Russian Scientologists Erasing Consciences for their US Masters

The Scientologists have just published a new and updated black PR page on me on their Russian Religious Freedom Watch hate site: The Scientologists provided a pdf with an English translation: They have some nice Anonymous protest pics from Vancouver and Hamburg, and a goofy goose step pic allegedly from London, but unrelated […]

Hamburg Megaraid Gerry Armstrong’s Speech

Chat with Graham Berry in Hamburg

Gerry in Germany November 20 – December 6, 2009

Gerry will be at a conference on Scientology in Berlin November 23, 24 and 25, a conference in Leipzig, and then will be at the Hamburg mega-raid December 3 – 6. He’s looking forward to connecting up with all the Anons, OGs, and everyone else at the raid and elsewhere.

Scientology, the Cult of Total Victimization

I spoke on the theme, “Scientology, the Cult of Total Espionage” in Russia in 2004. I’ve re-written my article for this conference to take into consideration certain developments since then, and to relate the organization’s intelligence nature and activities to what I now understand to be the organization’s key or basic purpose or purposes. Scientology’s […]

EO: Fair Gaming in Europe