Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism

He writes:

Unidentified Scientology Terrorists
Posted on December 14, 2014 by Mark C. Rathbun

The following video captures a second wave of scientology terrorists trespassing at a private studio in Hollywood (for the first wave see the the last post, Scientology Top Management) on Saturday afternoon 13 December 2014.  They are attempting to intimidate and silence me in my ongoing consultant work with the credible production companies producing feature-length, theater-release documentary films on scientology. Both of their principle accusations against me (that I have been paid a red cent for adopting a child and for consultancy on the documentary) are bald-faced, invented lies. 1

This took me back thirty years to an incident in Heathrow Airport when three of Marty’s agents terrorized my wife Jocelyn and me. I described the incident in a declaration on July 1, 1984.

7. On June 29 when my wife and I were checking in at London’s Heathrow airport for our return flight to the U.S., we were accosted by three men, one of whom called my name and thrust at me the Temporary Stay Order, Attachment A. It was then 11:20 a.m. Our plane was due to depart at 11:55 and was already boarding. There was no actual reason for the Temporary Stay Order to be served on me at the airport in London since it has for some time been the arrangement for any service of pleadings etc. to be made on my attorney of record in my stead. The only purpose of such service at that time and the harassment that followed would be an effort to make us miss our flight back to the U.S.

8. The man who did all the talking of the threesome was in his 40’s about 5’10”, very overweight and with an offensive odor. He identified himself as John Ingram, a private investigator. One of the other men was grey haired, probably in his 50’s also around 5’10” and more distinguished looking than Ingram. The third man was probably in his early 20’s, about 5’5″ wearing a motorcycle jacket and carrying a helmet. My wife identified him as having followed us all the way from downtown London in the train to the airport. These two men would not give their names, but admitted that they worked for Ingram.

9. I had heard about Ingram on the previous Saturday from a former Scientologist, Jon Atack. Mr. Atack had told me that Ingram was retained by Scientology in the U.K. and had been involved in harassment of people who had split off from the organization. Ingram is not the same person as Eugene Ingram or Ingraham, another private investigator employed by Scientology in the U.S. to carry out their covert operations and harass individuals.

10. At Heathrow airport, Ingram was abusive and pushy. He and his cohorts followed my wife and I through the airport as we went through the check-in procedure. Ingram kept questioning me and accusing me about being in contempt of court and about an alleged meeting on Tuesday evening, June 26 at the Olde Cock Tavern in London. Ingram’s statements ran as follows:

“Who did you meet at the Olde Cock Tavern on Tuesday evening?”

“Who was the man you met at the Olde Cock Tavern?”

“You’re in contempt of court.”

“Who did you give the sealed documents to?”

“You violated the court order.”

“You were seen giving the sealed documents to a bearded man on Tuesday evening in the Olde Cock Tavern.”

“Who was the person you gave the sealed documents to?”

“Two private investigators observed you on Tuesday evening in the Olde Cock Tavern giving the sealed documents to a bearded man, an Arab. You’re in violation of this court order. You’re in contempt of court.”

11. I told Ingram that he was (variously) mad, working for terrorists, a liar, harassive, trying to frame me, and full of fecal matter. 2

I realized I had hit on something effective when I told these men they worked for terrorists, and I began to say it very loudly and emphatically. I raised my arms so that everyone else in the terminal could see and I pointed down at the trio right in front of me as I yelled, “These guys work for terrorists.” Rathbun’s terrorizing agents took off, and Jocelyn and I made our plane.

After this, Rathbun had one of his UK agents execute a sworn statement containing the same bald-faced, invented lies he had his PI “John Ingram” spew at me in Heathrow. The Scientologists clearly sought to use this affidavit in the Scientology v. Armstrong case in LA 3 to turn the judge, Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr., against me, and to cause me other legal trouble. Judge Breckenridge had presided at my trial, which had just occurred, and “sealed documents” was an issue throughout the Armstrong 1 litigation. Fortunately, I had written this declaration immediately upon my return to the US, and provided the facts refuting these false accusations in advance of receiving or even knowing about the UK agent’s written statement.

12. There is absolutely no truth to Ingram’s statements or accusations. I had no sealed documents in London, nor any way to obtain sealed documents. I had met no Arab in London. I had given no one any documents while in London except a copy of Judge Breckenridge’s intended Judgment and this to no bearded man, no Arab and nobody in the Olde Cock Tavern.4

13. I had been in the Olde Cock Tavern restaurant on Monday, June 25 for lunch with my wife. This establishment is on Fleet Street, right across from the English Court where I was then testifying. When the Court broke for lunch my wife and I by chance ate at the Olde Cock Tavern. We ate alone and did not pass documents to anyone. On Tuesday evening, June 26, my wife and I, because we had had a good meal there the day before and because it is near the hotel where we were staying, decided to have dinner at the Olde Cock Tavern. Upon arriving in front of the establishment, however, we found a sign stating that the restaurant was closed except for a private party which had reserved it for the evening. We therefore did not enter the Olde Cock Tavern on Tuesday evening.

14. At a minimum the actions of these private investigators hired by LRH, MSH or Scientology are harassive and designed to intimidate my wife and me. More likely these actions are part of a larger plan to entrap or frame me and so bring about my destruction which these people seek. Entrapment and frame-ups are standard Scientology intelligence actions. Allegations of contempt of court are designed to break me financially by forcing me to defend myself legally. The actions of LRH, MSH and/or Scientology keep me convinced that I have no future after Scientology and that my life and my wife’s life are just as much in danger now that the case has been won as before the litigation began. LRH, MSH and Scientology are vindictive and will stop at nothing to get revenge. 5

Falsely accusing the Scientologists’ lawfare targets of violating court orders was a litigation stratagem Rathbun had his agents and underlings used many times while he ran legal affairs for L. Ron Hubbard and current cult head David Miscavige. 6 To prevent the publication of Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah, Rathbun had his personnel Kenneth David Long and Sheila MacDonald Chaleff execute affidavits falsely accusing me of violating court sealing orders and passing sealed documents to Miller for his book. 7 Rathbun then had one of his powerful Scientology lawyers threaten me to prevent me from responding to Long and Chaleff’s lies.

In April 1985, I testified in the Julie Chistofferson Titchbourne v. Scientology trial in Portland, Oregon about the Heathrow incident, and mentioned the conclusion I had then reached that the Scientologists comprised a terrorist organization masquerading as a religion. Since the Christofferson trial, principally because of the IRS’s 1993 grant of tax exemption and the US Federal Government’s acceptance, protection and promotion of Scientology as religion, I was compelled to change my belief about the Scientologists masquerading, and accepted that they comprised a legitimate terrorist religion. Although the Scientologists’ intentions and actions have not changed in any relevant way, and they still terrorize good people, I now believe that, more accurately, at least in the US, they comprise a criminal organization or criminal religion that terrorizes. Being a religion, the policies and directives to terrorize people are scripture, even if unholy scripture.

I was called just after the Armstrong trial, which ended in early June, 1984. I was called by someone, and this person said, did I want my PC files. I had wanted my PC files for a long time, and it was obvious that, sure, I wanted my PC files, I didn’t want the organization to have them, and I wanted them for my own peace of mind and any number of reasons.

The person — it was a male voice — said that they were being transferred that night. And later I got that they were being transferred from ASI. They were being transferred that night, and did I want them. I said, “Are you going to deliver them to me?” I still don’t know who made the call, but I thought at the time it might be Mark Rathbun, who I saw in the court this morning, but it probably wasn’t, it was probably someone else working for the organization.

So I then asked — or it came out that I would have to go somewhere and pick them up, and I said you, “Could that be construed as accepting stolen property?”

And the person said, “I don’t know what the legal definition of it would be.”

So I said, “Well, in that case, as much as I want them, I’ll pass.” That was my first direct contact, and here it was just a voice on the end of the phone.

Within a day or two — I was at that time — The trial had just completed, my trial, and I had already made arrangements prior to the trial to testify in a case in London, England, a custody case. And I was called again and — same voice — and I was told that “While you are in England, you are going to be served with a lawsuit by the organization. And the reason this is to take place in England is because over there, you are going to have to get an attorney and you are going to have to come back here, and you are going to have to go back there, and they are going to break you financially by your having to defend yourself.”

So in any case, I still decided to go to England. While in England — I arrived on a Friday in England, and by Tuesday, I had picked up surveillance.

I was with my wife over there, and we were staying in a little hotel, and we knew we were being surveilled on Tuesday. I had testified on a Monday and we left on a Friday, and we picked up surveillance in London on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And it made it an extremely unpleasant stay in London when it could have been something half decent.

On the way, flying out of Heathrow Airport in London, three people who identified themselves as private investigators — we only had about — The plane was boarding when this thing happened and we were in a panic to get through lines and to get there, and we were followed from the hotel out to the airport. And then two more PI’s picked us up in the airport, and I was indeed served with a paper.

The paper was not a lawsuit. It had — It was an emergency stay in my case from the Appellate Court, sealing the documents which had been admitted into evidence. This was served on me; it made no sense whatsoever, because what had been custom up to that point, simply to give my attorney a copy of whatever paper I was being noticed with.

During this period, which lasted about ten minutes with the private investigators, this guy kept repeating that — first of all, he said, “What were you doing in the Old Cock Tavern on Tuesday night?” And I said, “You are nuts.” The Old Cock Tavern happens to be on Fleet Street right — a little down the road from the Court, High Court in which I was testifying in the custody case. And I — in fact, my wife and I had had lunch at the Old Cock Tavern on the Monday preceding this alleged incident on the Tuesday. I said, “You are nuts.” He said, “You were observed by two private investigators in the Old Cock Tavern on Tuesday.” I said, “You are nuts. I was in the Old Cock Tavern on Monday.” He said, “Who was the Arab you were talking to in the Old Cock Tavern?” Again I said, “You are nuts. I never talked to an Arab.”

And he kept pushing this and finally he ended up saying, “You were observed by two private investigators passing sealed documents to a bearded Arab in the Old Cock Tavern on Tuesday evening” — an incident which never took place. My wife and I had, in fact, gone to the Old Cock Tavern on Tuesday because the luncheon Monday had been okay, and the place was sealed off. That is, the dining room part was sealed off. So after the Monday, I was never in the Old Cock Tavern; I never spoke to any Arabs there. The only person I did speak to there was the waitress and my wife.

In any case, I knew at this point there was some operation going down regarding me, and I was extremely freaked out and upset. Then I got back to the U.S. And the day after my arrival I prepared an affidavit, which was filed in my case, laying out all of these — the incidents from London.

Then there was another series of events which happened. I was in court in my own case — there was a hearing — and I had won my case and there was a decision which had come from the judge; it was a very strong decision, it was completely in my favor. And the attorney for the organization, a guy by the name of John Peterson, went into an absolute tirade in the court, again going through the same party line of the organization: that I was a thief, that I had stolen these documents, and I was guilty — when those private investigators who harassed me and my wife for a month and a half, I was guilty because I had taken their photographs.

And I knew then that there simply is no way that courts can restrain these people; that it is a terrorist organization. I had beat them in court and yet it was meaningless. And I knew this whole thing came from Hubbard. And I knew that I had no future whatsoever, and the only thing to do was to confront what was this thing which was masquerading as a religion and was, in fact, a terrorist organization.8

In addition to running the agents who accosted me in Heathrow, Rathbun directed the efforts to prevent me from testifying, the use of my pc folders to lure me into the Scientologists’ trap, attorney Peterson’s false charges, and dozens, if not hundreds, of other fair game actions. All of Rathbun and his agents’ actions had the same purposes: to intimidate and silence me in my work, and to harm or destroy me for keeping my work working. My work, whether I knew it, or did it well, or not, was telling the truth about Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists. This work was certainly necessitated by the Scientologists’ determination to harm or destroy me, which soon became overt, covert, complex and continuous. Rathbun touches on this in his 2013 book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, although he blames the conspiracy and campaign to harm or destroy me on Miscavige. There is no doubt that, more importantly, my best work, from its start, has been in response to a Power that quells all the terror the Scientologists and their collaborators can postulate.

After Miscavige busted Gerry’s direct superior, Laurel, Armstrong formally brought the matter of the potentially false representations to the attention of authorities in CMO International. Armstrong respectfully recommended that the church cease issuing any representations that it could not back up with documentation. The matter was referred to Miscavige, since he was responsible for L. Ron Hubbard’s defense. Rather than investigate Armstrong’s concerns, Miscavige sent Starkey to intimidate Armstrong into line, treating him as if he was imagining his concerns because his mind had been “infected” by the GO. Ultimately, by the end of 1981, Sullivan and Armstrong left the church, in protest at being treated as criminals. Memoirs, p. 168.

Flynn also received a windfall, care of the fruits of Miscavige’s enemy-making proclivities. Gerry Armstrong, the archivist whom Miscavige and Starkey nearly hung for trying to protect Hubbard and the church against the very claims Flynn had been making, had made contact with Flynn. We knew this because for several months Miscavige had been directly supervising surveillance of Armstrong, through a former GO intel staff member named Geoff Shervell. Shervell utilized teams of private eyes to shadow Armstrong everywhere. Shervell reported directly to Miscavige through all those months, just as I had on litigation matters from our Special Unit. On more than one occasion, Shervell groused to me about the incessant, obsessive pressure Miscavige put on him, demanding to know Armstrong’s every move. He said, “Marty, he knows we’re on him, which kind of defeats the purpose of the surveillance.” Thinking for a moment, Geoff added, “Unless the purpose is to drive him crazy.”

Armstrong became increasingly paranoid under pressure and finally got spooked enough to go to Flynn for help. Armstrong also brought with him several boxes of biography archives he had lifted from the church; documents that demonstrated to him that Hubbard’s personal biography, promoted by the church, was full of holes.

I did not connect the dots until years later, but Miscavige had essentially chased Armstrong right into the enemy camp. In September, 1982, all I knew was that Shervell had evidence of Armstrong lifting the documents, and I had direct, urgent orders from Miscavige to sue Armstrong back to the stone ages. We sued, and obtained an injunction which impounded the files with the Los Angeles Superior Court pending trial (which would occur years later). But that did not stop Armstrong from – in fact it drove him to – writing long, detailed declarations claiming L. Ron Hubbard was a fraud and that the church would stop at nothing to prevent him from proving so. Flynn now had a fresh, inside witness who knew Hubbard’s personal archives better than anybody on Ron’s side. Miscavige’s treatment of Armstrong also sent Hubbard’s former Personal Public Relations Officer, Laurel Sullivan, to jump on board with Flynn.

Further, Miscavige’s treatment of Bill Franks, the erstwhile Executive Director International, had prompted Franks to join Flynn and to provide even more new high-level witness declarations. With Armstrong, Sullivan and Franks aboard, suddenly Flynn could paint a credible picture, through sworn declarations, that L. Ron Hubbard was actively engaged in tight control of the church of Scientology – something we had gone to great lengths to disprove over the past year and a half. All three of the powerful new guns in Flynn’s arsenal were people that David Miscavige had personally treated with aggression and vengeance.

Granted, Hubbard had directed or authorized their falls from grace, but Miscavige had an inimitable, aggressive style that produced only two possible results: a) compliance with Ron’s intentions, or b) an avowed enemy of Miscavige, and usually, by association, of Hubbard and Scientology. Objectively speaking, even though I did not fully appreciate it then, in a little more than a year from the time the quest for All Clear had begun, the enemy’s hand had been strengthened beyond its wildest dreams. All compliments of the man L. Ron Hubbard had charged with ultimate responsibility for All Clear: David Miscavige. Memoirs, (pp. 193-194)

For the record, Rathbun could not have known that Shervell had evidence of my lifting Hubbard’s documents. That is because there was no evidence. And there was no evidence because I had not lifted the documents. If I had lifted the subject documents, which were retained by the Clerk of the LA Superior Court, and the Scientologists had evidence of that lifting, they would have presented it at trial, or far earlier. What Rathbun could have known was that Shervell claimed he had such evidence. Rathbun, of course, as the person assigned to sue me back to the stone ages, had a duty to verify that claim. My belief is that when he acted, for the purpose of suing me back to the stone ages, a doubtlessly unlawful purpose, Rathbun knew that I had not lifted Hubbard’s documents. He nevertheless had that and other false claims made in the Armstrong 1 complaint, and in the media, and among Scientologists, in compliance with scripture, to get them in a frenzy of hate for me and in love with the terrorists.

In any event, Rathbun learned no later than September 1982 that I had not lifted Hubbard’s documents, but had been given them by Omar Garrison for the lawful and justified purpose of sending them to my attorneys. Rathbun also knew by the 1984 judgment in his back-to-the-stone-ages suit all about the lawful chain of custody of the subject documents. Although he devotes a whole chapter in Memoirs to the Armstrong 1 case, he ignores this issue, which was so key at trial and in the judgment.

The court has found the facts essentially as set forth in defendant’s trial brief, which as modified, is attached as an appendix to this memorandum. In addition the court finds that while working for L.R. Hubbard (hereinafter referred to as LRH), the defendant also had an informal employer-employee relationship with plaintiff Church, but had permission and authority from plaintiffs and LRH to provide Omar Garrison with every document or object that was made available to Mr. Garrison, and further, had permission from Omar Garrison to take and deliver to his attorneys the documents and materials which were subsequently delivered to them and thenceforth into the custody of the County Clerk. 9

The reason Rathbun, the Scientologists and their collaborators continue to knowingly lie and get others to lie about my lifting or stealing the subject documents is obvious, even though it has long since been disproven. It is what they have to somehow justify the decades of fair gaming or terrorizing me. For a perpetrator or victimizer, the thought of acknowledging that lie, and being left with no justification whatsoever for all the evil that lie justified, could be terrifying.

I also did not bring with me several boxes when I went to Flynn for help, as Rathbun claims in Memoirs. I went to Flynn for help right after the Scientologists stole a set of photos I had and told me to get an attorney. I already knew I was a fair game target, which Rathbun essentially acknowledges, and blames on Miscavige. It was several weeks after going to Flynn for help that I sent him two boxes of documents, not several.

Relevant to Scientology terrorism, Rathbun is claiming that Miscavige’s terrorizing me drove me to write long, detailed sworn declarations. Naturally, my declarations included details I knew about that terrorism, as well as about Hubbard’s active engagement in tight control of the Scientologists who were doing the terrorizing. The Scientologists had two choices: stop the terrorism, or keep right on terrorizing to intimidate me and silence me about their terrorism. They chose terrorism in 1982, and since then have never renounced that choice, despite how unsuccessful they have been in silencing me, despite long exposure of their antisocial and criminal actions, and despite the clear possibility of future condemnation and prosecution.

To get their terrorism against me, and of course others, accepted, and as a key facet of their terrorism, the Scientologists have done their damnedest to reduce my image to beast level around the world. Hubbard ordered this practice in the same very senior scriptural directive in which he ordered that a frenzy of hate be incited toward the Scientologists’ terrorism targets. If my image can be reduced to beast level, the Scientologists will have public opinion on their side in terrorizing, harming and destroying me. To carry out their targets’ beastifying and terrorizing, and of course to have good indicators on post and wins in life, the Scientologists’ necessary attitude toward their victims like me is contempt. Rathbun has retained his contempt since claiming to have left the terrorists, who, he says, now terrorize him and his wife. He serves their purposes in their terrorism against me with his contempt, and with his lies about me by which the terrorists justify their terrorism.

Rathbun paints a completely incredible picture in Memoirs that Hubbard had nothing to do with terrorizing Laurel Sullivan, Bill Franks and me, and thereby driving us into Flynn’s arsenal. Rathbun writes that Hubbard had just directed or authorized our falls from grace. Certainly Hubbard did not in my case, because there was no fall from grace. I blew. A person doesn’t fall from grace when he escapes a criminal conspiracy, or a terrorist organization, or even a terrorist religion. A fall from grace in Scientology would be a demotion of some kind within the cult. I had witnessed many Hubbard-directed falls from grace as a Scientologist, and had experienced some. He had twice personally assigned me to the RPF, and doubtlessly directed my bust off the RPF Bosun post and my extra time in the joint. But when I escaped from Hubbard, who I knew by then was a gargantuan liar, and from Scientology, which I was starting to grasp was a malignant and dangerous cult, it was not a fall from grace, and Hubbard did not direct or authorize it.

When he heard that I had blown, and probably began to recall what I might have discovered in his personal archive, he directed that I be terrorized, and, of course, he authorized everything the Scientologists did to me for that purpose until he died. From my introduction to the Armstrong Op:

The Armstrong Op is central to the Scientology v. Armstrong war, which is in its thirty-third year. The war started the moment L. Ron Hubbard, or his emissary on duty, received a report of my leaving his cult, and ordered that I be treated or handled as a traitor, enemy, threat, target, victim, “Suppressive Person,” or “SP” So, December 1981. The Scientologists could have done something other than declare war on me, but they didn’t. They could have ended their war at any time, even before Hubbard died in 1986, but they haven’t.10

Last month, Jesse Prince confirmed on his blog that Hubbard had directed the fair game on me during that period.

From 1983 until the settlement in 1986, I would receive on a daily basis, usually sometime between 6-8 pm, intelligence reports  generated by staff of Special Project Operations (ASI), OSA and RTC concerning secret and illegal operations by Scientology against [G]erry, his lawyer Michael Flynn, and other plaintiffs represented by Michael Flynn’s firm.


There were years of board room meeting at ASI to figure out how to get rid of [G]erry Armstrong, L Ron junior, David Mayo and a few other people who had devoted their lives in servitude to L Ron and his grand ideas. All of these devoted people turned out to be Suppressive Persons all along according to the instructions from L Ron via his publishing organization ASI.


It was new management’s job to hunt them down and get them put in jail. Some may recall during the early to mid 1980’s L Ron got a bug up his ass and thought he had the power to have people criminally prosecuted for disobeying or being out of step with what he wanted. This is way past just having a stick up your ass, he really wanted this done and some people did get set up and went to jail.  It was required protocol to hate and contribute to the destruction of men and women that I had never met or laid eyes on. We would be sitting in the board room at L Ron’s Author Services organization reading advice’s from L Ron calling for the heads of staff he felt offended him somehow. Listening to Miscavige and other staff figuring out ever clever ways to get rid of the people who were aggravating poor L Ron. As we sat there making up plans to attac[k] the very same people who were at L Ron’s side doing everything in their power to do his will. L Ron never wavered when it came to annihilating the oldest and closest devote[d] adherents he had. There is no retirement in the business of Scientology. Ron taught his prodigy to quickly and quietly get rid of the most loyal staff members without remorse.

There were banker boxes full of “advi[c]es” from L Ron spewing hate filled vitriol about [G]erry. 11

“Advices” were what Scientologists called Hubbard’s orders to them, as a cynical ruse to help shield him from responsibility or liability for his orders they were compelled to carry out. Even though his orders to harm or annihilate me that spewed hate filled vitriol about me are religious scripture, the Scientologists hide them and deny their existence, because of the Scientologists’ guilty knowledge that these scriptural orders are evidence of their criminal conspiracy and the source of their terror tactics. Current head Miscavige similarly has his underlings, who execute his orders to harm or destroy people like me, shield him from responsibility or liability for those antisocial or criminal orders. Because of Hubbard’s religion angle, where he transformed a medical scam into a religious scam and made himself the “Source,” his hate filled, vitriolic “advices” evidence a criminal religion that uses terror. Obviously, Rathbun is still hiding Hubbard’s direction and authorization of the Scientologists’ criminal actions against me, and others like me, which Hubbard did until he died.

Although Miscavige personally ordered that I be treated with aggression and vengeance, or otherwise personally ordered that I be terrorized, he did not personally treat me that way. The same is true with Hubbard. He did not personally treat me with aggression and vengeance, because, like Miscavige, he had no personal contact with me after I left his cult. Hubbard personally ordered his underlings, including Miscavige, to treat me and get others to treat me with aggression and vengeance. It’s like Hitler and the Jews; he didn’t, for the most part, personally treat them with aggression and vengeance, but got others to do it. Rathbun too, for the most part, personally got others – attorneys, PIs, and his Scientologist underlings – to treat me with aggression and vengeance, but stayed hidden and didn’t personally carry out most of my treatment. In Memoirs, he paints a false picture of Miscavige’s personal treatment of me and others, to hide Hubbard’s responsibility, and Rathbun’s own responsibility, for personally ordering my treatment with aggression and vengeance, and terror, just as Miscavige did.

I didn’t attend closing argument in the Christofferson trial, and I don’t have transcripts for much of the trial, but an article in The Oregonian on May 14, 1985 highlighted plaintiff’s attorney Garry McMurry’s use in closing argument of the image of terrorism as religion, or religious practice.

Titchbourne lawyer calls Scientology terrorist group in guise of church
of The Oregonian staff

The Church of Scientology was decried Monday as a terrorist organization run by a “brilliant sociopath” under the guise of religion as lawyers began closing arguments in a civil fraud trial against the church in Portland.

“This is a bogus scheme of mental health to which religiosity is callously tacked on,” declared Garry P. McMurry, an attorney seeking up to $42 million in punitive damages against the church and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

In a daylong argument before a Multnomah County Circuit Court jury, McMurry attacked Scientology as “nothing more than a terrorist organization masquerading as a religion.” He urged jurors to impose a large damage award to punish Scientology for its conduct regarding Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, to deter future anti-social behavior and to warn other thought-reform groups about the consequences of wanton disregard of the truth.

“If any case ever cried out for punishment, it is this case against L. Ron Hubbard,” McMurry said after citing a list of what he said were misrepresentations about Hubbard’s personal background and alleged benefits from Scientology.

McMurry also attacked a series of policies written or authorized by Hubbard in which opponents of Scientology were declared to be “fair game” and could be cheated, sued, lied to, tricked or “destroyed” by other Scientologists without special sanction from the church.” 12

The Christofferson jury began deliberating on May 15, and on May 18 The Oregonian ran an article “Woman awarded $39 million in Scientology Suit.”

The jury unanimously held Hubbard liable for $20 million in punitive damages and by 9-3 votes approved punitive damages of $17.5 million against the Church of Scientology of California and $1.5 million against the Church of Scientology Mission of Davis. The Church of Scientology of California is the national Scientology corporate entity.13

On July 16, 1985, the judge declared a mistrial. I don’t have a transcript containing his ruling or his reasoning, and I haven’t been able to find any article from The Oregonian, which I expect reported on the mistrial. The Clearwater Sun published about it on July 17.

Scientology case declared mistrial

From Sun reports

PORTLAND, Ore. — A judge, saying courts must pay closer attention to religious freedom, declared a mistrial Tuesday in a lawsuit that ended with a jury’s $39 million fraud judgment against the Church of Scientology, and ordered a new trial.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Donald Londer said he based the ruling on improper and prejudicial arguments made by the attorney for plaintiff Julie Christofferson Titchbourne during the 11-week trial that ended in May.

More than a thousand Scientologists converged on Portland for protests for about a month after the jury’s May 17 ruling, claiming the verdict represented an assault on freedom of religion.


But Londer said the jury was told improperly that information on the Scientologists’ beliefs and practices could be used as a basis for punishing the group.

He also said the jury was prejudiced by abusive language used during McMurry’s closing arguments, when the attorney called the Church of Scientology a terrorist group and Hubbard a sociopath. 14

Rathbun, under Hubbard and Miscavige, of course, ran the terrorism, or the criminal conspiracy, in the early 1980’s as I experienced it and testified about it in the Christofferson trial in 1985, and as McMurry meant and used the term “terrorist group” in closing argument. Now Rathbun says that in 2014 the Scientologists attempting to intimidate and silence him is terrorism. He even calls the two agents, who were videoed apparently accosting him in a Hollywood studio, “terrorists.”

The Scientologists under Miscavige have charged that Rathbun ran a “reign of terror,” and Rathbun and his supporters have charged that Miscavige established the “reign of terror.” The Miscavigeites and the Rathbunites had been referring here, however, to the “terror” inflicted on themselves and their Scientologist underlings, not the terror the Scientologists inflicted on wogs. Hubbard, Miscavige, Rathbun, Prince, Rinder, et al. directed the underlings, hired agents, and spent untold millions to terrorize good wogs. All Scientologists, if they only knew it, sign up to terrorize wogs, specifically the Suppressive Person class. Hubbard and his then cabal knew it because they ran the conspiracy to terrorize the SPs.

Rathbun and Miscavige have been in virtually complete agreement to not address the terror the conspiracy inflicted on their wog targets. Because Rathbun refuses to tell the truth about the terrorism or criminal actions he perpetrated and got others to perpetrate against the Scientologists’ human targets, the Scientologists’ recent actions against Rathbun, of course, are suspect. They could easily be “stage settings” for appearances and social engineering purposes. Judge Breckenridge entered the term into my consciousness in the Armstrong 1 judgment.

As indicated by its factual findings, the court finds the Testimony of Gerald and Jocelyn Armstrong, Laurel Sullivan, Nancy Dincalci[ ], Edward Walters, Omar Garrison, Kima Douglas, and Howard Schomer to be credible, extremely persuasive, and the defense of privilege or justification established and corroborated by this evidence. Obviously, there are some discrepancies or variations in recollections, but these are the normal problems which arise from lapse of time, or from different people viewing matters or events from different perspectives. In all critical and important matters, their testimony was precise, accurate, and rang true. The picture painted by these former dedicated Scientologists, all of whom were intimately involved with LRH, or Mary [Sue] Hubbard, or of the Scientology Organization, is on the one hand pathetic, and on the other, outrageous. Each of these persons literally gave years of his or her respective life in support of a man, LRH, and his ideas. Each has manifested a waste and loss or frustration which is incapable of description. Each has broken with the movement for a variety of reasons, but at the same time, each is, still bound by the knowledge that the Church has in its possession his or her most inner thoughts and confessions, all recorded in “pre-clear (P.C.) folders” or other security files of the organization, and that the Church or its minions is fully capable of intimidation or other physical or psychological abuse if it suits their ends. The record is replete with evidence of such abuse.

In 1970 a police agency of the French Government conducted an investigation into Scientology and concluded, “this sect, under the pretext of ‘freeing humans’ is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by (use of) pseudo-scientific theories, by (use of) ‘auditions’ and ’stage settings’ (lit. to ‘create a theatrical scene’) pushed to extremes (a machine to detect lies, its own particular phraseology . . ), to estrange adepts from their families and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with this sect.”[ ] From the evidence presented to this court in 1984, at the very least, similar conclusions can be drawn. In addition to violating and abusing its own members civil rights, the organization over the years with its “Fair Game” doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the Church whom it perceives as enemies. 9

Despite the fact that Rathbun continues to serve the Scientologists’ malevolent purposes toward their wog targets, it is sensible for me to continue to give him the greatest benefit of the doubt and therefore continue to urge him to do the right thing, tell the truth, and correct what he can for the people he terrorized or otherwise victimized. I am appealing to his highest ethical awareness, and I am providing what facts and reason I believe he could need to make the highest ethical decision. It would be historically significant, and possibly legally relevant even at this date, for Rathbun to acknowledge that McMurry had it right; the Scientologists were terrorizing people, and saying so in closing argument was proper.

This should be easy for Rathbun to do, not just because the Scientologists really were terrorizing people, but because McMurry calling the Scientologists terrorists or Hubbard a brilliant sociopath did not cause the mistrial. That was just the excuse Judge Londer used to cover up how he was actually guided to his decision, two months after the $39 million jury verdict. The purpose of punitive damages is to reform or deter the defendant and deter others who would engage in such conduct. It would take a big damages award to reform or deter multimillionaire and sociopath Hubbard and his billion dollar Scientology cult. The Christofferson jury got that. Indeed, no amount of damages or payments has reformed or deterred the Scientologists yet. The compensatory-to-punitive damages ratio is outside the judgment bell curve, but the amount could have been reduced, as happened in Wollersheim v. Scientology.

From Rathbun’s facts in Memoirs about the Christofferson case, however, what brought about the mistrial — but should have brought about charges against Scientology attorney Harry Manion, Miscavige and others — was over-the-top improper contact between Manion and Londer, which Miscavige ordered.

We kept orchestrating Harry’s having “chance” encounters with Judge Londer, hoping to divine where he stood and hoping that he might begin to understand this case was not only important to the church and Earle, but to Harry’s future. Try as he might, Harry would come back from his meetings befuddled. His refrain was that Londer was as dumb as a sack of rocks, and he couldn’t tell whether anything we were presenting was getting through.

On the afternoon prior to the final hearing and the announcement of decision on the mistrial motion, Earle, Harry and I sat in Earle’s hotel room in Portland preparing our arguments. We had a last-minute brief to file, and had purposely waited until mid afternoon, when we knew Londer took a break. That way, when Harry was bringing the brief into the clerk, Londer might see him and invite him into his chambers for a chat. That went like clockwork. Earle and I beseeched Harry to call in any chips he might have with Londer. Earle told Harry to tell him outright that Londer needed to do this for Harry. Harry reported back that he had schmoozed with Londer, but that it wasn’t appropriate under the circumstances — open chambers doors — to make his ultimate personal pitch. However, Londer had invited Harry to come to his home that evening to meet his wife, since it might be the last time they would see one another. Harry had not committed, out of concern for doing something that would smell of impropriety and could come back to haunt us.

Earle and I discussed the matter in some detail. He explained the downsides of a visit — if it were ever found out it could raise the ugly specter of the decades of GO improprieties we were attempting to live down. “On balance,” Earle said, “this is up to the client. You need to brief the boss [Miscavige] and I’ll trust his instincts.” I called Miscavige and briefed him on all that had transpired. He said, “What is your hesitance? It’s a no brainer. Of course he sees Londer, and he does whatever he has to do to get the product.” I told Earle the verdict. Earle told me, “Okay, now it’s between me and Harry. I’m going to protect you and Dave. Leave it to me.”

Earle did report that Harry had gone to Londer’s home. He did not give particulars beyond saying that Londer was thrilled with the visit. He gave no guarantee of any particular outcome, “But,” Earle added, “tell Dave to relax.” And then Earle told me an anecdotal aphorism he would repeat several times to Dave and me over the next couple of years. He said, “Here is my only test of friendship. I know you are going to testify tomorrow in front a grand jury investigating me. Do I sleep tonight …or don’t I?” (pp. 275-6)16

This excerpt is from Rathbun’s Chapter 22, “The Battle of Portland,” which we have now posted in full on the Armstrong Op site: 17

As for Hubbard being a sociopath, the Scientologists put on no witnesses to refute the witness and document evidence that showed he was. Even the Scientology attorneys’ behavior in court, and toward the witnesses who had the courage to testify for the plaintiff, evidenced a sociopathic entity directing them. The judgment in Armstrong 1, less than a year before the Christofferson trial, ascribes characteristics to Hubbard that essentially identify sociopathy.

The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history background, and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile. At the same time it appears that he is charismatic and highly capable of motivating, organizing, controlling, manipulating, and inspiring his adherents. He has been referred to during the trial as a “genius,” a “revered person,” a man who was “viewed by his followers in awe.” Obviously, he is and has been a very complex person, and that complexity is further reflected in his alter ego, the Church of Scientology. Notwithstanding protestations to the contrary, this court is satisfied that LRH runs the Church in all ways through the Sea Organization, his role of Commodore, and the Commodore’s Messengers.[ ] He has, of course, chosen to go into “seclusion,” but he maintains contact and control through the top messengers. Seclusion has its light and dark side too. It adds to his mystique, and yet shields him from accountability and subpoena or service of summons. 18

Londer could not but have known that his ex parte meetings with Manion were improper. Londer also had to have known that for whatever mess of pottage Manion was plying him with, he was letting the Scientologists keep right on terrorizing people, which they have done for thirty more years. Rathbun mentions the contempt the Scientology side had for the judge’s intellect:

–         he was not very bright. In the condo we used to joke that maybe he had his lights knocked out one too many times during his boxing career.

–         Miscavige railed about the stupidity of Judge Londer

–         [Manion’s] refrain was that Londer was as dumb as a sack of rocks, and he couldn’t tell whether anything we were presenting was getting through.

It is clear to me, however, that Judge Londer was not so much intellectually challenged as morally challenged, or corruptible. The Scientologists, Manion, et al. let him know, through their improper ex parte contacts, if nothing else, that his corruption worked for them.

There is no evidence that I’ve ever seen that Julie Christofferson’s attorneys ran any corruption tech or op on the judge, or were even invited over to the judge’s house during the proceedings to meet his wife. I was on the witness stand for several days in the Christofferson trial, and was able to observe and listen to Judge Londer quite closely. I found him at times dismayingly sadistic, which his encouragement to the Scientologists and their agents to corrupt him helps to explain. He knowingly improperly allowed Manion to do whatever he had to do, as Miscavige ordered, to get the product, a mistrial, which, according to Rathbun in Memoirs, allowed the Scientologists to survive a nuclear explosion.

In his book What Is Wrong With Scientology?: Healing Through Understanding, which he published in 2012, Rathbun mentions the Scientologists terrorizing him and his wife.

I have been threatened by powerful Scientology lawyers on several occasions. My computers have been hacked. My phone records have been stolen. My cell phone gps device has been unlawfully used to track me. Airline reservation information has been hacked in order to terrorize my wife and me. Wrong With Scientology, Introduction.

Rathbun, under Hubbard and Miscavige, of course, directed these types of actions, and much worse, against me, over many years. Rathbun didn’t have my cell phone gps device used to track me, however, because I didn’t have a cell phone when he was directing the terrorism.

In Memoirs, Rathbun also accuses Miscavige of terror specifically, but only of terrorizing certain of his Scientologist underlings. To some extent, Scientologists submit to being terrorized, and rarely ever object to the reign of terror that their leaders run on them. Wogs, as I am, did not sign on to be terrorized by Scientologist terrorists, and some of us do not submit but object strenuously to the Scientologists’ terror tactics.

To terrorize the majority into line, Miscavige excommunicated a number of veteran mission holders attending the conference, verbally and right on the spot. It scared people all right. Virtually every major productive mission holder left the church over the next year or two, with the most prominent of them winding up in FAMCO’s camp. The Mission network would dissolve over the next decade, and this vital introduction line to Scientology, which Hubbard had painstakingly built up over decades, would never recover. Memoirs, p. 195.

In February this year, I wrote an article parsing Rathbun’s flimflam in Memoirs about FAMCO.

As people know who have read Marty Rathbun’s Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, he blames much of his and his fellow Scientologists’ antisocial and criminal actions against SPs over many years on FAMCO, Flynn Associates Management Corporation.

Michael Flynn was a Boston attorney standing up to and so far not crushed by the Scientologists’ legal and extralegal warfare. In Memoirs, Rathbun lies about FAMCO and its part in the people and groups he warred against while in the Scientology cult.

Rathbun double-curves Flynn in Memoirs, lying about him even though Rathbun had fair gamed Flynn for years and is now claiming publicly to have left the cult and be redressing his antisocial and criminal actions. 19

On his blog, starting in 2009, Rathbun has many times accused Miscavige of terrorism. Again, however, these are mainly accusations of terrorism against fellow Scientologists, not the much worse terrorism against the wogs who comprise the SP class. Rathbun really only complains about Miscavige’s terrorism against the Scientologist terrorists who terrorize the SP wogs. Rathbun communicates throughout his books and other writings that the terrorism in which he participated against the wog targets was justified and even laudable. In that he acknowledges Miscavige’s actions, or the actions Miscavige ordered, as terrorism, what Rathbun is doing is like complaining that the problem with bin Laden was his terrible, terroristic treatment of his al-Qaeda subordinates.

Rathbun’s blog, August 13, 2009
Some of you old timers might recall the early eighties when Wendell Reynolds lead a group of Gestapo-like storm troopers called the International Finance Police. They used to storm into Missions and even private businesses running a literal protection racket.

When the media heat was off, and DM’s thirst for extorted money became uncontrollable – and many of the complaining public were declared and discredited – magically Wendell re-appeared leading the storm trooping Finance Police on an uninterrupted reign of terror. 20

Rathbun’s blog, September 25, 2009
To stand and communicate one’s convictions and defend the rights of other friends to do the same is the remedy for Miscavige’s brand of terrorism.  It can make one feel healthier and more whole. If enough people follow your lead, it will lead to the end of the Scientology reign of terror.21

I have been communicating my convictions, and defending the rights of others to do the same, about Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists, and Miscavige’s brand of terrorism, which is Hubbard’s brand of terrorism, for thirty-three years. It was because I communicated my convictions and defended human rights that the Scientologists, including Rathbun, have terrorized me all these years. Rathbun has so far not followed my lead, but, with his continuing contempt and black propaganda, has supported the terrorists against me.

Even if he is on a program that Miscavige is personally operating, to perhaps become the opposition, just another Loyalist Op, for example, Rathbun can still do the right thing. So can Rinder and Prince, of course, or any Scientologist or Exscientologist, but this is for Marty. He can change his convictions. He can leave the terrorist group and philosophy he supported and support the people he had terrorized for antisocial reasons. He can stand up and communicate his new conviction. He can defend my rights to do what I have done, for which he had me terrorized over many years. And I agree with him that if he stood up and communicated the truth about what he had done to me he very well could feel healthier and more whole.

The Scientologists and their collaborators, including Rathbun to date, clearly do not want him to change his conviction and tell the truth to help his victims. This condition is “command intention” from David Miscavige, and all Scientologists and their collaborators embrace and forward this intention. Rathbun not telling the truth about the Scientology v. Armstrong war, not debriefing to me and my attorney, and remaining contemptuous toward me and his other wog victims, is what the Scientologists call their “ideal scene.”

The basic strategy the Scientologists and their collaborators use to make sure that Rathbun never helps me is invalidation. They invalidate the meaning and value of the matter for which the help was requested. They invalidate the worth or potential effectiveness of that help. And they invalidate the person the help would be for, who happens to be the person asking for the help. Other people, of course, could also ask Rathbun to help me, but those are rare, mainly because of the effectiveness of the Scientologists’ “inval tech.”

An extraordinary thing, not caused by me, but which I have not withheld from Rathbun or everyone else, is that the Scientology v. Armstrong war is not a meaningless, eminently ignorable matter, something of no relevance or importance to anyone other than me, the poorest of pilgrims.  There is a set of people, in law firms, in thinktanks, in forums, in government positions, in and out of Scientology, who, over the years have worked their tech to make that illusion real, and make helping me in that war useless, or even dangerous.

I wrote to Jesse Prince recently about transpersonal factors in my legal situation, and the classes of people affected by the injustices and lies the Scientologists, including Rathbun, Rinder and Prince had perpetrated, and gotten others to perpetrate. I also mentioned the many people who would be freed or otherwise assisted by correction of those injustices and lies. 22

The set of people who would be helped if Prince told the truth is the same as those that would be helped if Rathbun did. Nobody need be afraid of joining or becoming my “personal army” by helping me against the Scientologists and their collaborators. That’s just invalidation tech at work.

The fact is that if Rathbun stepped up and honestly debriefed to me and my attorney, it would be heroic. It couldn’t help but be humiliating at times, because he did evil and got others to do evil for so many years in such an unjust, sick cause. But the humiliation would pass; in fact the heroism is largely in confronting it and carrying on with helping. Putting off doing the right thing that has been so well laid out before him to do, and justifying not doing it with black propaganda, are pettinesses or cruelties that keep the humiliation unconfrontable. Ultimately, the opportunity for Rathbun to do the right thing, heroic or not, will be lost, which, of course, is “command intention.”

“Invalidation” is a huge item in Scientologists’ programming, and so ubiquitous in Scientology-speak that it is commonly called “inval.” It is constantly used in “auditing;” e.g., “On blahblah has anything been invalidated?” In “ethics” scripture, Hubbard stated that antisocial personalities deal mainly in invalidation. And he declared that invalidation of “clears” is a high crime.

Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears is a High Crime.

Anyone found spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears shall be declared Suppressive at once by the first Ethics Officer so hearing of the matter. Investigation should take the form of looking for a criminal background on the person spreading such rumours.

For sixteen years I have been subjected to this type of attack. Now it is being transferred to Clears by Suppressive Persons.

Such attacks are born out of terror of having anyone better or stronger.

This is the basic motivation of any SP.

It has been a hard task to bring the shreds of civilization to a scientific barbarism known as “Western Culture.”
Quite obviously it will require a long time to get Ethics in on this society. We have not been tough enough.

So get tough. 23

As years of unrefuted evidence has shown, the “State of Clear” was and is illusory, Hubbard and his Scientologists’ selling of “Clear” is fraud, and the “Clear” he was and the “Clears” he produced were not only not “clear,” but woefully aberrated and even antisocial. What Hubbard and his Scientologists called “false tales” about “Clears” to invalidate them, were actually facts and the truth about the illusory state of “Clear” and Scientologists professing to be “Clear.” “Getting tough” on the people courageous enough to tell the truth about “Clear” and “Clears” meant and means harming or destroying such people. To help cloak his policy and practice of harming or destroying people who tell the truth about Scientology, Scientologists or himself, Hubbard used the euphemism “fair game.”

Hubbard defined “invalidation” as “a refuting or degrading or discrediting or denying something someone else considers to be a fact.” 24 He also described the effect of “invalidation” on the individual:

Now let’s get this one…just get this one down real good. Let’s get this down real good. Invalidation by words is the symbolical level of being struck. You got that? Invalidation by words is the symbolical level of being struck. If a person is afraid of being hit, he is afraid of being, quote, “invalidated”, unquote. 25

Invalidation is force applied. You apply enough force to anybody and you’ve invalidated him. How invalidated can he get? Dead.


The invalidation on a pure force level makes a person feel that he is nothing. Degradation brings him down from rather high heights, on a force level, to nothing; he has been unable to overcome any force or any action taken against him and as a consequence, he considers himself to be practically zero. 26

Although the invalidation of the state of clear is the discrediting of something discreditable that should be discredited for everyone’s benefit, the Scientologists’ invalidation of me, or people similarly placed as me, is to degrade our images, which should not be degraded, to beast level. Rathbun, Rinder, Prince, Miscavige, and similarly placed Scientologists who do and order the image-degrading of someone telling the truth about Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists are completely aware of the intended effect of their degradation tech. The desired result, through enough strikes or hits, enough force, enough degradation, and getting enough others to degrade him enough, is to invalidate him dead. Clearly, however, the Scientologists’ invalidation tech, even if applied dedicatedly, covertly and overtly around the world and over decades by swarms and generations of degraders and degrading agents, is not always successful.

If Rathbun ever considers changing his conviction, and standing up for me, he can be grateful for his unsuccess in degrading my image to beast level, or bringing about my death. I am not what he and other Scientologists project and get others to project onto me. I am not the evil, psychotic person he black PRed me as, and got others to black PR me as, to the IRS, and to other agencies, other governments and myriad persons around the world. I am not the psychopath the Scientologists portray me as with their Suppressive Person doctrine, which defames the whole SP class as psychopaths. I am not an antisocial personality as the Scientologists degrade me by declaring me an SP, and treating me as an SP these many years. I am not a scofflaw or a criminal, which they accuse me of being, and I committed none of the crimes they have accused me of over thirty-three years. Even if I really was evil and a psychopath, however, and even if I was a degraded being or criminal as Rathbun, et al. have black PRed me, what they have done to intimidate and silence me would still be unlawful and terrorism. But I am not the evil, degraded, criminal entity they portray me as, and they all should be thankful. I am a very average, common person, given ordinary and unique abilities and experiences by God, just like every other person.

Rathbun’s blog, September 30, 2009
Several mechanisms are wielded by Miscavology to keep the sheep in the pen and to keep the more adventurous ones in fear of straying too far. The most common weapon is the disconnect card. It is used to keep people in a state of terror of losing their family, friends and livelihoods.


Toward the end of my career, Shelly sometimes came by my office after a particularly brutal DM espisode, plop down in the chair in front of my desk, and look up to me and say wistfully, “what are we going to do?” Because of the atmosphere of terror instilled prohibiting any sign of disaffection, I’d reply with an equally wistful, “hell, I don’t know.” 27

Rathbun’s blog , August 26, 2010
The intent of the propaganda is the same intent behind forcing you to periodically sign five year employment contracts which make you think you have signed your rights to free speech away.

The purpose is to keep you in a state of electrified fear of ever even thinking a negative thought about David Miscavige and his rein of terror, let alone ever doing anything about it.
Miscavige is less and less seen by the average staff member because he is figuratively burrowing himself further and further into his Hitlerian bunker. He has good reason to choose his ground hog strategy.

His rein of terror is under intense scrutiny by people who make their lives’ work to end effective slavery and mafia-like intimidation tactics by dictators. 28

Rathbun’s implication that he was among the people who had made their lives’ work to end slavery and mafia-like intimidation tactics is bogus. For many years, he was a high level participant and operator in the Scientologists’ intimidation and terrorizing of the SP class, including me. Since claiming to have left Scientology and be opposing that intimidation and terror, he has in many ways continued to support the Scientologists against me and other wogs or human beings he had terrorized while in the cult.

Rathbun’s blog , October 10, 2010
Remember, Miscavige has two missiles in his arsenal. One, intimidation with seemingly unlmited chutzpah and money in order to wear one down to the attitude of “it is not worth it any more.”  Two, when “one” has had its intended effect, use seemingly unlimited funds to either a) make the legal and PR trouble he has created with this over-the-top intimidation tactics go away, or b) throw the target a bone to settle and go away quietly.   I also said from the beginning that breaking the mafia-like monopoly of terror Miscavige runs is inevitable because we are a new breed of cat.  We are immune to both missiles in his arsenal.  We just ain’t afraid, and we are not buyable at any price.29

Since he claimed to have left Scientology and be speaking out, Rathbun has attacked me, and had others attack me for, among other “reasons,” my December 1986 dismissal of my legal claims against the Scientologists up to that time in exchange for a sum of money. It was supposed to be, and was called, a “settlement.” Rathbun, et al. call it “selling out,” and they claim that Rathbun has never sold out and will never sell out, is “not buyable at any price,” etc. This black PR line and his usurping of virtue in this paradigm are perverse because Rathbun was the person in charge of buying me, or forcing me to settle, by, among other crimes, criminally framing my attorney. I wrote an article in 2011 about the Scientologists’ attack on me for “selling out.” 30

In 2009, soon after Rathbun started communicating publicly, and claimed he was helping a set of the Scientologists’ victims, which included me, I wrote him seven letters before he answered. I wrote about different criminal or antisocial matters of great importance to me that he had personally been involved in or knew about, and I requested his help in correcting gross injustices and human rights violations that he had been responsible for perpetrating and perpetuating. The help I was requesting was very simple, just to debrief truthfully to me and my attorney about actions against me, concerning which Rathbun had direct evidence.

  1. May 31, 2009, “Open letter to Mark C. Rathbun
  2. July 7, 2009, “GA Letter to Mark Rathbun
  3. July 12, 2009, “Sitting Bull blowing smoke” (Rathbun had written as “Sitting Bull”)
  4. August 14, 2009, “Letter to Mark Rathbun re Black PR to the IRS
  5. August 18, 2009, “To Mark Rathbun: Help on Black PR
  6. September 4, 2009 “Letter to Mark Rathbun: Apology not needed or wanted
  7. September 6, 2009, “Letter to Rathbun: Seeking Understanding for Wogs

On September 9, 2009 Rathbun answered.

I have a hard time following your communication. There are some critical differences between you and I:

a) You were willing to lie and did. I’m not.

b) You decided to become a victim, and relish it so much you’ve continued to be one to this day. Everything you utter is through the prism of a victim and to the degree that it is refracted as such, it is false. I am devoted to helping people from entering the dark, dank dungeon of victim-hood.

c) You sold out  twenty-three years ago – and are apparently still mad at yourself for the indelible taint it left. I will never sell out.

If you made a genuine reach to reverse the downward spiral a-c set you on then I’d be glad to assist in your about-face and ascent.


Rathbun’s assertion that I was willing to lie and he isn’t, is both a lie and a laugh. It’s a sick laugh because he is telling that lie, on top of thousands of lies he told or had other tell about me, to excuse his refusal to tell the truth that could correct all those lies he’s told, plus the injustices he perpetrated. His assertion that I sold out twenty-three (now twenty-eight) years ago is a lie. That signing the contract, which contained unlawful conditions that he had concocted, left an indelible taint on me is another lie. The conditions’ unconscionability and the crimes he committed and had others commit to get me to sign is where the taint trail leads. What he projects onto me is all his and his fellow Scientologists and collaborators’ taint.

After being terrorized for all these years and around the world, by the Scientologists and their collaborators, with and about their unlawful conditions in their contract, and their unlawful court orders unlawfully enforcing those unlawful conditions, and even after failing so far to judicially defeat the Scientologists’ efforts to enforce their unlawful contractual conditions and orders, I am grateful for the privilege of signing their unconscionable contract. After having my image degraded to beast level, having a frenzy of hate incited on me, and being at times truly terrorized, I am grateful that I was chosen for this bizarre and depraved persecution. My gratitude does not reduce the need for Rathbun, et al. to end their persecution, change their convictions, stand up for their victims like me, tell the truth, and do what they can to end the lies, injustices and other evils they perpetrated. My gratitude, however, does show that I am not the pathetic subhuman Rathbun, et al. postulate and portray me as. And, of course, the Scientologists’ war on me is also to persecute and terrorize others, and I fight for their rights and peace as well.

In 2011, I wrote about the ludicrous labors that in his September 9, 2009 email Rathbun said I must perform before he would assist me. He did not say he would assist me as I asked to be assisted, by his telling the truth, but would assist me in a way that would not assist me at all, but would subject me to more of abuse.

Marty’s impossible tasks for me that I must perform before he will consider that I have made a genuine reach to reverse the downward spiral he says I’m on include: accept that lies are true and the truth is lies; stop relishing what I don’t relish; stop being what I am not; stop being what I am, which relevantly includes being his victim; stop uttering everything I utter through a nonexistent prism; stop being mad at myself when I’m not; stop being indelibly tainted by nothing.

Marty postulates me into a dark, dank dungeon of victim-hood, where it is clear he puts his and his cult’s wog victims. He says he’s devoted to keeping people from entering his dark, dank dungeon, which makes sense because people might stumble across the victims he’s postulated into his dungeon. His assertion that everything I utter is through some prism he defines, and that everything I utter is false, is the logic of a psychopath.32

Rathbun’s blog, October 14, 2011
Miscavige’s sickness is known as sociopathy in society at large.  His tactics are known as terrorism in law enforcement circles.   One of our primary aims is to de-fang the monster Miscavige’s operates to make lives miserable.  As you can see the monster is becoming more desperate and vile as we progress in disarming it.   Do not be alarmed that these tactic of his can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large.   My prediction of two years ago – that when enough people stand up, Miscavige’s monster will not have the resources to keep up and will begin to lose its grip – still holds, and has been verified as correct in many ways. 33

Yet in the Scientology v. Armstrong terrorism Rathbun has not only not stood up, but has continued into present time to contribute to that terrorism.

March 23, 2012
I think on this score, we can learn from the pioneers; both of the civil rights movements and of the earlier Independent movement. I think we ought to learn from them a higher level of personal involvement.  I am asking people to step up to make it uncomfortable on those who are perpetuating Miscavige’s character assassination network.  I am not suggesting in the slightest that anyone engage in anything resembling harassment, Corporate Scientology style or otherwise.  I am suggesting that the likes of Joel Phillips, John Allender, Ed Bryan, Joanne Wheaton, Norman Bates (whatever his real last name is), Iz Chait, Dave Lublow, and other known agents of Corporate Scientology’s domestic terrorist network be called to account for their months and years of domestic terrorist work.

Miscavige, being the 1.1 coward that he is, has polluted the internet and American neighborhoods by having OSA volunteers and PIs serve as an “arm’s length” domestic terrorist network.  Please do what you can to help disinfect this sickness with sunshine.34

I have been delivering exactly what Rathbun asked for here. I have stepped up to confront him about his perpetuating of the character assassination campaign he ran against me for Hubbard and Miscavige, during the period Rathbun was in the Sea Org. Although claiming to have left the Sea Org, he still perpetuates that campaign, as he demonstrates in Memoirs. I have done my utmost to shine light on the dark sides of Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists, including the terrorism they practice on decent, light-shining wogs with the courage to be terrorized.

Rathbun’s blog, November 30, 2012
After our exposure Miscavige’s terror squads upped the ante by placing mirror coverings on all windows of the 90 thousand dollar surveillance outpost.   That had a chilling effect on a number of local residents.35

Rathbun’s blog, August 17, 2013
Lori Hodgson visited with us in April 2011.  She was there on 18 April when the Squirrelbusters (SQBs) first arrived.   I had already just learned quite a bit about the leaders of the original SQB crew prior to their arrival. That is because one of the reasons for Lori’s visit was to heal from the terror they had already individually and collectively visited upon Lori.


[Ms. Hudgson’s son] Jeremy lasted only 7 months in the Sea Org.  He cried many nights to come home, but never was allowed to tell his mom.  He finally did come home.  But when she tried to remedy whatever he had experienced in the Sea Org that caused him so much terror and grief, she was rebuffed because Jeremy was forced to sign a non-disclosure bond that threatened him with a $3 million fine if he told his mother anything about his Sea Org experience.

Such a contractual condition cannot but be unlawful. Jeremy is one of thousands of victims of such conditions, and his situation is one of a thousand similar reasons why Rathbun should do what he can by telling the truth about these evil documents that he used against good people for so long, and still does. He acts as if these unlawful conditions are lawful and lawfully judicially enforceable, and in my case black PRs me for selling out to him. He does so to excuse both the evil he did and his refusal to now tell the truth about that evil, and in doing so he serves Miscavige and the Scientologists’ antisocial purposes toward their victims.

February 10, 2014
Many have speculated why the Miscavige obsession with our family is so intense and seemingly inexorable.  Miscavige has spent millions in a variety of forums attempting to explain or justify it.  The writings on that score in his publications, legal threats to media, and legal pleadings and utterances from his PR hacks and agents – including the deep ranks of expensive attorneys – are so far-ranging, self-contradictory and red herring in nature, that they are unhelpful in discerning the answer to the question: why such an obsession?  Yet, the answer is apparent, by the repeated expression of our objectives right here on this blog as well as in  a number of media interviews. Below are several excerpts and links to support the ideat that the motivation for Miscavige’s mania lies in his need to resurrect the effectiveness of Scientology’s domestic terror apparatus.


It apparently has come to pass that from Miscavige’s perspective too many people have stood up and been counted so that Scientology has lost its terror-control factor.  There are not enough resources to re-corral or make examples of all those who have stood and are continuing to do so, nor even a significant portion of them.  Apparently, in the mind of Miscavige the only way to discredit the notion that Scientology can no longer hunt you to the grave if you dissent is to very visibly and thoroughly destroy the guy who widely and repeatedly asserted that there was nothing to fear – and the current state of affairs to gain – by standing up. 37

If Rathbun really fears nothing by standing up, as he claims to have widely and repeatedly asserted, then it is not fear, of humiliation or prosecution or of anything else that keeps him from standing up and telling the truth in the Scientology v. Armstrong war. To claim for himself fearlessness, Rathbun essentially admits that his refusal to stand up and tell the truth about the many evils he perpetrated and got others to perpetrate against me is motivated by malice. This also explains why he has continued to lie about me, attack me and treat me contemptuously after saying he had left Miscavige’s control. Whether or not Miscavige dictates Rathbun’s malice toward me is not known, but that Rathbun’s malice is Miscavige’s “Command Intention” and serves the Scientologists’ malevolent purposes is certain. Rathbun’s awareness of what he is doing, and whose intention and purposes his malice toward me serves, is just as certain.

I pray that in 2015 he has a change of heart and stands up for the people he truly terrorized for no moral or lawful reason, and that he tells the whole, unadorned truth about all that terrorism. And may God give him the courage he says he has.


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