The truth about costs

Re: Leah Remini is shooting a TV series about Scientology 31st December 2016, 01:45 PM #442 Little David Gerry Armstrong wrote: […] Remini did state that she wanted to help the Scientologists’ victims, and she lamented that she had no way. If Mike Rinder told the truth — not the scripted, generalized, post-truth truth12 that she […]

Secret Lives interview (1997)

This interview was in Vancouver, BC in 1997. I had left the US earlier that year when I had discovered online a piece of what the Scientologists filed to get their 1993 IRS tax exemption, which included black PR on me. I’ve written about this a number of times.   Recently Caroline and I have […]

Memoirizing lines

Nancy Many (NM) posted on Ex-Scientologist Message Board: NM: Hello ESMB and especially Gerry and Arnie, Hello. I don’t do ESMB now. NM: I am jumping in here after a three year absence from watching these boards and ‘keeping up’. I have been completing my Master’s degree and my clinical training as a multi-faith chaplain. […]

Re: Looking for photos for the Armstrong Op site

Re: ESMB Thread: Looking for photos for the Armstrong Op site Caroline: Gerry and I are assembling documents relating to Scientology’s fair game on Michael Flynn and Gerry. I’m posting some of these documents on a new site: The Armstrong Op. The basic facts of this operation are provided in Gerry’s 1994 declaration. (Of course […]