Letter to Attorneys

January 12, 2012

I am writing to interest a suitable law firm in bringing a defamation claim, and possibly other claims, against Joseph K. Griebsoki and the Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP), which gives its address as 1620 I Street, NW, Suite LL10, Washington, DC 20006. The IRPP’s web site: http://religionandpolicy.org

Grieboski made the subject defamatory statement as “Founder and President” of the IRPP in a letter he caused to be published on the blog of North East PA Media on February 29, 2008. http://nepamedia.blogspot.com/2008/02/scientologists-are-coming-maybe.html

I was living at that date, and continue to live, in British Columbia, Canada.

I discovered this letter and saw the defamatory statement for the first time on December 21, 2011. I wrote Grieboski on December 22, demanding that he and the IRPP correct the defamatory statement and repair the damage done to me. He has not responded.

The defamatory statement:

Because we protect the rights of all people, we are continually under scrutiny by those who do not. I make this point because of the source you referenced who is striving to give credence to the belief that we are a front for Scientologists. We have repeatedly dealt with bad press from this person and I leave it to you good readers to determine whether or not his views are based on fact.

Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk in a Scientology organization. Armstrong intended to seize assets of the Church of Scientology. When attorneys of the Church discovered the plan, they obtained permission from the Los Angeles police to conduct an investigation into Armstrong’s plans. The investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that he intended to forge and then plant incriminating documents on Church premises, to be discovered in a subsequent raid. When challenged on how he would obtain proof of the allegations he intended to make, he responded that: “We don’t have to prove a god dam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”

If that is not enough, Armstrong once posted a message on the Internet concerning a letter he sent to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. In the letter, he offered himself to Hussein as a hostage in the Iraqi war. “If either side failed to perform any part of the agreement, the other side could execute me,” he concluded. Armstrong makes clear in his posting that he did not think the letter to Hussein was a joke, but was deadly serious. He quite proudly republishes it and other similar writings from time to time. There is much more I could say on the subject, but will leave it to the readers to research for themselves if they wish to discover the more sordid background of this “gentleman,” who currently has several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Separately, I have written an analysis of Grieboski’s statement to assist in understanding the facts underlying his statement about me and my claims against him, the IRPP and his company Just Consulting in Alexandria, VA.

I have also posted what has been leaked as, and I believe to be, a Scientology organization program showing that the Scientologists were paying and running him. I learned of the “Grieboski Program” on December 21 from an article by Village Voice Editor-in-Chief Tony Ortega.
The article mentions a letter I had written Grieboski in 2009. After reading the article I discovered the subject defamatory statement from 2008.

I have no money, so only attorneys or firms that would welcome a monumental but manageable case that reaches around the world and up to the world’s most powerful persons and bodies on a contingent fee basis need consider me or read my analysis. I do have adequate records, I worked as a paralegal in complex litigation in the US for several years, I have testified many days and written many declarations concerning my experiences and knowledge, and I do have an excellent and interesting claim and facts, so I am not completely assetless to make this case successful.

Any attorneys considering this case will find that the Scientologists are involved, and would involve themselves, even if my own attorneys did not, in any case brought against Grieboski, et al. It is very possible that he already has an indemnification or legal defense agreement with the Scientologists. The IRPP’s 2006 IRS 990 return lists one of the Scientologists’ key attorneys Monique Yingling on the IRPP’s board of directors. 1

Attorneys considering taking this case must recognize that they will become targets of the Scientologists’ litigation, black propaganda and intelligence machinery. That is also why, actually, smart and courageous attorneys should take this case. Despite all their aggression, black PR and covert activities, the Scientologists and their collaborators are definitely vulnerable and vincible.

I have a very long and complex legal and extralegal history as a Scientologist, ex-Scientologist, and target of the Scientologists, and anyone looking into my life will find that I am the victim of ongoing injustices and crimes. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50k/legal/index.php
With his defamatory statement, Grieboski raises the issues of my present legal relationship with the Scientologists and their torts and crimes against me. These are also factors in the global environment in which he says he has repeatedly dealt with me, or the bad press supposedly from me. I believe, however, that these matters do not have to be resolved or even addressed before a claim is brought against Grieboski and his organizations.

According to the IRPP, Grieboski is a Core Member of the US State Department’s Working Group on Religion and Foreign Policy and Co-Chair of the Task Force on International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. http://religionandpolicy.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7170&Itemid=559
He also claims to have testified several times before US House and Senate Committees and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and to have had private meetings in the Oval Office with the US President. This helps to explain why the State Department has ignored requests from me for assistance pursuant to the International Religious Freedom Act, U.S.C. §§ 6401-6481, against the Scientologists’ clear religious persecution, and why the US Department of Justice has refused to prosecute flagrant, known civil rights crimes the Scientologists have committed against me. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50k/legal/a8/3376.php

Where in the world this case would take its attorneys I can only imagine. The voyage of discovery could lead anywhere.

I look forward to hearing from such attorneys, or law firms, or anyone with a sincere interest.


Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P6




  1. Retrieved ca. 2011 from PDF format.