For Jesse Prince: Who gets helped?

The help I have requested from you is what would help many people – the Scientologists’ present and future victims, present and future Scientologists, and wogs in every area of life. You know this because I have communicated it to you; and, to someone with your personal knowledge of Scientology and the Scientologists’ war on me, it is obvious. The same is true of the help I have requested from Rathbun, Rinder, and anyone else who participated in the Armstrong Op, or in the wider war. Here is your op page with documents that Caroline and I have assembled so far: Jesse Prince.

I requested help from Rathbun, Rinder and you specifically, because you three have all claimed to have left the Scientology cult and to be helping the classes of citizen I identified above – Scientologists’ victims, Scientologists, and the rest of the wog world. Furthermore, you three have been claiming or implying that you are helping all these people by telling the truth about your experiences in and knowledge of Scientology, the Sea Org, victimizations, etc. This is precisely the kind of help I have been requesting from Rathbun, Rinder and you.

I certainly request that any and every Scientologist or Exscientologist who ever participated in the war, even David Miscavige, man up and tell the truth about their participation. Each such statement would help end the war, and in the way it should be ended, by the truth. Rathbun, Rinder and you, however, claim to have left the war, claim to be telling the truth about it, and possess experiences and knowledge that could help a lot to end the war.

The Scientology v. Armstrong war is directly relevant to the IRS’s unlawful grant of tax exemption, which, obviously, adversely affects many people. I have assembled a basis and have a unique standing to challenge the Scientologists’ exemption. The victims, whose victimization could be ended if that exemption was terminated, include every US citizen. The Scientologists use their unlawfully obtained IRS tax exemption to victimize people and governments around the world, so the people who could be helped by ending the war would include the whole planetary population.

The basic crime in the Scientologists’ war on me is the conspiracy against rights, most iniquitously the right of freedom of religion. There are human rights issues that apply to multiple citizen classes in all countries. The beneficiaries in this criminal enterprise are generally identified in the Scientologists’ 1995 California Superior Court injunction against me and include every Scientology corporation, organization or related entity and all of their officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents and attorneys. Prospective attorneys could note the discovery potential this brings to future litigation to remedy this conspiracy.

The same injunction creates a whole class of persons who are victimized in the same criminal conspiracy — persons “acting in concert” with me. Acting in concert with me is essentially doing anything to assist me in the Scientologists’ war on me. It could be telling the truth about my experiences or knowledge, or facilitating the truth being told about them, or giving me a dollar to keep working in the war. My speaking out despite the Scientologists’ injunction and efforts to enforce it has already caused them to stop trying to enforce such conditions against many people. My own case cannot really be lost, for the very reason that I have spoken out no matter what. There still are many other people, however, who are shuddered into silence by threat of judicial enforcement of such unlawful contractual conditions, or other fair game; and the Scientologists still use their unlawful contracts and injunctions to black PR and further victimize their victims.

It is inconceivable that the Scientologists would do all they have done for 33 years to crush me if no one but I would be affected by my crushing. It is inconceivable that the Scientologists would pay millions to lawyers, pay more millions to PIs, do evaluations, concoct and operate programs involving dozens of staff and agents, commit human rights abuses and other crimes, and make themselves look like psychopaths and their cult a school for them, just to destroy me, if there were not more people affected. It is inconceivable that Hubbard would communicate bankers boxes of hate filled orders to destroy me, or even one hate filled order, if there are not broader, deeper issues involved than just destroying me.

Everyone inside Scientology in the know knew that the Scientology v. Armstrong war was transpersonal, and was relevant in serious legal and social issues. The set of people that Rathbun, Rinder, you, etc. would harm by destroying me, while you were being paid by your fellow Scientologists for that purpose, is the same set of people you all still harm by refusing to help me now that you have left the cult.

The Scientology v. Armstrong war bridges the two regimes of Hubbard-Miscavige, GO-RTC/OSA, the US Federal Government as opponent and now ally. It is the best record I know of to prevent the Scientologists and their collaborators from rewriting these decades of history and victimizing more generations of citizens.

Helping in the quite specific and simple way that I requested, with your experiences and knowledge, would, of course, in addition to helping many other people, help me individually or personally. There is no doubt of that. Conversely, not helping me, by honoring my uncomplicated requests, would also not help anyone else beyond me — except for David Miscavige, his Scientoligarchs and the collaborating wogs propping up his regime.