E!TV Interviews Gerry Armstong about Fair Game

[youtube pp5jlwDOdNg]

Spanky Taylor interviews Armstrong at the CAN conference 1992

[youtube QD3dHpkkrek] [youtube Ur2ROpN61zM] [youtube Jm9CGQXatDg] [youtube SajPm2Bm_TQ] [youtube QiVXyrPAgNo]

Harassment from Scientology PI Eugene Ingram

Scientology PI videos Armstrong at the CAN conference, 1992

[google -725745304107502739]

CNN Headline News: Armstrong Interview

[google 1669188620519703414] Related: Order of Permanent Injunction

Surveillance Video of Ford Greene and Gerry Armstrong

[google 9076638871790570107]

Scientology PI surveils Armstrong outside his workplace.

[google 3625385168275273879]

Gerry Armstrong signs Scientology’s settlement contract

[google -6899548386682982518&hl] Left: Lawrence Heller; Center: Gerry Armstrong; Right: Michael Flynn Settlement contract

Scientology’s product from its unlawful video operation

Day Four. Mike Rinder returns