Marty did answer.

A few good wogs have been urging Marty to do the four simple things I’ve asked of him, or at least saying that it would be good if he did them:

1. Communicate to me;

2. Debrief to me and my legal representatives;

3. Execute declarations that contain facts elicited in the debrief;

4. Make himself available to testify in any legal proceedings to correct the injustices or situations he helped make.

Other wogs have been saying that he should answer me, and there’s even a thread on ESMB “Marty Rathbun needs to answer Gerry Armstrong’s questions.”

I appreciate the support for calling Marty to do the decent, responsible, right and beautiful thing in the Scientology v. Armstrong war. I’m writing this to correct the idea that Marty has never answered me, as “answer” is understood by wogs.

Scientologists are taught that an answer to be an answer must be a logical answer, and an illogical answer is no answer at all. This is crucial in the Scientology system because Scientologists are also taught to judge people’s stupidity and insanity by “the length of time it takes to get a logical answer,” which Scientology and Scientologists call “communication lag,” or “comm lag.” Back in February, I wrote to Tommy Davis about comm lags and Scientologists’ failure over many years to logically answer my many logical questions or concerns.

The Scientologists I’ve sent my logical communications to over the past thirty years naturally included Marty when he was in the Sea Org, and clearly he saw most of those communications personally. Clearly too, he was included in the great mass of Scientologists that never in all those years offered a logical answer to my logical communications.

Since Marty has been communicating publicly after he says he left the Sea Org, I’ve sent him several logical communications directly, and I still haven’t gotten from him a logical answer. By Scientology scriptural tech and standards, his decades-long comm lag identifies him as almost immeasurably stupid and insane. Hubbard wrote in cult scripture that the longest comm lag he had ever encountered was ten years. And Marty’s comm lag is three times that long.

As I said, however, I don’t use Scientology’s definition and standards for what constitutes an answer to my communications. An answer can be illogical, dishonest, evasive, or anything else; and it’s still answer; just an illogical answer, a dishonest answer, etc. Although Marty’s answer to me was illogical, dishonest and evasive, and by his own Scientology scripture wouldn’t be an answer, it’s an answer to me, and to wogs generally.

I don’t accept Hubbard and Scientology’s tech or science regarding communication lags and the significance or meaning they attach to the length of time it takes to get a logical answer from someone. As Marty demonstrates, people aren’t necessarily stupid or insane when they withhold logical answers to logical communications, and instead respond with illogical answers. Such people can be independent psychopaths, or they can be under orders, as many Scientologists are, to withhold logical answers and give illogical answers.

Between May and September 2009, I wrote Marty several very logical communications that he didn’t answer. His one answer to me was in response to my sincerely and patiently logical letter to him of September 4, 2009, I titled “Apology Not Needed or Wanted.” I told Marty that, contrary to what some people were saying about my needing or wanting an apology from him for the many years of criminal and sociopathic actions he perpetrated against me, I really didn’t need or want an apology from him. I stated fairly clearly what I needed and wanted:

What needs attention and resolution are ongoing black PR, ongoing injustices, ongoing human rights violations, and the ongoing effects of other crimes, which you were involved in and can help resolve.


If you stick with the Scientology position that the orders jailing me and fining me for expressing my sincere religious beliefs, experiences and knowledge about this religion, or any other religion, are desirable, moral or lawful, then you support Miscavige on this most key issue confronting Scientologists. On the other hand, if you really want to bring Miscavige to justice, to get justice for the victims of his regime’s injustice, and to actually defend human rights, then these orders and my relationship with Scientology and Scientologists provide an excellent opportunity. My case and the orders against me are all about human rights, and I have fought for this opportunity for over twenty-seven years. The help I need from you is your knowledge of what you were doing, or getting others to do, or of what Scientology was doing, that was not lawful, or fair, or conscionable, or even arguably advisable in its conspiracy to silence, imprison, ruin, and beastify me. If you tell the whole time, place, form and event, my attorney and I will make great use of it to do great good.

I also identified in my letter with sufficient specificity some of the black PR, and several of the ongoing injustices, ongoing human rights violations, and the ongoing effects of other crimes, which Marty was involved in and has the knowledge and ability to resolve.

Marty’s answer:

From: [  ]@[  ] [mailto:[  ]]

Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2009 9:15 AM


Subject: Re: Apology Not Needed or Wanted


I have a hard time following your communication. There are some critical differences between you and I:

a) You were willing to lie and did. I’m not.

b) You decided to become a victim, and relish it so much you’ve continued to be one to this day. Everything you utter is through the prism of a victim and to the degree that it is refracted as such, it is false. I am devoted to helping people from entering the dark, dank dungeon of victim-hood.

c) You sold out  twenty-three years ago – and are apparently still mad at yourself for the indelible taint it left. I will never sell out.

If you made a genuine reach to reverse the downward spiral a-c set you on then I’d be glad to assist in your about-face and ascent.


By saying that he had a hard time following my communication, which was simply written and easy for people of average intelligence to read, Marty implies that my communication was illogical. This is a falsehood that Marty has used elsewhere as well, and other Scientologists use, to justify their total failure and refusal to communicate a logical answer.

Marty’s answer is illogical, in addition to being dishonest and cruel, because he imposes a set of impossible tasks for me to perform before he will assist me to correct the injustices he perpetrated. He doesn’t say how he will assist me, but how I want him to assist me is broadly described in my letter he was answering, and narrowed down to the four easy tasks for him listed above.

Marty says he will know when I’ve accomplished his set of impossible tasks when he observes what he describes as a genuine reach from me to reverse the downward spiral he also says he observes I’ve been set on. This is itself an obviously impossible task for me to perform because there is no dwindling spiral I’ve been set on. Having to reach to reverse what doesn’t exist is the kind of impossible, and frankly degrading and psychopathic tasks victimizers insist their victims perform to stop the victimizing.

Marty’s impossible tasks for me that I must perform before he will consider that I have made a genuine reach to reverse the downward spiral he says I’m on include: accept that lies are true and the truth is lies; stop relishing what I don’t relish; stop being what I am not; stop being what I am, which relevantly includes being his victim; stop uttering everything I utter through a nonexistent prism; stop being mad at myself when I’m not; stop being indelibly tainted by nothing.

Marty postulates me into a dark, dank dungeon of victim-hood, where it is clear he puts his and his cult’s wog victims. He says he’s devoted to keeping people from entering his dark, dank dungeon, which makes sense because people might stumble across the victims he’s postulated into his dungeon. His assertion that everything I utter is through some prism he defines, and that everything I utter is false, is the logic of a psychopath.

So Marty has answered me, and although his answer was dishonest, contemptuous and illogical, it was an answer. It hasn’t changed and doesn’t change what I want and need Marty to do, nor our relationship.

I am not blind to the fact that doing the decent, responsible, right and beautiful thing regarding me and other wogs he has victimized is not in what Marty considers his best interests. It might never be in what he considers his best interests to do the decent, responsible, right and beautiful thing about his victims. Lots of people, I’m quite sure, harden their hearts and never do this thing their whole lives.

It is possible, and not all that hard, for Marty to see that doing this thing is in his best interests, because, of course, it is. Whatever fear it is that has kept him his whole adult life from doing that good thing can be shown to be utterly illusory just by doing it.

I realize that if Marty were to unharden his heart toward his victims, because of its adamantine condition as a result of decades of hardening, it would be a Damascus Road sort of incident for him. It’s very rare, almost never heard of among people with his condition, but I still believe it’s within their understanding and power, and certainly well within Everything’s possibilities.

It is a condition that he really is responsible for. The victimizer always tries to make his victims responsible for their conditions. But the victimizer really is responsible for his condition as a victimizer. It’s an extremely difficult task for the victims of many victimizers to stop being victims. It isn’t accomplished with psychopathic semantics like Marty uses about victims in his answer, while the victimizer keeps right on victimizing them.

For the victimizers to stop being victimizers, that’s as easy as it gets. Victimizers don’t keep being victimizers because stopping is beyond their comprehension or control, or an impossible or even difficult task. They keep victimizing because it serves their purposes, that is, it’s pro-survival, and, because it serves their purposes, can even be fun, and a game.

Marty is not too unintelligent to know what it would take – almost a reversal of the impossible tasks he has laid before me. And he’s intelligent enough to know what a Damascus Road moment would be for him. In the Scientology v. Armstrong, et al. war, of course, such a moment for Marty is on the legal stage and quite dramatic.