Truth and Consequences

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Ref: Matthew 10:34-37, The Message

Jesus actually said this and you can check it out for yourself. However, Christian churches ignore this horrific verse and do not break up families – this although Jesus demanded it. Jesus did not want “well-meaning family members” getting in the way of a person’s commitment to him. Christians, however, selectively apply scripture like all other religions.

It’s easy to see these as horrific verses because they demand wisdom to see them as they are, and to see the horrification response as it is.

Yet, it is also very easy, by using the Scientology example, to see that these verses are anything but horrific, and sensibly warn truth seekers and truth speakers of what awaits them on that road. It was safest, wisest, and, ultimately, even most courteous, to let people who would tell the truth know what would befall them from people who want a lie to be true or believed as true. There is no choice for people who tell the truth but to tell the truth.

The idea that Jesus demanded the breakup of families is obviously as ridiculous as the idea that victims of Scientology’s disconnection orders demanded the breakup of their families. The Scientologists would doubtlessly say that the disconnected victims demanded their families be broken up, just as any sociopathic family-wreckers would say their victims demanded the wrecking. But Scientologists and other sociopaths are monstrous liars.

Jesus is and represents wisdom and truth to those who look to him. His message, of course, was “look to God,” so it’s really that Jesus is and represents wisdom and truth to those who look to God. God is, of course, the Source of what’s real, and what’s true, which are the same.

Despite Hubbard’s scriptural pronouncements to the contrary, relevant wisdom and truth are clearly forbidden in Scientology. Telling the truth about Scientology or its source is a “Suppressive Act,” and people are declared Suppressive Persons for telling the truth, even if that truth was merely what was true for them. Wisdom is “another practice” and absolutely forbidden in Scientology, as is “looking to God.” Scientology is, represents, enforces and requires stupidity, which is and is accomplished by, of course, to the degree it’s possible, the exclusion of wisdom.

It is reasonably easy then to see the truth and wisdom in what Jesus is reported in these verses as saying, here in the King James Bible:

[34] Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
[35] For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
[36] And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
[37] He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Speaking the truth to liars is sent as a sword, because that’s how liars experience it. The truth cuts through lies, cuts through bullshit, cuts through the various coatings or defenses put on lies or bullshit. There is no way around that. There is no possible compromise between lies and truth.

Many liars will, like Scientologists are programmed, strike out at the people who tell the relevant truth. Going along with the lies and not speaking the truth sends the kind of peace to the liars that the liars seek. If you’re going to speak the truth where it’s relevant, it’s impossible to send liars peace. They’d get a lot of peace just by stopping lying.

When you tell the truth about Scientology, perhaps more than in most other relationships because of the religion’s satanic nature, if your father is a Scientologist, you will be set at variance with him. You will be set at variance with your daughter, mother, son, sister, brother, in-laws, friends, associates, if they are Scientologists – lovers of lies – and you tell the necessary truth.

When you tell the truth about Scientology, and, by its report lines, the truth reaches Scientology’s organization, faction, unit or opinion leaders, you can be set at variance with every Scientologist everywhere, all of their agents and collaborators. It has been demonstrated for decades that once set at variance you could become a target of Scientology’s personnel who are charged with destroying targeted at-variance wogs, the SPs.

Because Scientology is a form of criminal conspiracy, telling the truth about it is similar to telling the truth about the mafia. Both systems, even the different factions, view people who tell the relevant truth, identically, as enemies. Both systems and their factions hold the same view of traitors, whistle-blowers, who, of course, often have the most relevant, even legally usable, truth to tell about their former systems.

You can be, as the Scientology v. Armstrong case, contract and injunction prove, set at variance with the US Court system, the US Intelligence Community, the whole of the US Federal Government, and all of their collaborators around the world, if you tell the truth about Scientology.

It should also be observed that these same at-variances exist, by Scientology scripture, group agreement, programs, contract and court injunction, for persons acting in concert with me, meaning those who tell the truth I tell or help me tell more.  Scientology sued my friend Bob Minton for millions for giving me a computer, because I would use it for telling the truth.

Ironically, the same thing is reported to have happened to the people who acted in concert with Jesus and told the truth he told or helped him tell more.  According to the best reports from the time, they were set at variance with the Romans, the Pharisees, the mobs and the lions, just for telling one truth or another.

For a person who speaks the truth about Scientology, his foes and most vicious opposition very well might come from his own household or family or those closest to him. That is Scientology’s power to turn those closest to him against him. Scientology, moreover, generates and executes operations to determine exactly what is important to or loved by its targeted at-variance wogs and then to destroy that thing or relationship.

We also can see this “foes-in-the-household” phenomenon on the Scientology-related forums, where those apparently allied in the effort to have the truth be told and to stand up to the Scientology liars, join the attack on Scientology’s victims. Just immature ego issues, illusions, are enough to drive people in Kritikerhaus to become foes of the truth and its tellers.

To understand verse 37, consider Ida Camburn. What she did can easily be seen, by her friends, as loving truth more than her son. That’s what made her in many eyes a hero. Her enemies, of course, would say she loved lies more than her son, or she demanded her son disconnect and her family break up.

Ida probably loved both the truth and her son, but her son was set adamantly at variance with her because she loved the truth, and he loved lies and Scientology wouldn’t allow him to handle the truth.

Ida was not evil and the guidance she followed was not horrific because she continued to speak the truth, even though her son disconnected from her. Her courage could not have been used, she could not have helped others as she did, and she couldn’t have exposed and combated a great evil, if she had not been willing to do what was worthy of the truth.

My point here is that many religious movements have brutal scriptures that force believers to separate themselves from non-believers.

Undoubtedly. But that is not the meaning or action of the Mathew 10 verses. They can be viewed as brutal, as you demonstrate. And they can be used to justify evil or brutality, as every other Bible passage I can think of can. But really, these verses, when seen with wisdom, tell the truth about what can happen to you if you tell the truth.

Scientology is hardly unique in this regard. This does not excuse its SP Doctrine, Disconnection, etc. but it shows that even the major religions do not brook dissent from within and will excommunicate people who do not agree. There have always been religious extremists, especially early in the history of a sect or a cult. This is why such groups have to moderate or become a fringe group that eventually disbands. The Church of Scientology is unique in that it has used religious brutality in uncommon and uncommonly expensive ways; most religions do not pursue outspoken former members or prominent critics and journalists with such pure hatred and an incredibly expensive private intelligence bureau.

“Religion” and “religious” are completely neutral terms. It is possible as Scientology demonstrates to have a religion of lies and stupidity. It is also possible, as Jesus represents, to find a religion of truth and wisdom. It is possible that a religion is literally full of liars, as Scientology has for generations shown.