On Monique Yingling, Alex Gibney, Scientology and the IRS deal

In an April 26, 2015 letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Times 1, in response to Alex Gibney’s April 11 op-ed article 2, Scientology attorney Monique E. Yingling accuses him of appearing “trapped in his own prison of bias when he wrongly asserts that the Church of Scientology did not deserve IRS recognition […]

Letter to US Ambassador to Canada David H. Wilkins

December 5, 2005 David H. Wilkins United States Ambassador to Canada The Embassy of the United States of America 490 Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1G8 Lewis Lukens Consul General of the United States of America 1095 W. Pender St. Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2M6 Dear Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Lukens: I am writing to ask […]