Letter to Alex Gibney on the IRS deal, public policy, and calling out Rathbun and Rinder

March 6, 2015 Alex Gibney Chelsea Pictures 33 Bond Street Unit 1 New York, NY 10012 By e-mail: Re: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Dear Mr. Gibney: In the recent televised interviews or discussions about Going Clear, you and Lawrence Wright called out Scientologist celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta to get […]

Re: Tom Cruise v. Bauer Publishing Company, et al.

Now that Tom Cruise v. Bauer Publishing has been dismissed, I will publish my November 11 letter to the defendants and their attorneys, who I understood at the time were involved in the case. My letter is relevant regarding the Scientologists’ Suppressive Person doctrine far beyond Cruise’s narrow claim against Bauer for the way they […]

Alexey Ovchinnikov: Komsomolskaya Pravda (1 June 2011)

Translation of an article published in Russian on June 1, 2011 on the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda: http://msk.kp.ru/print/article/25695/897953 Ex-legal officer of the Scientology organization Gerald Armstrong: “I landed in a jail for cult members because I got into an argument with the secretary of Hubbard’s third wife” In the U.S., his former coreligionists long ago declared him […]

Open letter to Tom Cruise, Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary

April 9, 2008 Dear Mr. Cruise: As the putative second in command of the Scientology religion or organization, and as ecclesiastical head David Miscavige’s best friend, or vice versa, you are very aware of who I am. You are also aware of the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction, and you are aware of […]