Why won’t Marty and Mike tell the truth?

(Responding to a post by BTs2Free) You asked the real question, “Why won’t Marty and Mike tell the truth?”

Caroline’s LFBD F/N item was: because the truth would set a lot of people free, and it serves their purposes to keep people trapped. I think that’s a pretty good answer, well supported with known wisdom or knowledge, history and current facts.

Marty and Mike have spent their adult lives using Scientology to prevent Scientologists, and wogs, from being set free. Marty and Mike also spent those years using Scientology to victimize people who would set free entrapped Scientologists or wogs by telling them the truth. Their life’s work has required of Marty and Mike virtually constant lying, and even criminal behavior toward their victims.

The universal desire, effort, postulate of Scientologists is to have lies be true. This is the essence and goal of the left hand path, and any ‘ologies, ‘isms or ‘ics on that path.

Hubbard represented this in Scientology, as you know, by “8-8008,” here truthfully restated: the attainment of infinity, that is the first eight, is achieved by the reduction of infinity, or all that is real or true, that is the second eight, to zero, which is the first zero and the building of one’s own zero, or nothingness, illusion or lie, from zero to an infinity, or what is real or true, and by that one achieves the attainment of infinity. (Ref. 9ACC 14, 5412CM24, from Scientology’s Technical Dictionary)

One of the first points of programming to “achieve this attainment” is the law that it is carefully observed that the science of Scientology does not intrude into the Dynamic of the Supreme Being. (Fundamentals of Thought) That is the dynamic of infinity, the dynamic of everything, the dynamic of everything’s cause. Scientologists with a clue learn that law extremely early in their indoctrination.

The dynamics do not have the reality Scientologists give them, and can easily be demonstrated as serving malignant narcissists. Scientologists certainly use them to make themselves right and the 8-dynamicless masses, us wogs, wrong, and they justify diabolical behavior as “ethical” with their dynamics. They do all sorts of things to make their dynamics true, but their dynamics are untrue. Everything, on the other hand, where Scientologists are prohibited by Scientology from intruding, cannot but be real and true.

Scientologists know they must not intrude into, or look to, everything – infinity, their 8th Dynamic – for guidance or wisdom in their ethics, their choices or their lives. What they must look to for guidance or wisdom is what is not included in everything, or infinity. And what is not included in everything is nothing, or illusions or lies. By making what is essentially nothing or illusion their guide or source of their wisdom, Scientologists achieve the attainment of building zero into infinity. They don’t achieve anything, of course, everything remains everything, infinity remains infinity, and zero remains zero.

Scientology’s “axioms,” wildly vaunted by Scientologists as proof of their cult or philosophy’s truth and scientificalness, also direct and manipulate their thoughts and actions, and serve their universal postulate. Axiom 35, for example, states:

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH IS A STATIC. A Static has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wave-length, no time, no location in space, no space. This has the technical name of “Basic Truth.”


It is a common “understanding” of sociopaths that truth has no meaning. And the reality is that the ultimate truth has all the meaning in the world.

You’re undoubtedly very familiar with the law in axiom 38 that “anything, to persist, must contain a lie.” This serves Scientology and Scientologists’ universal postulate and sociopathic purposes in two ways. Psycho-philosophically, it justifies their relentless lying about their cult and its founder, since they want Scientology to persist, or keep working. Scientologists are terrified that if they tell the truth about Scientology it will as-is and disappear. Conversely, Scientologists can all “righteously” black PR the people telling the truth about Scientology as liars because the cult is still here and persisting. It is axiomatic to Scientologists that people are lying about their cult because it hasn’t disappeared.

Scientologists constantly program and reprogram themselves with their universal postulate when they proclaim and swear that what’s true is what’s true for them. The only things that can be true for them that are not already true are lies.

The universal Scientology postulate of having lies be true degenerates into the postulate to have some lies be true, or to have even one lie be true. This hopeless postulate, I’m sure you noticed, degenerates into the endless effort to get others to agree that a lie is true. By that agreement, Scientologists postulate and agree, they create reality, that is, they make a lie true. Thank God, of course, they don’t.

The effort you observe by Marty and Mike to rewrite or whitewash Hubbard’s and Scientology’s history is the organized execution of Scientology and Scientologists’ universal postulate to have lies be true, or at least get them believed as true. The acceptance of Scientology and its founder remains Marty and Mike’s “purpose” and “valuable final product,” and this can only be achieved by getting people to believe lies about Scientology and its founder.

Both for personal and legal, as well as psycho-philosophical and conscience-based reasons, I want the truth being true. Actually, I know the truth is true, and don’t have to want it or postulate it. This is an essence of the right foot path.

Pretended belief in the truth of a lie is indispensable to keeping Scientology working, and keeping others keeping Scientology working. Marty, Mike and Miscavige share sets of identical lies they all say are the truth: “Scientology works,” “L. Ron Hubbard discovered the only thing that works,” “plus he was a war hero with purple hearts,” “auditing raises IQ a point per hour on average,” “Clear is a state beyond anything man ever before achieved,” “it’s an evolutionary leap called Homo novis,” “OT is even better,” “we’re at cause over matter, energy, space, time, thought, life, you name it,” etc. These and thousands of similar and supporting lies, of course, are used to lure in, keep in, enslave and rip off human beings exactly like us.

Another set of lies that Marty, Mike and Miscavige share and say are true concern Scientology’s wog victims. Marty, Mike and Miscavige all proclaim Hubbard’s Suppressive Person doctrine true, good and knowledge they want others to have, when in fact the doctrine is utterly false, utterly evil and utterly indefensible by anything but more lying, which is no real defense at all.

Marty, Mike and Miscavige all share the lie that SPs are criminal and destructive, when in truth SPs are good people who speak the truth about Scientology despite the hatred and abuse heaped on them by Marty, Mike, Miscavige, et al. Marty, Mike and Miscavige share the same doctrine and system for creating enemies and justifying their attack and pursuit. Marty, Mike and Miscavige also share the same set of enemies, the people they all call haters or worse, the people who tell the truth that might set their underlings and supporters and even themselves free.

Marty, Mike and Miscavige share the identical black propaganda on me, and the same postulate to have their lies about me be true. They’ve worked for years in their adult lives to have me criminally prosecuted on their false charges and even imprisoned so their lie that I’m a criminal becomes true. They degrade my image to beast level to make their lies that I’m degraded true, and to render praiseworthy the campaign to destroy me. They have had me physically assaulted, terrorized, threatened with assassination, bankrupted and in countless ways bullied, to stop me from telling the truth.

Because of the nature of the activity of postulating and working to have lies be true, Scientologists, in accordance with a parallel postulate, appoint people who tell the truth their executioners. Hubbard, as you know, wrote in his famous bulletin “What Is Greatness?”

There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes, for the sake of safety of others, it is necessary to act. But it is not necessary to also hate them.

Because of the intensity and massive scope of Scientology and Scientologists’ thirty year war to have their lies about me be true, and because I engage the Scientologists in the psycho-philosophic zone plus the legal zone, where lies and truth are unavoidable issues, they have appointed me virtually every Scientologist’s executioner.

How great is that? Or, isn’t that just great!

Marty, Mike and Miscavige actually contracted virtually every Scientologist to appoint me their executioner when they identified and listed the Scientologists as beneficiaries in the 1986 Scientology v. Armstrong contract. Marty, Mike and Miscavige then imposed the criminal-executioner appointment and relationship even more emphatically on Scientologists by listing them again as beneficiaries in their unconscionable and unlawful injunction in 1995. “All Scientology and Scientology affiliated Churches, organizations and entities, and their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel.” The Freezone. Ron’s Org, the Indies, are all Scientology entities. Along with their officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, assigns and legal counsel they are all beneficiaries, and all have appointed me their executioner.

People with consciences who tell the truth don’t wish for or welcome anyone, let alone a whole army or navy, appointing them their executioner. I certainly have done what I could to get them to withdraw this insane appointment they’ve made, other than stop telling the truth that is. Once a person has told the truth for a while, I think stopping is virtually impossible, but it seems that that is all the Scientologists will accept to end the endless executioner appointing.

I’ve written to Scientologists and Scientology orgs or entities around the world, beseeching them to remove themselves as beneficiaries, and of course as appointers of me as their executioner, but none have responded. I provided a “Beneficiary Removal Form”.

I wrote to cult head Miscavige — and this a matter in every way of RTC concern, — and implored him to remove himself and his underlings as beneficiaries.

I’ve written Scientology’s attorneys, who are also beneficiaries.

I wrote Tom Cruise, who is DM’s most important underling, and reported best friend.

Despite Cruise’s star status, and despite whatever his friendship with DM is, DM made Cruise a beneficiary in the unlawful and disgusting Scientology v. Armstrong injunction, and had Cruise appoint me as his executioner.

“What Is Greatness?” was significant to me inside the cult, and I’m sure to many Scientologists. (Scientology site: What is Greatness?) It’s dated March, 1966, which was when Hubbard started the GO, or at least published HCOPL 1 March 1966 “The Guardian.” I think I hung onto “What Is Greatness?” enough that it might have shown up in my ethics file or pc folders, because there were early Internet attacks on me using “What Is Greatness?” as a button on me.

I had a friend, a very smart professional, who said to me, not long after Hubbard’s death, and quite seriously, “You killed him, Gerry.” Of course I hadn’t. All I had done was tell the truth about things that needed the truth told about them when there was the opportunity to tell it. I could see, however, where, following the Breckenridge decision, following his failed ops to silence me, and in the grip of long term malignant narcissism, Hubbard could have seen me as the executioner he’d appointed. He couldn’t come out of hiding, the Scientology v. Armstrong judgment in LA identified him as virtually a pathological liar, and the criminal division of the IRS was using the judgment and case documents to go after him and the organization.

My career as an appointed executioner should have ended there, but DM then appointed me his executioner. He must have thought the truth was killing him, and he went to extremes to suppress it and silence the people telling it. He committed and got others to commit countless pettinesses and crimes to appoint me their executioner.

Marty spent his years in the Sea Org with me as his appointed executioner, and over the past couple of years has newly appointed me his executioner.

Appointing me as their executioner must mean Scientology’s myriad beneficiaries are feeling something different from great, I guess. Postulating me as executioner imputes to me the evilest of intentions toward them and a threat to their dynamics, which means their “eternity.” I’m a living threat to their universal postulate to have lies be true. Their willingness to fight back was triggered a generation ago and we have been at war ever since.

Scientologists war on me because I tell the truth. Yet telling the truth is the only real hope I have to end the war. I want their war on me and persons acting in concert with me to be over, because it’s time, although it always was time. Ending their war is as easy for the Scientologists as not appointing anyone their executioners.