J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for indies, whoever they are.

http://tonyortega.org/2014/02/12/this-is-scientology-today-california-10-year-old-celebrated-for-donating-100000/#comment-1241808900 [J. Swift:] No one has ever disputed Gerry’s contributions, valor, or accomplishments. Oh stop lying. [J. Swift:] I would add that Marty and Monique endured a 199 siege of their home by the SQB’s and Cult PI’s and so nothing has changed from the 1980’s. Look, it is this simple: Gerry operates through proxies. […]

J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for dollars

http://tonyortega.org/2014/02/12/this-is-scientology-today-california-10-year-old-celebrated-for-donating-100000/#comment-1241759387 [J. Swift:] And I’ll just leave this here as well. It is Gerry signing on camera with Scientology attorneys to take an $800,000 payday. Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and the rest of the Indies have never taken one penny from the Cult. What a crock. I took money as compensation for the fair game […]

J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for apologies

J. Swift comment: http://tonyortega.org/2014/02/12/this-is-scientology-today-california-10-year-old-celebrated-for-donating-100000/#comment-1241916709 [J. Swift:] scnethics, Gerry has long demanded an apology from Mike and Marty even while he has publicly attacked them as liars. You’re lying. Show where I demanded apologies from Rathbun or Rinder. You Scientologists and collaborators have kept making this ridiculous charge as if there was something wrong with demanding […]

Who or what sold out?

The reason a lot of people oppose Scientology – the cult, the tech — whether they know it or not, is its generation in its adherents of a mental and behavioral condition of psychopathy. People identify a number of other nefarious things Scientologists do as reasons for opposing Scientology: the lying, the manipulation, the fraud, […]