Open listing for Scientologists: What do you fake?

In my letter to Mike Rinder on the 7th1, I observed that he had faked compassion for decades. I hoped that his very recent statement that he had finally actually acquired it wasn’t false. All the fakery I found in Hubbard, what I experienced in Scientology, and fakery I continue to confront through, among other things, Rinder’s relationship and all of your relationships with me, gives me a realism it is sensible to express to balance my always happy hope.

The subject of faking compassion, to say nothing of his publicly claiming compassion, and the apparently rising awareness of fakery in wog news, politics and beyond, led me to consider his experiences and Scientologists’ experience generally. While selling the desirable idea of becoming genuine, becoming honest, becoming yourself, you fake, and are indoctrinated or compelled to fake, many things in your lives.

What Rinder faked and still fakes is in certain content different from what most other Scientologists fake because he was and is a knowing, willing participant in a criminal conspiracy, and most Scientologists might not even know of this conspiracy’s existence in your churches.

Rinder and I didn’t know when the conspiracy was framing Paulette Cooper, although we both were in the Sea Org at the time. Most Scientologists don’t know that after Rinder joined the conspiracy he was intimately involved in framing my attorney Michael Flynn and me. Rinder still serves the conspiracy’s purposes toward their victims, including still maintaining these frame-ups and vicious black propaganda. I doubt that most Scientologists even know of this criminal conspiracy’s use of their tax exempt funds for the unlawful purposes of destruction of good people and deprivation of their rights. You are still supporting this criminal enterprise in your midst.

There are many things that Scientologists fake in common, and, of course, the further you go in Scientology and the longer you are in Scientology, the more you fake. Faking is such a vital — even if unworthy and deleterious — part of doing Scientology and being Scientologists that it naturally attracts actors and rewards the biggest fakes. Failures to fake and faking failures are punished. Scientologists and their collaborators are there to keep the fakery factory working. RTC is there to keep the faking pure.

In pondering the extent of Rinder’s fakery and its pervasiveness among Scientologists, it came to me that it would be helpful to list what you fake. I’ve listed for Scientologists quite a few times over the past twenty years I’ve been online, and probably listed for one or two of your collaborators. A need for my listing for persons in your class arose naturally because of your seemingly unconfrontable fear of asking yourselves the hard questions, and honestly answering them.

Rinder would have seen my public lists and listing, which standardly were very well done, when you he was OSA head. Here’s an explanation of listing I posted in 2000 to a.r.s.

In an April 14, 2010 letter to Rinder, I listed for an honest Scientologist: I’m still listing for one. And the question, “Where is an honest Scientologist?” still reads.

My question to you is very simple. It is a question we all should have asked and answered, perhaps most crucially asked of L. Ron Hubbard.

What do you fake? LF

Abilities. LF

Emotions. LF

Affinities. LF

Realities. LF

Communications. LF

Understandings. LF

Awareness. LF

Feelings. LF

Attitudes. LF

Knowledge. LF

Ignorance. LF

Responsibility. LF

Control. LF

Power. LF

Beingness. LF

Doingness. LF

Havingness. LF

Facts. LF

Truth. LF

Stories. LF

Standards. LF

Honesty. LF

Ethics. LF

Happiness. LF

Way to Happiness. LF

Mental health. LF

Enlightenment. LF

Case level. LF

Gains. LF

Successes. LF

Spirituality. LF

Superiority. LF

Compassion. LF

Suffering. LF

Tears. LF

Regret. LF

Character. LF

Help. LF

Interests. LF

Friendships. LF

Enemies. LF

Allegiances. LF

Motivations. LF

Intentions. LF

Justifications. LF

Publics. LF

Agendas. LF

Stats. LF

Wins. LF

Valuable Final Products. LF

Source. LFBD F/N

That makes excellent sense. F/N

Scientologists routinely assign the wrong source to the pro-survival and contra-survival things that exist or occur in your lives. You use the wrong source to lay in your knowledge and standards on which you will base your survival decisions. You could probably find where I spoke up about this phenomenon thirty plus years ago. As Scientologists, you fake wins, gains and levels, and then affirm the fakery that Hubbard or Scientology is their Source.

Universally, and wrongly, you make SPs the source of illness and every other planetary evil. These are people who speak up with the truth.

“Wrong Source” is a major, many-exampled outpoint in Scientologists’ logic system. Hubbard warned of the confusion and trouble that result from information, orders, gifts or material from the wrong source. He created a special pluspoint for himself and his scripture: “Correct Source.” He famously took a stab at mocking God as Source for all Scientologists with his policy “The Why Is God.” And do your RPF units still shout at their musters, “Commodore, Founder, Source!”

Did you know that L. Ron Hubbard, source of your scripture, was judicially declared, after a month-long trial, “virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements?” Did you know that the Court continued about him, “The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile?” Rinder and the others in his conspiracy have known these facts for more than thirty years. But these conspiracy insiders have faked ignorance, and fobbed off fake facts and the fake truth on non-insiders to keep them working, and supporting the conspiracy.

The people who spoke up about or stood up to Hubbard’s judicially-noticed egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness were the people Rinder targeted for silencing or destroying. He stated to Leah Remini in episode two of the A&E Scientology the Aftermath series:

Part of my job was to discredit and destroy critics who spoke out against the church. If the church believed that someone was an enemy, and needed to be silenced or destroyed, it was my job, and I did it.

The objective of that part of the church that deals with quote “Enemies,” OSA, which I used to be the head of, is to get rid of attackers.

The “church,” clearly, did not believe that someone is an enemy, or anything else. Scientologists believe that people are enemies and need to be silenced or destroyed. LFBD The “church” is a fake source for Rinder’s and the Scientologists’ beliefs. F/N

More accurately, the Scientologists like Rinder, Rathbun and Miscavige who comprise your criminal conspiracy against persons and rights believe people who speak up and tell the truth are enemies and need to be silenced or destroyed. This is, of course, a fake belief; every participant in your conspiracy, no matter how dishonest or antisocial, knows that by any rational human standard the persons the conspiracy targets do not need to be silenced or destroyed.

Inarguably, I’d say, I am one of the people who have spoken up with the truth, and conspiracy heads Hubbard and Miscavige declared me an enemy. They faked a need to have me silenced or destroyed, and then ordered me silenced or destroyed, or both. Rinder, faking agreement with the fake need, has been satisfying that need, according to his different posts and duties in the conspiracy, ever since. It has been, as he says, his job. He has been working on that command intention for over thirty years.

It was many other Scientologists’ job as well, of course, and also the jobs of a multitude of hired wog collaborators. To achieve the criminal goal of silencing or destroying my attorney and me, Rinder and his coconspirators unlawfully paid millions of dollars of Scientologists’ money to conscienceless PIs and attorneys, corrupt police, and known felons.

Silencing people about their experiences in and knowledge of something as dangerous, or even as evil, as Scientology, something that could have consumed every minute of their lives, something its adherents fight to have classed as religion, is diabolical. I have never sought to silence anyone about their experiences. I have never sought to destroy anyone. The campaign by Rinder and the rest of your conspiracy, unlawfully funded by a tax exempt religious entity, is utterly one-sided, unconscionably unfair. There is no justification for your fake need to silence or destroy me, or for your conspiracy’s antisocial and criminal actions to satisfy that fake need.

It should be clear that Rinder failed with me. So did Hubbard, Miscavige, Rathbun and the rest of your conspiracy. You haven’t silenced me and you haven’t destroyed me. The people your conspirators hate the most in the world and are most obsessed with silencing and destroying are the people who stand up to you and keep standing and keep telling the truth despite all your conspirators’ evil intentions and efforts. We whom your conspiracy hasn’t silenced or destroyed, however, have no true choice but to continue.

Although Rinder has failed to silence or destroy me, he must have been successful with other perfectly fine wogs. Otherwise his seniors in your conspiracy who faked the need to silence or destroy these wogs would not have kept him on as OSA head for twenty years.  All those people aren’t heard from now, naturally, because they’ve successfully been silenced or destroyed.

Hubbard is the wrong source for truth, wisdom, understanding, guidance, safety, courage or compassion. So are his apprentices, all your leaders who operate your criminal conspiracy in the Miscavige sect or any other Scientology sect.

If you want fakery, Scientologists and Scientology are full of it. But if they say their religion, philosophy, scripture, tech or founder is a source of truth, wisdom, understanding, guidance, safety, courage or compassion they’re faking it. F/N