Not a Rocket Scientist’s Guide to Insiders: Open letter to Chris Shelton

  Dear Mr. Shelton: I deeply disagree with a few of your claims in your book Scientology: A to Xenu An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is Really All About. It is obvious that while presenting your book as a factual guide, you are propagandizing in key areas, and in a way that serves certain […]

Exscientologists’ terrible humility: An open letter to Jon Atack

  I am writing concerning some statements you made about Exscientologists in your foreword in Chris Shelton’s just-published book Scientology: A to Xenu. I am assuming you wrote what was published. There is considerable disinformation in the book, and, while presenting as critical of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists and their collaborators, it actually serves […]

Shelton apology announcement

[Chris Shelton:] Dear Gerry, You have permission to publish those emails only so long as you also publish the following quoted response on your blog as my final response in this matter. Thank you. I will publish your response on my blog, but I will not publish it as your final response in this matter […]

Re: Fair use and posting Chris Shelton’s e-mail

Draco:And into the fray I go. I read what Gerry said on his blog. I do have a problem with the way he has posted this in that he appears to copy and paste his emails to Chris, but does not do the same with Chris’s replies. Instead he paraphrases and expresses his interpretation of […]

Secret Lives interview (1997)

This interview was in Vancouver, BC in 1997. I had left the US earlier that year when I had discovered online a piece of what the Scientologists filed to get their 1993 IRS tax exemption, which included black PR on me. I’ve written about this a number of times.   Recently Caroline and I have […]

Chris Shelton: logic and loyalty, on the line

Last year, someone sent me some Facebook posts of Chris Shelton that smeared me. Shelton’s purpose was obviously the same as cult head L. Ron Hubbard gave for Scientologists’ black propaganda: to help Ron, et al. destroy my reputation or public belief in me. I had never met Shelton to my knowledge. I had never […]