Youtube kerfluffle


I’ve looked over what someone posted as the text of my short comment about Kendrick Moxon, and I haven’t found anything that is even slightly untrue, or defamatory.

Moronymous: So Gerry, I heard you know Ken Moxon.

Gerry: Yeah. I knew Moxon.

I don’t know that I knew him very well or partly at all while inside the organization.

I knew OF him because he had a tremendous reputation inside as an unindicted co-conspirator in the US federal government’s criminal case against scientology’s intelligence personnel.

Moxon presented a knowingly false handwriting exemplar to the FBI to try and derail their criminal investigation of Scientology. After I’d left the organization, Moxon of course has moved up and out of the GO (Guardian’s
Office) and is now really Scientology’s key in-house attorney and is close to Miscavige, close to dirty tricks within the organization. He is the attorney of record in my own case, he has participated in the Lisa Mcpherson case, and has been involved in taking my deposition in my own litigiation and in the Lisa Mcpherson litigation, and we have sparred on a number of occasions. I find him to be a deceitful and corrupt and conscienceless individual.

He knows … Ken Moxon knows … that what he is supporting is evil. Ken Moxon knows that Miscavige is a liar, knows that Hubbard was a gargantuan liar. Moxon has been involved in immoral criminal activities for the cult.
Moxon is involved in the suppression and destuction of human rights in a very big way.

I understand that who Moxon is is God’s son, just as everyone else is God’s son, and that God’s son cannot be corrupted and cannot have his conscience totally removed, even if that is Scientology’s goal. I mean with the statement that I find Moxon to be a deceitful, corrupt and conscienceless individual that this is the ego identity he’s been dramatizing. I was simply trying to write in a convention that everyone could understand, without everyone having to understand something other than what I was writing.

It is true that I can’t possibly know with total certainty that Moxon knows that what he is supporting is evil. It seems impossible that he doesn’t know, given his intelligence, profession and known activities. There is certainly all kinds of evidence, philosophical, psychological and physical that what Moxon is supporting, specifically the cult headed by David Miscavige, is evil. In his position as in-house counsel for the cult, I would argue, Moxon could not but know of all of that evidence. He has, moreover, never provided any evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that what he is supporting is *not* evil.

Again, it is impossible to me that a licensed attorney, unless he is insane or otherwise incompetent, which neither Moxon nor Scientology have claimed, could not know that Miscavige is a willful and monumental liar. If I can easily demonstrate that Miscavige is such a liar, just from his public and sworn statements, Moxon, who is much closer to DM than I am, and must have access to many more of his statements than I do, should be able to that much more easily demonstrate, and therefore know, that DM is a colossal liar.

Moxon, as an attorney of record in the Scientology v. Armstrong litigations, similarly cannot but know that cult founder L. Ron Hubbard was judicially declared “virtually a pathological liar.” That’s equivalent, not just literarily, I firmly believe, with Hubbard being a garganutan liar.

As for Moxon being involved in immoral criminal activities for the cult, and involved in the suppression and destuction of human rights in a very big way, the Scientology v. Armstrong war and litigation demonstrate Moxon’s involvement in these evils. I do not buy the excuse that Scientologists don’t know what they’re doing, when they seek to suppress and destroy human rights, especially Scientologists like Moxon who use the wog justice system to accomplish this evil purpose.