J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for dollars


[J. Swift:] And I’ll just leave this here as well. It is Gerry signing on camera with Scientology attorneys to take an $800,000 payday.

Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and the rest of the Indies have never taken one penny from the Cult.

What a crock. I took money as compensation for the fair game they perpetrated against me. They took money to perpetrate it.

[J. Swift:] Nor have they signed gag agreements as Gerry did in exchange for $800,000.

Yes they did. We all signed them. I have simply proven that these contracts are unlawful. Rathbun, Rinder, Karen, etc., if they are at all real, are significant beneficiaries of what has been done to demonstrate this unlawfulness, and the extreme unwisdom of the Scientologists trying to enforce these contracts against anyone with the courage to oppose them. If they are not real, and still serve the Scientologists’ purposes toward their fair game victims, then they would attack me as they have done.

The “exchange” bit is the sick spin the Scientologists and their collaborators put on their “settlement.”

The basic black PR is that I “sold out,” “sold my soul,” when I settled with the Scientologists in 1986. The image the Scientologists, et al., like Swift, are trying to generate is that for my soul or my betrayal of others I received a bunch of money. To sell out, in the Scientologists’ context, is to betray one’s cause or colleagues.

It is insane, and obviously driven by an antisocial mind, because it really is intended to be hurtful, but this idea is actually helpful legally, and for elucidating the relationship between different Scientologist factions.

It is Scientologists who are saying that I sold out, or I took their money to betray my cause or colleagues. This is not what they told me they were having me do, or paying me for, or anything like that, when they offered to settle with me. They talked more about peace, and certainly didn’t say they were going to continue to fair game me as a sellout.

They told me that they were paying me to dismiss my claims against them without going to trial. In fact, I did agree to dismiss my lawsuit against them, which was then set for trial.

And the whole time, the Scientologists who are now falsely accusing me of selling out believed they were getting me to sell out. So I could have kept my lawsuit going, if I really had agreed that they were purchasing my selling out, just by taking their money.

Well Scientologists universally are fraudsters, and fraud was at the bottom of their “settlement.” This is just more evidence of the fraud.

I’ve responded to the Scientologists attacking me as selling out before. http://gerryarmstrong.ca/archives/213

They just keep up their deranged attack, as seen here today on this blog.

[J. Swift:]Why do Armstrong supporters always stage these dodgy hit and run attacks that omit the actual historical facts?

You are lying. Why do you lie here? LF

Because it serves the Scientologists’ malevolent purposes. LFBD F/N

 [J. Swift:] And why does Gerry refuse to post here on Tony’s blog

Another lie.

[J. Swift:] and make himself available for debate?

Another lie.

[J. Swift:] Why does he use proxies and socks?

Another lie. Prove it.

Why do Scientologists and their collaborators lie about their victims? LF

Because they’re on purpose. LFBD F/N