Salekhard, Russia, October 18, 2017 article in Krasnyy Sever

Below is a Google translation of an article by Natalia Rybiakova and some comments published October 18, 2017 by Красный Север (“Red North”).1; 2 I made a couple of what I think are corrections of Google’s effort.

Also, “overwhelming personality” and “fair prey” are doubtlessly the Scientology concepts “Suppressive Person” and “fair game.” I’m unsure what “money is given to the shoes” means in the comments. Perhaps it’s a Russian idiom.


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Gathered for training? Make sure that this is not a sect!

10/18/2017 00:22:00

Gathered for training? Make sure that this is not a sect!

They distribute their organizations throughout the Urals. Their victims are not only ordinary citizens, but also businessmen, officials, politicians. Once hitting the Scientologists, it’s almost impossible to leave.

As worshipers manipulate people’s minds and persecute those who choose to break with them, Gerald Armstrong is well aware. He spent more than twelve years in the sect. Becoming a personal archivist of the founder of Scientology Ron Hubbard, had access to secret documents and realized where he was. Trying to tell the truth, he ran into threats.

– I had to run. If I did not, I would be grabbed, locked up and silenced, which means that I could be killed. Because of what I learned and decided to talk about, Scientologists consider me to be the main enemy for almost thirty-six years.

All this time he is pursued by the adepts of the organization, because now he is for them “overwhelming personality” and “fair prey.” So according to the doctrine everyone is called who dared to speak out against them.

On the real dangers of Scientology, Armstrong told at the International Scientific and Practical Conference on sects and cults, which was held in Salekhard in the last days of September. According to him, their methods are from total espionage to grave crimes, such as kidnapping, keeping them in prisons and even killing.


… When I listened to the story of Gerald Armstrong, it seemed to me that all this is far away and not about us. His statement that there are plenty of Scientologists around, and perhaps even in this room, caused a grin. But the more I plunged into the topic, the more I realized that I was not right.

In the Internet a huge number of sites, forums and literature, telling about the teachings of Hubbard. Allegedly, public organizations offer at first sight seemingly harmless courses to improve their lives, conduct business trainings and seminars on personal growth, organize English language courses, luring young people. The center “Dianetics” is actively working in Yekaterinburg, the churches of Scientology are open in Surgut, Chelyabinsk, Omsk. Throughout the Urals, Scientologists operate through public organizations and various LLCs that promise to cure drug addiction, organize schools of additional education and business education. Several sites actively recruit into the ranks of sectarians of the inhabitants of Tyumen. They act so skillfully and professionally that sometimes I even caught myself thinking that I’m beginning to doubt: what if this really is the way to success?

“My name is Demchenkov Vyacheslav, I’m a simple Scientologist from Ulyanovsk. And this page is made especially for the people of the glorious city of Tyumen, “a simple Ural guy tells Web users about the wonders of Scientology. “Help is possible, believe me! Surely your loved ones in Tyumen need it. Do you have something to help? “- echoes the preacher on another portal. But before you help, you will be asked to go through the “Oxford test of personality analysis.” Experts argue that this invention of Scientologists to psychology has nothing to do with it. The purpose of the test is to lure a person to the following paid classes. At the same sectarian “business training” courts of different countries have repeatedly recognized as fraudulent.


At the Tyumen sites of Dianetics – the main work of Hubbard, which is interpreted by his associates as a modern science of mental health and success, many “success stories”: about achievements in business, gaining happiness and incredible abilities after meeting with adepts. And in the rubric “health” you can find revelations about how blind people become sighted, people with disabilities get to their feet, and cancer patients can dissolve into incurably sick! Talking about the miraculous healing, one Sergei positively offers a meeting “with a professional auditor”, which will help solve problems, and even leaves his cell number.

Armstrong told me about the auditing process. This is a perverse “confession”, during which a kind of “lie detector” is used. Man under the influence of hypnosis tells everything about his life, down to intimate details. The auditor makes him look for the causes of failure, digging through his memory. All this is recorded on video, and then stored in the archives of the sect. One such session costs from ten to thirty thousand, and they need to go dozens, and sometimes hundreds of times. Manipulating the consciousness of a person, he is “placed” on auditing, as a drug.

– Scientology does not improve physical fitness and well-being. Most of her practices are disastrous for health, Armstrong says. “Scientologists do not live longer than others.” Stress from one presence in the higher circles of the organization, where in my time I was, worsens the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. My own health suffered. Even Hubbard was often sick in those years when I was beside him. There are many examples where Scientologists fell ill and died young, as they were denied medical treatment and used charlatan treatments instead.

As a result – crippled destinies, destroyed families, lost states, problems with the psyche …


We bring to your attention a few comments from the site Spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved.

∙ Please do not go on auditing !!!! This is stupid hypnosis, Ron Hubbard is a fantastic middle-aged writer who himself said that you need to create a religion in order to be rich and to rule with loaches!!! Familiar family is Scientology. Nothing of its own, the child’s application to the group writes, so that money is given to the shoes !!!!!!!!!! You will be brainwashed, that’s all! all tests for the need for auditing are counterfeit, even the most positive answers are written at the end – you are depressed, you need auditing! Think about it and never go there!

∙ My husband is engaged in Scientology, the roof is riding full-sits every night with an e-meter. In real life, nothing is clear. The psycho is over. On the first wife conducted experiments brought to a psychiatric hospital, I refused to be his guinea pig, I do not know can found on the side. Do not sleep at night and does not give us. Draw conclusions

∙ People please do not even think about reading this literature!!! I lived 25 years in the neighborhood with the “leader” of one of these gangs. tell all the horrors about this family, and how this woman ruined her whole life for herself and her loved ones, how she left without property and sacrificed everything-even the toys of children-to go through the cleansing programs I will not. it’s very very long! I want to say and warn you – run away from there! Relieve relatives for this sect!

10/18/2017 02:58:17
He’s right. We were in the hall. Some of us chuckled for disguise.

10/18/2017 03:42:06
Dear author, what kind of nonsense did you write here? You have been paid an article, so you would at least try a little. And then something so frankly garbage some scribbled.

10/19/2017 08:22:25
At us catastrophic scales reached the activity of the “Parents of the Urals for a world without crime, violence and drugs” Scientology sect. Who even thought of letting people in with people who do not have the necessary qualifications, but who have an extremely dubious reputation. The first word that will drop out, if you enter the name of the organization in the search bar on the Internet, is Scientology. Where is the guarantee that the lecture “drugs is bad, crimes are bad,” will not end. “Hubbard is good, Scientology is good, The road to happiness is your favorite book.” People who have been entrusted to life and health (including spiritual) of our children, think about what your negligence and connivance can lead to.

Наталья Рыбьякова

Natalia Rybiakova