For Jesse Prince: Who gets helped?

The help I have requested from you is what would help many people – the Scientologists’ present and future victims, present and future Scientologists, and wogs in every area of life. You know this because I have communicated it to you; and, to someone with your personal knowledge of Scientology and the Scientologists’ war on […]

Request to Jesse Prince

Dear Jesse: Great to read you’re feeling good. There are a few fact errors in what you’ve written about the Scientology v. Armstrong litigation and war,1which I will deal with later. Just now, I am writing to ask from you essentially what I have been asking from Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder for the past […]

Russell Miller and me

DamOTclese2 commented on Tony O’s blog:  Of primary importance — for me, any way — is what Gerry thinks about all this. We all have opinions about wrongs that Scientology people have committed against others, and I would love to hear Gerry comment on the re-release of BFM as well as what he thinks about […]

Letter to Dan Sherman

Dear Dan: As you know, I’ve written and published a number of things about our relationship and your “Armstrong Operation,” principally in declarations for different legal proceedings. I’ve had to deal with you Scientologists and your collaborators’ perverse spin on your dirty op and your subsequent black propaganda around the world for almost thirty years. […]

Oh how times have changed at the Int base.

Gerry talks to David Miscavige

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On David Miscavige

Gerry describes his personal experience with the criminal David Miscavige.

Letter to David Miscavige

David Miscavige Religious Technology Center 1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A. March 13, 2008 Also by E-mail Dear Mr. Miscavige: Although you get everything I write that your agents can get, and even steal, the last time I wrote you directly, I believe, was November 2006. You’ll recall that I expressed […]

Letter to David Miscavige

November 23, 2006 David Miscavige Religious Technology Center 1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A. Also by E-mail Dear Mr. Miscavige: As you know, I am the Gerry Armstrong identified on the Scientology web sites , and . This letter is a demand that you immediately have all references […]

Declaration of David Miscavige