Offer to come to Australia to support call for Scientology inquiry

Senator Nick Xenophon
212 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Via E-mail:

Dear Senator Xenophon:

I’m writing you because someone has offered to fly me to Australia to contribute to the effort to bring about an inquiry into Scientology. I would like to communicate with you, or someone from your office, or someone else you suggest, to establish if and how I can be helpful, and to work out a schedule.

I am copying this letter to Seven Network’s Bryan Seymour and Craig McPherson because you commended them in your Senate speech for their investigative reports, and they might already even know of my relationship to Scientology.

Last Saturday, a videographer at the monthly Anonymous protest of Scientology in Vancouver, BC, Canada asked me about Australia, and then put this on YouTube:

I mentioned that if my information or testimony about Hubbard, Scientology fraud, fair game, etc. was wanted in Australia I would be up for going there.

A man in Montreal saw the video, e-mailed my wife Caroline and me, and offered to pay our way for this purpose. I accepted, and this kind gentleman has now sent a sum to us by Paypal. For security reasons, our present intention is that I make the trip alone.

That someone in Canada has come forward to pay for this trip to support a governmental inquiry in Australia into Scientology evidences the importance this matter has for people internationally.

Caroline and I sent you brief reports last month in support of your call for an inquiry. Both of us were high level Scientologists and are now high level targets and opponents of the organization. My site:

Caroline’s site:

Our site on Scientology’s “Suppressive Person” doctrine:

I have testified for over 70 days in depositions or trials in more than 20 Scientology related legal cases, written dozens of sworn declarations or affidavits, and spoken publicly or done media interviews on many occasions, most recently in Germany. I think that my knowledge and experiences can be helpful in understanding, questioning and dealing with Scientology, and I hope that Australia uses them.

I will also now communicate this information to Australian internet contacts Caroline and I have, so that my time can be well utilized, and this excellent opportunity developed for the best result.

Please feel free to forward this letter to anyone else.

Yours sincerely, and Merry Christmas!

Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P6
(001) 604-703-1373