J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for apologies

J. Swift comment: http://tonyortega.org/2014/02/12/this-is-scientology-today-california-10-year-old-celebrated-for-donating-100000/#comment-1241916709

[J. Swift:] scnethics, Gerry has long demanded an apology from Mike and Marty even while he has publicly attacked them as liars.

You’re lying. Show where I demanded apologies from Rathbun or Rinder. You Scientologists and collaborators have kept making this ridiculous charge as if there was something wrong with demanding an apology. And I have never demanded or even asked for an apology.

I seek justice. They won’t give justice because they still seek injustice. In their dealings with me, they still execute Miscavige’s command intention.

[J. Swift:] How does this work?

How do you attack people as liars while demanding they apologize to you and help you with your legal case?

You’re lying. I have never demanded they apologize or even asked them to.

People’s lies should be indicated to them and others for clear reasons. The originator should be corrected. The lying record should be corrected. Others should be warned about the lying. I realize that doesn’t work with real lying. It hasn’t worked with you. But it is good to indicate lies when so many people are involved and the issue is justice where truth is essential.

Virtually every wog who knew Rinder as spokesperson for the cult called him a liar. It has to be assumed then that he will not now help them, even if they were the victims of his lies, because they said he was lying.

In addition to knowing about Rathbun’s and Rinder’s lying, I am also their long term victim, not just of lying but fair game and lawfare. I can’t help that.

Rathbun defamed me in his recent Memoirs, and he did it in a way that clearly helps Miscavige, et al. The idea that I should ignore his present defamatory statements in the hope that he will therefore at some point decompress enough or move on up enough to come forward and tell the truth is ridiculous, and also serves Miscavige’s purposes.

[J. Swift:] I personally don’t get Gerry’s stance on this issue.

Sure you do. You just lie about it.