About cases Bob Minton settled

Because I refused to cooperate with Scientology my punishment was “disconnection” and “fair game” as practiced in Scientology. With the exception of the Wollersheim case, Bob and Scientology made sure that I was not paid for any of the work I’d done in the cases they were able to settle. Even though I stood with […]

Answer to Ray Hill on Jesse’s blog

@Gerry: I read the contract, and at first I thought it must have to do with protecting a then ongoing lawsuit. But there are disturbing terms in there, like “shall remain confidential forever.” Forever? I also find troubling that the expert would have to agree beforehand that a breach “will cause irreparable damage” and yet […]

Letter to Jesse Prince

Dear Jesse: I’m writing to ask you to rethink what you’re saying about the people who settled with Scientology. I’m, of course, one of those people, and I know a number of other people in that group very personally. I consequently know quite a bit about that group’s experience, and am able to discuss and […]

More on Jesse’s blog

@Gerry Armstrong: I just reviewed all all of the few posts here on Jesse’s blog and I see no such “smack talk” about you or any of the others who ended up settling with Co$. You might consider paying less attention to what you are told by others and instead, using your God-given eyes to […]

To Jesse about Hubbard at Gilman Hot Springs

Dear Jesse: You write: What the above people and myself had in common was we had all worked and communicated directly with L Ron Hubbard at some point in our Scientology sojourn and times of our mutual  experiences varied greatly. Few of us had worked together with L Ron at the same time. I realized […]

Letter to Rathbun for help getting back stolen manuscript

Dear Mark: In my May 31 2009 letter to you, I brought up the incident of Scientology agents breaking into my car in 1984 and stealing a bunch of my things, and Miscavige’s having them after their theft. I asked for your help getting them back; in fact I wrote the whole letter essentially asking […]