Acting in concert with Gerry Armstrong

On David Miscavige

Gerry describes his personal experience with the criminal David Miscavige.

What Hubbard was really like

[tube]K1QBHWkd72Y[/tube] Video by Moronymous

Scientology’s most shocking crime


re: Gerry Armstrong gives his personal experience of Scientologys top Attorney, Kendrick (Ken) Moxon

[tube]G9kv1gg54C0[/tube] A number of these factual statements are “Doyle’s,” whom I haven’t met, but who has clearly done some research and fact-checking in response to Moxon/Miscavige/Scientology/Scientologists/cult agents’ takedown of Richard’s (moronymous, onehuman) video. The one fact that appears to come from me but doesn’t, and which I can’t support with names, times and places, is […]

Youtube kerfluffle

[tube]oi2idTlqoeQ[/tube] I’ve looked over what someone posted as the text of my short comment about Kendrick Moxon, and I haven’t found anything that is even slightly untrue, or defamatory. Moronymous: So Gerry, I heard you know Ken Moxon. Gerry: Yeah. I knew Moxon. I don’t know that I knew him very well or partly at […]