US Department of Justice Letter to Armstrong

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
Government Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02203

In Reply, Please Refer to File No.

October 29, 1985

Gerald D. Armstrong
Law Offices of Flynn & Joyce
400 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information – Privacy Acts request dated October 23, 1985 for information concerning yourself.

Before we can commence processing for release any documents which may pertain to you it will be necessary for you to furnish us your notarized signature to accompany your request. This procedure is designed to insure that documents are released only to those having a right to the information.

Very truly yours,

Special Agent in Charge

By: [Signed] Edward W. Ludemann
Assistant Special Agent in Charge