Project Early Warning System

From: (RonIsXenu) Subject: GO Order To Infiltrate Gov’t Offices Date: 1997/09/01 Message-ID: <> X-Admin: SnewsLanguage: English Organization: AOL Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology GPgmO 152 SECRET Distribution: DG I US B-I US as OK’d by DG I US D/PGMS Pgms Ch US DGUS PROJECT INFO: PROJECT: EARLY WARNING SYSTEM: B-1 Ref: GO ORDER 261175 LRH […]

Affidavit of Gerry Armstrong

Memorandum In Support Of Respondent Mary Sue Hubbard’s Motion For Summary Judgment

Affidavit of Donald Keir

Affidavit of William L. Bowman

Declaration of Michael R. Magasin

CV Donald Keir

Exhibit to Keir Affidavit DONALD KEIR Latent Print Expert Los Angeles Police Department SCHOOLS ATTENDED EAST LA JR. COLLEGE Fingerprint Classification FBI Advance Latent Print School FBI Disaster Identification School GLENDALE JR COLLEGE Course in Photography Over two years of Business and Administration of Justice courses WORK EXPERIENCE Conducted over 2,000 felony crime scene investigations […]

Exhibit : HCO PL May 26 “What an Executive Wants on His Lines”

Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit

Hubbard ID: Cruising Association

Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit

Hubbard ID: Miscellaneous

Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit