Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit: CV

BACKGROUND AND QUALIFICATIONS OF WILLIAM L. BOWMAN QUESTIONED DOCUMENT EXAMINER (“Handwriting Expert”) 14412 San Jose Street Mission Hills, California 91345 (213) 897 – 1116 BACKGROUND He and his family live in Mission Hills, California, in the San Fernando Valley. From December 1954 to July 1957, he served as a patrolman on the Beverly Hills Police […]

Declaration of L. Ron Hubbard


Affidavit of Gerry Armstrong


GO Order 261175LRH Program LRH Security Code Name: Power

GO ORDER 261175LRH DGUS cc CSG cc GWW cc PERS PRO SECRET 5285 26 NOV 75 PROGRAM LRH SECURITY CODE NAME: POWER 1. Maintain an alerting Early Warning System throughout the GO N/W so that any situation concerning govts or courts by reason of suits is known in adequate time to take defensive actions to […]

Exhibit: HCOB 25 Mar 75 “Diet, Theory of a Natural Diet”

Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit L. Ron Hubbard, The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, 1972-76. (1976 ed., Vol. VIII, pp. 401-2). Los Angeles, CA. Church of Scientology of California.

Ethics Order 30 Int

Auditor 37

Exhibit: “My Philosophy”

Exhibit to Bowman Affidavit