The Sydney Morning Herald: Scientology critic adds volume to inquiry call

Source: NICK O’MALLEY INVESTIGATIONS January 23, 2010 A LEADING critic of Scientology is to travel to Australia to support Senator Nick Xenophon’s campaign for an inquiry into the tax-exempt status of the church. Gerry Armstrong was an ardent believer in the church and its founder, the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, until he […]

Offer to come to Australia to support call for Scientology inquiry

Senator Nick Xenophon 212 Grenfell Street Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia Via E-mail: Dear Senator Xenophon: I’m writing you because someone has offered to fly me to Australia to contribute to the effort to bring about an inquiry into Scientology. I would like to communicate with you, or someone from your office, or someone else […]

Hey Gerry What About Scientology in Australia?