Russian Scientologists Erasing Consciences for their US Masters

The Scientologists have just published a new and updated black PR page on me on their Russian Religious Freedom Watch hate site:

The Scientologists provided a pdf with an English translation:

They have some nice Anonymous protest pics from Vancouver and Hamburg, and a goofy goose step pic allegedly from London, but unrelated to me.

In a section the cultists call “Connections to criminal organizations” they state about my relationship with Anonymous:

In addition, Armstrong has tight connections to the members and attorney of extremist movement Anonymous. Three executives of this movement were imprisoned by court in 2008 due to organizing of criminal acts against the Church of Scientology. Some of the members of this movement were making death threats and were committing acts of terrorism.

Armstrong was representing interests of Vancouver Anonymous at the anti-Scientology conference in Hamburg in 2009 and took part in protest march organized by this movement.

I have no clue if Anonymous even has an attorney, and I don’t have a tight connection to him or her if Anonymous does have one. I would like to be tightly connected to this attorney, if one exists, so please let me know.

Interestingly, Russian Scientologist and RFW agent Nikolay Varshavsky wrote me in 2011, claiming that the Scientologists wanted to recreate my “whole story picture using certain and reliable facts and documents,” but clearly signaling their intention to further fair game me on religiousfreedomwatch-ru. I answered Varshavsky fairly fairly and forthrightly.