From: Gerry Armstrong
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2013 7:28 AM
To: Mark Rathbun
Subject: RE: SP Doctrine on Trial — Opening Statement

Dear Marty:

I am grateful to you for listening to the whole video and reading the whole transcript and all the referenced sources. Otherwise I know from your order to me a while back that you wouldn’t be running your mouth or fingers. The sequence you instructed me to follow was: 1. read the whole communication; 2. engage your mind; 3. run your mouth or fingers. It is reasonable to assume that you’ve read everything. I get that.

But I don’t get if you consider your email of 19 words to be the totality of your response to my opening statement, or if this is 19 words of thoughtless thought or schizoid semantics or something and you really will shortly and substantively address my challenge to your hateful statements about the SP class in your Memoirs. Please let me know.

If these 19 words comprise your response, I certainly can rebut them. You’d have to admit they are lame, whether they comprise your response or not. If your email does not constitute your response, then I will not spend any time rebutting it. Instead I will anticipate an unlame response from you, which would merit an unlame rebuttal.

Our debate is obviously a matter of public interest, and some people have even listened to my opening statement. I’ll publish our latest emails so everyone can see where we’re at.

I would urge you to be the most ethical member and the best representative of your group you can. If you’re now a wog, you say — a born-again wog — you have a lot to learn; and trying to trick old wogs into thinking you’re their teacher … well it’s better not to.

If you are only a Scientology supporter now, you still forward the Suppressive Person doctrine. As you know from reading and listening to my opening statement, that means you are one of our Nazis. This is what makes Scientology a deadly serious activity to us.

Please let me know what you intend regarding your email and regarding a response to my opening statement.


From: Mark Rathbun
Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2013 10:46 AM
To: Gerry Armstrong
Subject: Re: SP Doctrine on Trial — Opening Statement


Gerry, you don’t need to have enemies.  It is a Scientology concept that perhaps you haven’t let go of.


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From: Gerry Armstrong
To: Mark Rathbun
Sent: Thu, Jul 4, 2013 9:08 am
Subject: SP Doctrine on Trial — Opening Statement

Dear Marty:

I imagine you have listened to my opening statement. But if not, here it is:

There is also a transcript with footnotes and links to documents quoted.

I look forward to your response.

All the best,