Application for Debt Ceiling Removal Job

July 28, 2011 President Barack Obama The White House Dear President Obama: I have a solution for the debt ceiling crisis, plus the debt crisis underlying it, and the debt underlying that, and actually a number of related societal crises, and I’m writing to offer my help. I made much the same offer to President […]

Response to Scientology Moscow Black PR

Translation of an article posted on May 24, 2011 on the, a website dedicated to news about religion: Church of Scientology of Moscow spokesman and editor-in-chief of “Right to Freedom”, Alexei Danchenkov: “Armstrong was invited to Russia as an expert on Scientology, but he left the church 30 years ago” Interview by Valery […]

The Value of Valor

Dear Mr. Davis: The following from Lawrence Wright’s article is on the stolen valor issue that I wrote you about yesterday: At the meeting, Davis and I also dis ­cussed Hubbard’s war record. His voice filling with emotion, he said that, if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured, then “the injuries that he […]