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Re: ESMB Thread: Looking for photos for the Armstrong Op site


Gerry and I are assembling documents relating to Scientology’s fair game on Michael Flynn and Gerry. I’m posting some of these documents on a new site: The Armstrong Op.

The basic facts of this operation are provided in Gerry’s 1994 declaration. (Of course we know much more about the Armstrong Op in 2014. )

There are many operators in this massive Scientology conspiracy, some for which I do not yet have photos. Here are The Operators to date. (Clicking on their images will take you to documents by or about them.)

At this time, I’m lacking photos for the following operators, and am forced to use a simple “Thetan” symbol placeholder:

  1. David Aden
  2. Geoffrey Shervell
  3. Laurie J. Bartilson
  4. Kenneth D. Long
  5. Helen M. Barlow
  6. Lynn R. Farny

Can someone here confirm that this is the same David Aden who was Director of Public Affairs OSA Boston in 1984?


Thanks for the basic info. Will be on the look out for anything pertinent.


I wish that Marty, Mike, and Gerry Armstrong could resolve their differences, because their combined knowledge, pooled together, could answer many questions.

The only one who benefits from this discord is the cult.

IMO, “Discord” is not the issue; needed information not yet provided is the issue.


The fair game engendered by Mark and his fellow Scientologists in their submissions to the IRS and the resulting grant of tax exemption still continues. Mark and Mike could do something about stopping it.



It’s important to not forget about the missing – withheld – information regarding matters having to do with the IRS, etc.

Thank you, Veda.

Not forgetting about anything, even a monstrous felony, takes no time at all. Doing something about it – learning about it, communicating about it, remedying it – takes time.

Not forgetting about the crime is something even its perpetrators do. So it is a completely neutral activity that takes no time. It cannot be commendable, because, as I say, even crimes’ perpetrators probably don’t forget about them.

In the IRS matter, the Scientologists, their wog agents, and the US Federal Government collaborators committed a crime, which is ongoing, against the individuals the Scientologists defamed or smeared in their submissions; the whole class of “Suppressive Persons” then and yet to come; taxpayers; the rest of the US’s citizens; and even Scientologists themselves. Because the Scientologists promote and operate internationally, the US collaboration with the Scientologists in the grant of tax exemption, and what that portended, constitutes a crime against every citizen on earth, an automatic deprivation of rights.

This has gone on since 1993, and much earlier in the conspiracy that led to the grant of tax exemption.

Rathbun was a major participant in that conspiracy. Rinder was a slightly less major conspirator.

Is that continuing criminal conspiracy what you are not forgetting?


While I applaud any truth-telling by Rathbun and Rinder, I also recognize the possibility of a condition of mutual blackmail between Miscavige, Rathbun and Rinder: Things for which they could all be criminally liable.

That Rathbun and Rinder serve Miscavige’s purposes in this key area and subject is enough. Why exactly they do so is not known – mutual blackmail, mutual benefit, mutual duty, mutual ruds, mutual embarrassment – is not important. The elements that keep any criminal conspiracy working despite appearances of non-mutuality are probably present here. This is a massive criminal conspiracy. Rathbun, Rinder, Miscavige and their coconspirators are welcome to explain why they conspire criminally any time they want. They are not, however, welcome, by me, to continue to criminally conspire, for any reason.

On applause for truth-telling, if you applaud any truth-telling by Rathbun and Rinder, don’t you applaud everyone’s truth-telling? Isn’t everyone’s truth-telling just as applaudable?

I’m sure that if you went through Hubbard’s writings you would find all sorts of truth-telling. The Scientologists all applaud his truth-telling. Your applause would coincide with the Scientologists’ applause many times as all of you read Hubbard’s words.

How about any truth-telling Miscavige does? Even the most pathological liar has to tell some truths in a day.

Banalities are often truth-telling for applause on the cheap, and they are just as often non-applaud-worthy, or even gag-worthy. Up is up. Clap, clap.

Seriously, if you applaud truth-telling, not just from Rathbun and Rinder, because they are so special in some way, which I can’t imagine, and not just the truth-telling directed to you personally for your applause, you would spend a lot of time applauding.

It might be more efficient, and even compassionate, to expect and not applaud truth-telling, but disapprove of, or anti-applaud the lie-telling. That’s for future examination and discussion.

When the truth becomes relevant in human interactions, non-truth-telling is logically anti-applauded, and all the truth-telling going on could be rendered anti-applaudable.

This can be seen, for example, in a criminal trial, in which the perpetrator answers the prosecution’s questions truthfully, and the defense’s questions truthfully, all except for the truth about the crime. Or a witness to the crime withstands hours of truth-telling but doesn’t tell the truth about the crime he witnessed.

They tell the truth, even deep philosophic truths, truths about themselves and others, historical truths, detailed and accurate truth-telling, about everything except the crime. Would you therefore applaud their hours of truth-telling on the stand? Would you think that the criminal or the witness is making progress by all those hundreds of thousands of words of truth-telling if he never told the truth about the crime?

The Scientologists’ conspiracy against Mike Flynn, me and others just happens to be a massive ongoing crime that involves dozens of conspirators over more than 30 years.

The conspiracy is being tried in public because the conspirators have worked to prevent access to the US’s Federal Justice system where this matter belongs. Even if it was possible to access the US Justice system, it has to be recognized that the DOJ/US Federal Government is in the conspiracy.

I have been told by someone deep inside it that US society in general and the courts in particular have only become increasingly corrupt since the US granted the Scientologists tax exemption. So it has to be acknowledged that even when access to the Justice system has been gained, the opportunities for further victimization of the victims have also increased.

In any case, for now, the Scientologists’ criminal conspiracy has to be tried in public, and around the world, rather than in court, where it also belongs.


More information needs to be made available.

Caroline and I are doing our best:


My opinion at this time is as long as Rathbun and Rinder continue to truth-tell, and continue to change, I’m willing to wait for the eventual opening up about matters that have remained unaddressed.

But Rathbun has addressed the frame-ups of Flynn and me, and crucially continued those crimes in his Memoirs. Rinder was his editor and he too knows that the book continues the Flynn and Armstrong frame-ups.

I do not know what changing Rathbun and Rinder are doing. Their words change. But they have not changed where change is relevant, in redressing the crimes they committed against the Scientologists’ fair game victims. Redress would involve, of course, ceasing participation in the conspiracy and truth-telling about it.

I’m unclear on what you mean by being willing to wait. What would you do if you were unwilling to wait for Rathbun and Rinder, or anyone else, to truth-tell about the Scientologists’ ongoing criminal conspiracy?

Clearly I have demonstrated that I am willing to wait for Rathbun and Rinder to leave their criminal conspiracy and tell the truth about it. I help them in every way I can, by providing facts and documents about their conspiracy, and by providing them the most golden of opportunities to do something applaudable about it. But I am willing for neither Rathbun nor Rinder nor any Scientologists to tell the truth until the end of time about their criminal conspiracy.

Being willing to wait, I think, is unrelated to what a person does while waiting. But it sounds like you are arguing for spectatorism as the answer to injustice, criminal conspiracies, etc.

By the way, for many years I have applauded your communicating about Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists’ antisocial natures and activities, I have applauded any of your efforts I’ve seen to remedy lies being told and injustices being perpetrated, and I have applauded your private but obvious continuing learning about it all. I don’t applaud when you applaud Rathbun and Rinder’s truth-telling any more than I applaud Scientologists when they applaud Hubbard or Miscavige’s truth-telling. I will applaud whoever blows the conspiracy and truth-tells truthfully about it.