re: Gerry Armstrong gives his personal experience of Scientologys top Attorney, Kendrick (Ken) Moxon


A number of these factual statements are “Doyle’s,” whom I haven’t met, but who has clearly done some research and fact-checking in response to Moxon/Miscavige/Scientology/Scientologists/cult agents’ takedown of Richard’s (moronymous, onehuman) video.

The one fact that appears to come from me but doesn’t, and which I can’t support with names, times and places, is that I acknowledge that Kendrick Moxon is aware of hundreds of suspicious deaths that have occurred within the organization. I don’t know if there have been hundreds of suspicious deaths, or to whom any of the cult’s death are suspicious.

Scientology is certainly evil, Moxon is undeniably involved in the suppression and destruction of human rights on a massive scale for the cult, and he cannot but be aware of many of the cult’s and many of the cult’s cultists’ crimes, and torts, and lies, and perversions, but I cannot make such assertions regarding his awareness of the cult’s suspicious deaths.

Thanks to everyone who speaks up in the Scientology v. Armstrong war, and in the greater War on Wogs (WoW!).