Journalists and Me; Tony Ortega, Village Voice, July 2012

On July 28, 2012, Tony Ortega published an article in The Village Voice about John Brousseau, whom I had known in the Sea Org. Brousseau apparently mentioned me in an interview with Ortega, who added an aside about the L. Ron Hubbard biography project. Knowing Hubbard’s track record for veracity, however, Brousseau still has fond […]

Journalists and Me; Tony Ortega, Village Voice, April 2012

On April 20, 2012, Tony Ortega posted an article on the Village Voice site about David Love, “I Think I Have Scientology By The Balls,” which contains this bit about me: Over the next several months, as he saw patients taken in under false pretenses, and saw some harmed, Love says he became determined to […]

Sounding the Sheep Dip for Bubbles

I cannot find where anyone at Tony Ortega’s blog has spoken up to correct inaccuracies in Jon Atack’s September 10, 2016 article about Scientology cult collaborator L. Fletcher Prouty, so I am doing my best now. The article and the inaccuracies I’m correcting also concern testimony in the 1984 trial in the case the Scientologists […]

The Unbreakable Miss Lovely and me

Tony Ortega’s book is intriguing, both in content and composition, and will be useful for all of us who stand against the Scientologists for all their victims. Paulette Cooper’s history with the Scientologists intersects with mine at a number of points, and we shared the fortune of being clients of the same almost famous Boston […]

Re: Fair use and posting Chris Shelton’s e-mail

Draco:And into the fray I go. I read what Gerry said on his blog. I do have a problem with the way he has posted this in that he appears to copy and paste his emails to Chris, but does not do the same with Chris’s replies. Instead he paraphrases and expresses his interpretation of […]

Russell Miller and me

DamOTclese2 commented on Tony O’s blog:  Of primary importance — for me, any way — is what Gerry thinks about all this. We all have opinions about wrongs that Scientology people have committed against others, and I would love to hear Gerry comment on the re-release of BFM as well as what he thinks about […]

J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for indies, whoever they are. [J. Swift:] No one has ever disputed Gerry’s contributions, valor, or accomplishments. Oh stop lying. [J. Swift:] I would add that Marty and Monique endured a 199 siege of their home by the SQB’s and Cult PI’s and so nothing has changed from the 1980’s. Look, it is this simple: Gerry operates through proxies. […]

J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for dollars [J. Swift:] And I’ll just leave this here as well. It is Gerry signing on camera with Scientology attorneys to take an $800,000 payday. Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and the rest of the Indies have never taken one penny from the Cult. What a crock. I took money as compensation for the fair game […]

J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for apologies

J. Swift comment: [J. Swift:] scnethics, Gerry has long demanded an apology from Mike and Marty even while he has publicly attacked them as liars. You’re lying. Show where I demanded apologies from Rathbun or Rinder. You Scientologists and collaborators have kept making this ridiculous charge as if there was something wrong with demanding […]

Memories of memories of farmers and fools

In an article about Hubbard and Scientology’s occult incidents and connections Jon Atack writes: When I first met Gerry, he told me about a scale he’d found in Hubbard’s papers, which belonged to the period between Parsons and Dianetics — around 1947. I asked Gerry about this, recently, but he couldn’t remember it, so […]