Chris Shelton: logic and loyalty, on the line

Last year, someone sent me some Facebook posts of Chris Shelton that smeared me. Shelton’s purpose was obviously the same as cult head L. Ron Hubbard gave for Scientologists’ black propaganda: to help Ron, et al. destroy my reputation or public belief in me. I had never met Shelton to my knowledge. I had never […]

Letter to Marty Rathbun re the petards in his Memoirs

From: Gerry Armstrong Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2014 6:18 PM To: Mark Rathbun (… Subject: Captain Moulton black PR in your Memoirs Dear Marty: I am sure you read what I publish religiously. Nevertheless, I do sometimes feel a bit of a duty to specifically inform a living person if I’ve written about him or […]

Michael Hobson and me

My first encounter with Hobson, I believe, was on Jesse Prince’s blog in May 2011. Prince had written something I found incorrect and maligning about people the Scientologists had made sign their silence contracts. I responded and asked him to rethink what he was saying about the people who settled with the Scientologists. Prince […]

The great debate debate

Dear Jesse: I’ve read what you’ve written. You wrote: @Jerry Armstrong: Dear Jerry, just so you know I don’t argue or debate with anyone on news groups or blogs. You seem to have many questions and you seem to have many contridictions to “My Story”. I have two suggestions for you. 1. Please take the […]

More on Jesse’s blog

@Gerry Armstrong: I just reviewed all all of the few posts here on Jesse’s blog and I see no such “smack talk” about you or any of the others who ended up settling with Co$. You might consider paying less attention to what you are told by others and instead, using your God-given eyes to […]