Letter to Attorney Wilson


Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire
Wilson Campilongo LLP
475 Gate 5 Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

By E-mail: ahw@WilsonCampilongo.com

Re: $cientology v. Armstrong, Marin SC No. 152229/157680

Dear Mr. Wilson:

You state:

“I intend to appear before Judge Smith at 9:30 on December 27, and inform him that I have spoken with you, and that we are agreeable to your filing whatever response you wish in this matter, that we had suggested one week and that you wanted two weeks.”

You are for some not odd reason lying. You did not suggest one week. You refused throughout our conversation to agree to provide me ANY time to respond. Surely you know how rotten it is for an officer of the court to so willfully lie to a layman such as I.

So go ahead and tell Judge Smith your lie. Tell him all sorts of lies. That’s what $cientology pays you to do, after all. What you’ve written about me in sworn declarations over the years is full of the cruelest of lies. How can any person in pro per go up against a lawyer, an officer of the court who shares cocktails with the judges, who is willing to willfully lie like you do?

I suppose you’ll tell Judge Smith too that actually it was you who called me three times because the pious religious folk you work for just wanted to do the right, honorable, just and courteous thing and make sure I had the opportunity to respond to the religious filings they’ll give him. A bite of their apple as it were.

Well, be very clear Andy Wilson. No matter what happens, I know you are trying to have Judge Smith punish me for violating an unlawful order. I know that you know that it’s unlawful. I seriously suspect that you obtained the order from Judge Thomas by unlawful means. You have accepted a great deal of money from $cientology to obtain this unlawful order, enforce this unlawful order, and punish me unlawfully with imprisonment and fines for violating this unlawful order, which as I say, I believe, you obtained unlawfully. I hold you personally responsible, along with the $cientology enterprise you have represented in this unlawful venture.

I suggest you correct the lie you told in your e-mail of today, and which you intend to tell Judge Smith.I further suggest that your need to lie, as you intend to do to Judge Smith, and which you have done in your application for an OSC re contempt already filed, is evidence of your guilty knowledge. Finally I suggest that you contact me over this weekend with some kind of peace offering.

Well Merry Christmas to liars and others alike.

Gerry Armstrong
64109 Princess Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada
V2P 2A6