Your Purple Hearts will tell on you…

Mike Fitzgerald writes in the Belleville News-Democrat 1, the Belleville, Illinois daily paper, that an Iraq veteran, National Guardsman Lt. Darryl Lee Wright, lied his way to a Purple Heart.  What a piker! L. Ron Hubbard, also a lieutenant, but in the US Naval Reserve, lied his way to TWO. Wright didn’t stop with a […]

On Monique Yingling, Alex Gibney, Scientology and the IRS deal

In an April 26, 2015 letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Times 1, in response to Alex Gibney’s April 11 op-ed article 2, Scientology attorney Monique E. Yingling accuses him of appearing “trapped in his own prison of bias when he wrongly asserts that the Church of Scientology did not deserve IRS recognition […]

To Mark Rathbun about the IRS deal, Monique Yingling and villainy

 8 June 2015 Dear Mark: As you well know, I have beseeched you fairly determinedly for several years to step up and tell what you know from your time in the Sea Org about fair gaming me, and people close to me, particularly Michael Flynn. Where your actions and information are extremely important is in […]

Letter to Alex Gibney on the IRS deal, public policy, and calling out Rathbun and Rinder

March 6, 2015 Alex Gibney Chelsea Pictures 33 Bond Street Unit 1 New York, NY 10012 By e-mail: Re: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Dear Mr. Gibney: In the recent televised interviews or discussions about Going Clear, you and Lawrence Wright called out Scientologist celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta to get […]

Re: Fair use and posting Chris Shelton’s e-mail

Draco:And into the fray I go. I read what Gerry said on his blog. I do have a problem with the way he has posted this in that he appears to copy and paste his emails to Chris, but does not do the same with Chris’s replies. Instead he paraphrases and expresses his interpretation of […]

Secret Lives interview (1997)

This interview was in Vancouver, BC in 1997. I had left the US earlier that year when I had discovered online a piece of what the Scientologists filed to get their 1993 IRS tax exemption, which included black PR on me. I’ve written about this a number of times.   Recently Caroline and I have […]

Defamation claim and demand for remedy

February 16, 2014 Clayton C. Ruby, Esquire Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan11 Prince Arthur Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B2 By:      Canada Post Fax 416 964-8305 Email Dear Mr. Ruby: I have just today discovered a copy of a letter from you to Scientology cult attorney Monique Yingling dated November 6, 1992. You write that […]

Letter to Mark Rathbun re Black PR to the IRS

Dear Mark: I’m writing you politely to request your help to correct the black PR on me included in Scientology’s submissions or other statements to the IRS. The IRS’s grant of tax exemption to Scientology and its separate pieces is based in clear part on that black PR. The specific black PR on me that […]

Letter to US Ambassador to Canada David H. Wilkins

December 5, 2005 David H. Wilkins United States Ambassador to Canada The Embassy of the United States of America 490 Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1G8 Lewis Lukens Consul General of the United States of America 1095 W. Pender St. Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2M6 Dear Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Lukens: I am writing to ask […]

Scientology’s 1023 Submission (Bates Nos. 152077-152094)

Question 10 (c) Please state whether, to the best of your knowledge and belief, there are any pending United States or state or local governmental investigations regarding   possible criminal law violations by a Scientology-related organization or by any individual alleged to have been acting under the direction of (as agent or otherwise), or in conjunction […]