What’s wrong with Marty Rathbun on the SP doctrine?

Key documents: Suppressive Person doctrine

Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

I, Gerry Armstrong, declare: 1.   I am making this declaration in support of an online form counter-notification to the claim made by Markus Thoess that I infringed his copyright by publishing a video entitled “Mike Rinder Black PR’s Gerry Armstrong and Graham Berry,” hereinafter referred to as the “subject video.” I published the subject video […]

Who or what sold out?

The reason a lot of people oppose Scientology – the cult, the tech — whether they know it or not, is its generation in its adherents of a mental and behavioral condition of psychopathy. People identify a number of other nefarious things Scientologists do as reasons for opposing Scientology: the lying, the manipulation, the fraud, […]

Sitting Bull blowing smoke

How, Chief: I’m writing in response to your article “The Great Middle Path,” for myself and for all Scientology victims. I also represent “Suppressive Persons” who comprise a major class within the victims population. You’re promulgating faulty and destructive information about us, and I will comment on several of these points below. I’ll probably comment […]