The Ben Barrack radio show

A week ago, Ben Barrack, a radio show host in Temple, Texas, sent Caroline and me an e-mail saying he’d happened across our Suppressive Person Defense League site while researching the acronyms Tom Cruise used in a video, particularly “SP,” and asked if one of us would appear on his show.

Following the arrival and rapid spread of Tom’s recruitment video on the Internet, SPDL unique visits went to over forty times the site’s previously recorded daily highest ever, so it’s reasonable that the media would have an interest. SPDL is the most comprehensive, document-supported site addressing Scientology’s Suppressive Person doctrine. Cruise has been very helpful in bringing this mad and dangerous doctrine into public consciousness.

I checked out Barrack’s home page, and saw that his trademarked theme is “Let’s Talk About Something Important!” I also saw he was uncensoring Hillary, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t want to talk about the SP doctrine. So I called him and we chatted a few minutes and I agreed to be on. He said he has an hour show Sunday mornings at 7:00 a.m. Central Time and wanted me for the segment at 7:20, 5:20 Pacific Time.

I e-mailed him some links, and he e-mailed me a couple of days later, confirmed they’d be calling at 5:20am, and gave me numbers to call and links to his station KTEM and to his show’s live stream.

Anyway, I was up on time and coffeed into consciousness, the station called on schedule and I answered Ben’s questions. I had no idea what his first segment had been about, but now that I’ve listened to it I think it’s a good fit with my segment, and very funny. The end segment also has some choice material, and I was especially amazed by the caller who connected the cult back to Hillary. My thought is that in this war that Scientology wages on SPs, we need both Hillary haters and Hillary lovers on our sides.

Thanks Ben. Check out the show everybody.