US Department of Justice Letter to Hon. Weld

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
Government Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02203

In Reply, Please Refer to File No.

November 12, 1985

Honorable William F. Weld
United States Attorney
John W. McCormack Post Office & Courthouse (Room 1107)
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Attention: Victor Wild
Assistant United States Attorney

Dear Sir:


This letter is to confirm conversation between you and Special Agent (SA) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on October 30, 1985, during [handwritten: j2 b7c] which you were appraised of the facts of the above-captioned matter, and stated you would decline prosecution.

Enclosed are copies of the following:

1) A copy of complaint received at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Boston office from Complainant XXXXXXXXXX [handwritten: j2 b7c]

2) A copy of letter from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , to [handwritten: j2 b7c] XXXXXXXXXXXXX , dated October 22, 1985.

3) A copy of a self-explanatory FD-302 reflecting the interview of Gerald D. Armstrong on October 23, 1985.

4) A copy of a letter from Gerald Armstrong to SA Leonard, dated October 25, 1985, with an enclosed Declaration of Gerald Armstrong. [handwritten: j2 b7c]
[handwritten: Close (5) 11/13/85]


1 – USA, Boston
1 – Boston (47-4569)
XXXXXX XXXXXXX [handwritten: j2 b7c]

[handwritten: j2 b7c] XXXXXXXXXXXX

5) A copy of a letter from XXXXXXXXXXX to SA XXXXXXXXX [handwritten: j2 b7c] dated November 6, 1985.

The above enclosures are provided for your information. This captioned matter is considered closed.


Special Agent in Charge

By: XXXXXXXXXX [handwritten: j2 b7c]
Supervisory Special Agent


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