Scientology’s Black PR artist

The scilon, scieno, clam or whatever handing out the anti-anon black PR flyers in Vancouver on June 14 has been identified as Harland Giesbrecht. From Harland’s Scientology cookie cutter web site:

Hello, my name is Harland Giesbrecht, and here is a little bit about myself:

I’m a musician and I’ve been playing professionally since the age of 10 when I started in my dad’s band.

I’m also a songwriter, producer and recording engineer. I’m currently teaching at a recording school and very much enjoying it. Music has been my passion as long as I remember. I corresponded for some time with L. Ron Hubbard and sent him some of my music and poetry, and his letters in response to these are some of my most treasured possessions.

I live in Vancouver, BC and go to the Church of Scientology there. I have also been many times to Advanced Organizations in Los Angeles and Florida for services.

Here’s an image that pretty well confirms that Giesbrecht’s the cult’s black PR artist in Vancouver:

I tried to engage him in conversation but he was very rude, and dramatized pretended ignorance, which is a universal Scientologist trait when interacting with wogs the Scientologists evaluate as critical of their cult’s abuses and criminality, and therefore SPs.

At one point, and without provocation, he pushed me, so he has the potential for violence that folks at future Vancouver protests should be aware of. I told him that he would be very wise to not push people or even put his hands on them because it constituted physical assault, and he asked if I was threatening him. I told him that no, I was warning him.

Since Giesbrecht claims to have been many times to the “Advanced Organizations” in Los Angeles and Florida for services, he’s probably “OT,” which explains his aggression, his willingness to black PR the good people attempting to reform his cult, and his willful OT-level pretended knuckleheadedness.

I took some photos of him to document his participation in Scientology’s world wide campaign to black PR the anonymous people protesting its fraud, human rights abuses and other crimes. I stated my view of this campaign in a letter to cult head David Miscavige that I handed out at the March 15 protest:

I believe that your current handling and nano-management of the Anonymous phenomenon is incitement to violence. It is sociopathically sponsible of you to not deal with your organization’s unconscionable policies, practices and activities that provide anyone, Anonymous or Non, with ample reason to oppose you and your organization. It is moreover wickedly irresponsible that your treatment and handling of people’s legitimate criticisms of Scientology, and your response to legitimate, orderly protests of your orgs, is to label the people criminals and terrorists and blame them for a manufactured list of crimes and threats.

Giesbrecht handed out most of his black PR flyers in front of the Waves Coffee Shop at the corner of Richards and Hastings a block west of the org. This was where a couple of the protesters had this very interesting conversation with him:

Seated behind Giesbrecht and taking photos is the guy who tailed a couple of my friends and me at the April 12 protest.

He called me by name, and when I asked him his name he said, “Pissoff.” I’m not sure of the spelling. It might be “Pissauf” or something else, but it sounded like “Pissoff,” and I’m not sure if that’s his surname or his given name.

Giesbrecht wouldn’t give the other protesters or me a copy of the flyers in which his cult was black PRing the anonymous people, but handed them out to every passerby who would take them. And the passersby happily passed them on to us.