Letter to Attorney Wilson from Armstrong

February 4, 2002

Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire
Wilson Campilongo LLP
475 Gate 5 Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

By E-mail: ahw@WilsonCampilongo.com

Re: $cientology v. Armstrong
Marin Superior Court No. 152229/157680

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Over the past many months I have tried on many occasions to get you to serve on me whatever orders you had the Court, either Judge Smith or anyone else, sign/enter following the January 17, 2001 hearing in my case.

It is clear that you and your office are deliberately withholding such orders, and willfully refusing to send them to me for the improper purpose of preventing my appealing from them.

As you know, I have left a number of voice mail messages for you, and you have failed to respond to any of them. As you also know, I’m certain, I did speak a number of times to your employee Larry Tripaldi (sp?) on this subject. On each occasion I specifically requested that he send the order/s, and on each occasion he stated that he would right away. On one occasion he said that he had already overnighted the documents to me; but when I called him soon after, since the documents did not arrive, he acknowledged that they had not been sent, and that he would send them immediately. A period of time later, because again the documents did not arrive, I called your office and again spoke to Mr. Tripaldi, who this time said he had connections to New York and had been affected by the September 11 disaster and thus forgot to send the documents, but would immediately.

When I spoke to Mr. Tripaldi I asked him if he had been instructed not to send me the documents, or if I was being treated so discourteously because I’m the $cientology cult’s fair game target, and he assured me that he had received no such instructions. His subsequent continuing and complete failure to send the documents, and of course your own failure for months to have the documents served on me or even to return my telephone calls, convince me that Mr. Tripaldi was lying and was in fact being directed to withhold service.

You and your office had no trouble at all sending me the documents you used to obtain whatever orders you obtained in Marin Superior Court, but after obtaining them you find it impossible to properly serve them on me. I construe this as further proof that you know that what you’ve done in obtaining for the $cientology cult all the orders you’ve obtained against me is not legal, and that what you’ve been a knowing part of to destroy my basic human and civil rights is a criminal conspiracy.

You are so afraid of my being heard by the Court of Appeal, or any other court, that you’d deny me the appealable orders themselves, and even not acknowledge my calls, in compliance with your clients’ feebly postulated hope that maybe I’d forget or go away. I am not unaware of the extreme physical danger I am in from your clients and their lawyers like yourself, but that will not cause me to forget or go away. My life will demonstrate the hypocrisy, cruelty and criminality of your $cientology clients and their lawyers, and your futility, indeed lunacy, in trying to limit, silence, suppress and destroy that life.

You will all discover that Hubbard was stupidly wrong, and you were stupidly wrong to buy into his stupid wrongness. The law cannot be used very easily at all to harass. And not only can’t the law be used very easily to harass, no matter how easy, or how hard it is, using the law to harass is still completely illegal. All $cientology’s OTs and all the lawyer sleazes Scientologists’ fees buy cannot very easily use the law to harass, and decent folk don’t like it one bit that you all keep trying so desperately and dangerously. You are very foolish to be on the side of this sick $cientological suppression.

Please immediately send me all orders or other documents comprising the record in the above- referenced case since the January 17, 2001 hearing in the case.

Very truly yours,

Gerry Armstrong
46109 Princess Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2A6