SCHUMCO’s Defense Tech

Rathbun does use the Shaggy Defense – “a strategy of flatly denying guilt and refusing to engage with the evidence against you, no matter how overwhelming.”

Rathbun uses pretty well all the defenses out of Fe Lon Hubbard’s psycho-playbook. I think Hubbard stated the all-time classic Shaggy in HCO PL January 31, 1983, “The Reason for Orgs.”

The evidence against him, that he had been lying to and conning Scientologists and wogs alike for decades by then, was overwhelming. A mass of evidence, from his own personal archive and much of it in his own handwriting, was then sitting in the Clerk’s Office in the LA Superior Court, the subject of the Scientology v. Armstrong case.

Three days after writing (or dating) “The Reason for Orgs,” Hubbard wrote (or dated) this letter to the LA Superior Court:

What Hubbard wanted was the evidence of his lying hidden or destroyed. He wanted warrior Rathbun and his troops to destroy the people who told the truth about his lying, and destroy anyone else who came to their rescue, such as Mike Flynn.

More than the Shaggy Defense, however, Rathbun employs the Great Warrior Defense, in his book, and out of his book: “You did lots of things, but they were necessary, in fact laudable, because the enemies (the APA, the AMA, the DOJ, the IRS, FAMCO) were so evil and threatened so great a man with so great a cause.”

The Great Warrior Defense is a variation of the Robin Hood Defense: “Sure you committed crimes, but they were against the suppressive Sheriff of Famcoham and his illicit campaign to destroy religion, so you’re actually a hero.”

The Great Warrior Defense is the same justification Rathbun used during all his years inside the cult when he was committing the criminal acts he, being still the Great Warrior, now still defends.

Rathbun claims for Hubbard the same Great Warrior defense throughout Memoirs. Hubbard instituted the SP doctrine and the fair game the policy because of all the evil entities arrayed against him, preventing him and his tech from being accepted — the US Navy, the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover and his boys, the AMA, the APA, the IRS, the DOJ, the CIA, Interpol, vested interests, communists, monopolies, and FAMCO.

What, to not pay admission? Those bastards!

Most importantly, Rathbun did all he did, including crimes against the SP class, in service of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige, the originators, purveyors and enforcers of Command Intention. Call it SCHUMCO ®

When you support one corner of the SCHUMCO triangle, you support all corners. When you increase one corner of the SCHUMCO triangle, you increase the whole triangle. When you gain acceptance for one corner of the SCHUMCO triangle, you gain acceptance for all of SCHUMCO.

In that Rathbun continues to use the same defenses for the same antisocial or criminal actions as he used to justify those actions during earlier periods in SCHUMCO’s service, it can be assumed that he is still in service of SCHUMCO and that he will continue to commit and such justified actions according to SCHUMCO’s command intention.

If he saw his fair game actions against SCHUMCO’s “enemies” as justified and laudable in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s, and if he sees these fair game actions as justified and laudable in 2014, it can be expected that he would continue those actions, to, among other reasons, generate the appearance of his sincere belief in their laudability.

In addition to other benefits from his service to SCHUMCO, Rathbun also profits personally by selling his black PR of SCHUMCO’s avowed “enemies” as his Memoirs. Pretty schummy.