Letter to Attorney Wilson

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Whatever are you talking about? When you say I am apparently asking [you and your client $cientology] to give me some relief from the Court’s previous orders? What are you referring to? My letter of December 28, 2000? Have you been gone? Are you responding to this?


December 28, 2000

Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire
Wilson Campilongo LLP
475 Gate 5 Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

By E-mail: ahw@WilsonCampilongo.com

Re: $cientology v. Armstrong, Marin SC No. 152229/157680

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Clearly you know that I have maintained from the day that Judge Thomas stamped your injunction that it is unlawful. Nothing which has transpired since, and nothing you, nor any other $cientology agent or $cientologist, have said or written has provided any support for the nutty proposition that the Thomas injunction is lawful. And on the other hand, everything which has transpired since Judge Thomas stamped your injunction, everything you have done or said, and everything every other $cientology agent or $cientologist has done or said, supports my conviction that the injunction is unlawful.

As you are very aware, I cannot be held in contempt for violating an unlawful order. Yet you have proceeded, and are proceeding, to have me punished for violating the unlawful Thomas injunction, which you know extremely well is unlawful. I imagine when all of this is publicly and universally detailed, what you have done, and what the crime cultists you work for have done, in obtaining and enforcing this unlawful order, will be seen as perhaps the most egregious abuse of process and malicious prosecution in modern U$ jurisprudence.

In the meantime, there is the monumental matter of the two outstanding warrants you obtained to have me arrested pursuant to the two earlier contempt orders Judge Thomas stamped for you, all based on your unlawful injunction. I obviously can’t come back to California to defend myself at the hearing on January 17, when your crime cult employers would just have me picked up and jailed. You’re very aware, I’m sure, that the crime bosses running $cientology would love to have me bumped off in jail before I could ever attend any hearing on their unlawful injunction.

Thus I write to ask you to stipulate to the withdrawal, cancellation or abrogation of your warrants for my arrest, which are based on the unlawful Thomas injunction. I need to be able to travel freely and safely in California in order to take the necessary steps to retain counsel before the hearing, and just to be able to attend the hearing.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Very truly yours

Gerry Armstrong
46109 Princess Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2A6

[End Quote]

You say: “As in the past, you ask for the Court’s assistance only when it benefits you, but feel free to ignore the Court when it does not.”

Whatever are you talking about? The Court’s assistance always benefits me. Really, what do you mean?

As you know, the subject order is unlawful. So certainly I want the Court’s assistance to have the order judicially ruled unlawful. If the Court, as with Judge Thomas, refused to rule the unlawful order unlawful, clearly I would ignore that Court. You have never explained to me, nor has any other $cientologist or wog (R), what basis you have for insisting I obey this unlawful order. And that too only makes me more convinced that you have always known the injunction you by some unseen means got Judge Thomas to sign is unlawful.

You say: “You felt that you could ignore the permanent injunction simply because you disagreed with it, and in fact, you chose to leave the State rather than obey that order.”

And I say, as you know, I know you’re a liar. You are paid by $cientology to lie. In fact, I ignore your injunction in good part because you lied to get it, you lied to get your contempt orders, and you’re lying now to have me unlawfully found in contempt again. You and your cult client have unclean hands and you know it. I ignore your injunction because it’s an unlawful order, completely impermissible and impossible, and you know that too. You should be calling me to make peace instead of sending me more lies.

You say: “The Court found you in contempt. You ignored that order as well.”

You forget the part about sending that threat letter to me after I was served by Grady Ward, don’t you? But none of this matters, really does it? Because no matter what you say, nor what Judge Thomas says, nor what any judge you can con says, your injunction is unlawful, based on conditions of $cientology’s insane ” settlement agreement” which are unlawful. You know they’re unlawful, and I know you know they’re unlawful.

You say: “The Court issued a bench warrant. You chose to flee and to continue your willful violations of the injunctions.”

And I say that you are such a liar. I am quite certain you participated in the withholding of the 1023 black PR on me. What other reason do you have to always get these dates wrong, always tell this same lie?

You say: “The Court again found you in contempt. Those willful violations persisted.”

Yeah well, duh! Your unlawful injunction doesn’t suddenly become lawful because a judge wrongly punishes someone for violating it.

You say: “The contempt citations against you were issued by the Court as a result of your willful violations of its orders. Only the Court can withdraw them and we will certainly not presume to act for the Court.”

Yeah, sure. I’ll just bet. If you went into court and told the Judge that you know the injunction is unlawful and you and your client don’t want to continue to persecute Armstrong with this unlawful injunction and the unlawful contempt orders and the unlawful warrants, I’ll just bet the Judge would say, “Sorry, nope, only the Court can withdraw all these nasty unlawful things and the Court don’t want to. I’ll just bet.

And, don’t forget all the unlawful black PR you and your crime cult bosses have spread about your unlawful injunction and your unlawful “contract” through the years. There ain’t no Court preventing you from taking care of all that entheta.

So, what do you say? Wanna see if the Judge really would turn you down if you asked that the warrants be disposed of quietly and without sorrow?

Yours formally,

Gerry Armstrong
46109 Princess Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2A6
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