Why won’t Marty and Mike tell the truth?

(Responding to a post by BTs2Free) You asked the real question, “Why won’t Marty and Mike tell the truth?” Caroline’s LFBD F/N item was: because the truth would set a lot of people free, and it serves their purposes to keep people trapped. I think that’s a pretty good answer, well supported with known wisdom […]

Open letter to Mark C. Rathbun

Dear Mark: I’m writing to you at this time, initially anyway, to see where you’re at on your August 13, 1991 declaration that was filed in the first Scientology v. Armstrong case appeal, and to see if you’ll do something about what you stated in this dec. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a1/appeal/decl-rathbun-1991-08-13.html I’m sure you’re knowledgeable about many of […]

Open letter to Tom Cruise, Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary

April 9, 2008 Dear Mr. Cruise: As the putative second in command of the Scientology religion or organization, and as ecclesiastical head David Miscavige’s best friend, or vice versa, you are very aware of who I am. You are also aware of the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction, and you are aware of […]

Letter to David Miscavige, head beneficiary in Scientology v. Armstrong

April 9, 2008 David Miscavige Religious Technology Center 1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A. Also by E-mail Dear Mr. Miscavige: As you know, a week ago I wrote, webbed and posted a letter to the beneficiaries in the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction. I mentioned in the letter that it […]

Letter to David Schindler, Esq., Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary

April 2, 2008 David J. Schindler, Esq. Latham & Watkins LLP 633 West Fifth Street, Suite 4000 Los Angeles CA 90071-2007 By E-mail: david.schindler[at]lw.com Dear Mr. Schindler: It has come to my attention that you are an attorney for one or more Scientology churches or organizations. Therefore you are a beneficiary in the Scientology v. […]

Letter to the Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiaries

To all Scientology and Scientology affiliated churches, organizations and entities, and all of their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel: As possible, I am writing each of you individually and personally, in addition to writing the Scientology and affiliated churches, organizations and entities, because you are all beneficiaries in the […]